Sunday, October 19, 2014

LWG presents ORCTOBERFEST 2014 . armies on parade

Brother C here.... back from the dead.

LWG is not dead.. in fact.. quite the opposite..

Much has been going on, hopefully which you will all see soon enough.

Starting with our most recent event. Orctoberfest 2014.

A 2500 point Warhammer Fantasy Tournament.

More posts to follow on that....

but for now.. take a gander at some of the armies that were present.

*note* the photography for the armies was done at the beginning of the event, and only armies that were displayed were photographed. we had a few guys who ran late and a few that had armies in carry cases and did not make for good photo ops.

Keep checking back here for more updates. A lot of exciting things are in store in the coming year so get ready!