Sunday, June 27, 2010

Necron List for 40k day

For the July 40k day let there be a clash of Necrodermis and Steel! Brother Cornelius I would be delighted to do battle with you I hear you are itching for a rematch. for those who don't know I messed up the we'll be back pretty bad in our last match resulting in me wining, I relinquished the game to Brother C. when I learned of my mistake. Anyway down to business, heres the list. 
My Necron lord with res orb. excuse the bad paint job I am a necron player

Alright so I edited the list and may do a few more modifications. The reason I switched out the immortals for the pariahs is Brother C. and basically everyone else in the club has 2+ Armour. The pariahs don't allow any saves in the assault and also they reduce any enemy unit within 12" to leadership 7, when combined with the deceiver I think they will be a tough nut to crack. I wish that a few members in the club had an army that wasn't entirely fearless.... but with the deceiver has a "spell" that can make an enemy unit take a pinning test or moral test as though they lost 25% of the unit in the shooting phase even if they normally auto pass the test.

Bother C. Speaking of the fearlessness about how many of your normal units are fearless compared to those that aren't?

  • Deceiver- 300pt 
  • Necron Lord with destroyer body and war scythe - 140pt
  • 10 Warriors -180pt
  • 10 Warriors -180pt
  • 10 Warriors 1 with disruption field - 182pt
Fast Attack
  • 3 Destroyers - 150pt
  • 4 Destroyers - 200pt
  • 7 Scarab Swarms all but one with disruption Fields - 108pt
  • 9 Pariahs 324pt
Heavy Support
  • Monolith - 235pt
Total 1999pts

Club members should recognize that I am trying out a few new units, the Deceiver  amongst them. Anyway the list is subject to change should I think of a better way to kill dark Angels. Comment If you have any ideas or suggestions

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Terrain From Hirst Arts Molds

I've been thinking about purchasing some Hirst Arts Molds to cast plaster in and wanted to get a feel for what the club thinks about them. I look at a lot of terrain online for inspiration and now that I have a sizable portion of my army finished I think it's prudent to think about making some epic level terrain. Most of the really good looking terrain I find, specifically city terrain, uses either Pegasus hobbies kits, Games-Workshop kits, Hirst arts castings, or any combination of the three. One of my Favorite game boards on Dakka Dakka that uses Pegasus Hobbies kits, Cities of Death Kits, and Hirst Arts Molds.

Image taken from without permission

The analogy I've heard describing Hirst Arts molds is that you create little Legos out of plaster and create buildings out of them. Many of the molds can be used in the Warhammer 40k or fantasy setting and detailed project plans are available free from Hirst Arts. The Problem is the things are so darn expensive, one mold can range from $29 - $34 most being the $34. A nice thing about these molds is that supposedly they can be used Hundreds of times before you run into very much wear. As always I would be happy to let anyone use these molds with the promise they will treat them gently and return them to me in a timely manner. So club members what do you think, would you use some molds if they were available to use? Personally I was thinking of purchasing the bell tower and the basic brick mold (#40) which would run me about $70 plus the cost of plaster. As you can see it's a big investment and if they aren't going to get much use I don't know how I feel about buying them. Comment Please.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Thousand Sons - The Second Fellowship

Hey all Moros here!

Been really busy lately taking care of the kiddo, but I wanted to drop in and do a post of my most recent work!

Behold, Ahriman's Renegades Second Fellowship of Thousand Sons lead by Sorcerer Olethrus.

For last months 40k day I made it my goal to finish this squad. I need some incentive to finish up troops because for me it takes forever. Honestly I don't think the pictures do them justice, I am still trying to get the hang of proper photography techniques, but I'm getting there.

Don't crucify me either, I am still deciding how I want to base them :P

Let me know what you think!

Also, stay tuned to the blog I am currently working on another video battle report, it was a really good one and should be done soon.

Curbing Club Costs

First let me apologize to my fellow authors for not posting anything recently, I've been swamped with School work. At our last meeting Moros realized that the costs we were creating as a club were greater than what we were collecting as club dues. Currently we have two costs, renting the space for our games and food & drink for everyone. So we have a few choices and I just wanted to talk about them before 40k day. The possible solutions I see are as follows.
  • Increase club dues to pay for snacks
  • Have a Snack table and pay for everything you eat
  • Have everyone bring something to share with the whole club
  • Bring something for yourself but don't expect people to share with you
Last 40k I made cupcakes for everyone, it was cheap easy and it helped lower the costs for snacks. Seroiusly a bag of cheese curls costs about $1.50, buy two and if everyone buys something of similar cost we can keep the club dues down at a lower price. As always visitors don't need to pay a dime for anything and are not expected to bring a snack to share. To be honest I've planned parties since first grade, have a singup sheet to avoid everyone bringing the same thing and your golden. I'd hate to see something as little as this turn people off to the club but when Moros said we would have to increase club dues on 40k day I was not happy. I understand that things like this can't be avoided though and Moros and Cornelius have been fronting the costs for eveyone, it's expensive to say the least. Tell me what you think we should do in the comments and if you have any different ideas put them there too.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Image courtesy of 40k Dark Angels Web

Brother C here,

After a fantastic match at 40kday for June, I have some thoughts about the viability of playing Dark Angels. I very much think they are still a competitive race. And it is my goal to prove it, however, this may mean people will not be able to play DA the way they may want to play DA.

The most striking difference between the 4th edition DA codex and 5th edition SM codex is unit cost vs. effectiveness (I will refer to this as unit efficiency). Units are cheaper, cheaper to upgrade, and thus one can field more, however, their effectiveness remains the same; per unit. Now this puts the DA at a disadvantage right from the start, thus, when putting together a DA list its all about damage control. If your opponent is going to be using efficient units, you need to do the same. Which means staying away from the glamorous or ‘cool looking’ units for which DA has become famous for. I have been tweaking my list to accomplish this goal and I have found it to be highly effective. There are still some nice perks to using an old codex. (librarian with old physic hood, techmarine not using up force org charts, etc.) and these need to be exploited as much as possible.

The one unit I have been struggling with has been the ravenwing. Now, I’m a pretty stubborn person and I’ve been including my RW in my army builds since day 1. They are one of the best looking models GW has made, and on paper they complement the rest of my forces very well. Scout move, outflanks, fearless, + AB, + LS, can be taken as troops with Sammael. Why would someone not take these? In matches however, they have underperformed; being able to only have flamers, plasma or melta, means I’m getting within assault range to really be effective; and only having 1 attack per model is suicide in melee. Being forced to turbo to receive a cover save is also frustrating (ork cloud of dust jealous at max). not to mention… 43pts a model for reasonable upgrade is just inefficient digress…

After much consideration, they just don’t seem to ‘fit’ with the current state of Warhammer40k. Much like the Deathwing at 43 pts a model, they need to be minimized or removed from anyone running a competitive DA list. I’m only running 1 RW squad in my most current list and I’m hard pressed to use those points elsewhere, to maximum my unit efficiency. They are one of my favorite models, and I’m not sure I’ve really exhausted my training with experimenting with them, however logic does get the best of me.

I was wondering if anyone (even reads this blog, haha) has any advice or similar awakenings with their lists, or with RW especially. Have you found them more effective then I? Or are they just an attractive expense? Advice?

Sunday, June 13, 2010

40k Day - June! Tyranid Invasion!

Hey all Moros here, doing a recap of the events of our most recent 40k day gathering here at Lancashire gaming.

It was a day of battle and glory! We had 3 tables going at the same time with a record number of players for our burgeoning club. We had two gamers play their first game at the club and they had a great time! I didn't get to see a whole lot of their game but from the looks of it they both learned a lot, I look forward to facing both the Eldar and the Blood Angels next month!

Over on my end of things I got to attempt to stop Hive Fleet Agni from sticking its ugly bug head where it didn't belong! I faced off against Agni for one of his first official games and I've got to say, we had a great match!

We had the honor of using the fresh new board made by Forsakenname for the first time. It was an annhiliation spreahead game for 2000 points. The Nids brought a TON of bugs to the fight going with the spam method. He did have a few larger creatures such as the hive tyrant, zoanthropes, and a trygon prime backing them up tho.

I fielded Ahriman and his Sehkmet Terminators in my newly modeled landraider with defiler and Tsons making up the rest of my army. Being that it was annhiliation and i was facing an ocean of insects, I decided to let my guns do the talking for the first few turns. I opted to go first so that I could lay down as many templates as I could before they advanced on my position. I holed up in the rear corner of my side of the board and let the shells fly. Only reason I did this was because he only had 1 genestealer brood and the trygon that were in reserves. SO, it wasn't a HUGE threat to force me to deploy in the middle of the field.

It was working out great for me as I racked up 2 kill points in the first 2 turns and killed all but 3 of the genestealers. Bug the bugs just kept coming! I have to admit, I was a bit too wary with Ahriman and my landraider, I should have just charged his zoanthropes with them. The sheer volume of gaunts and gants definitely had a psychological effect on my gameplay.

About this time is when his trygon prime entered play, it burrowed out about 10 inches in front of my fire lines and proceeded to engage my tsons. The real problem here was that I got my troops all blobbed up and payed the price with some great rolling from Agni's Zoanthropes. They really put down the hurt and I failed my invuln saves. With the Tsons softened up the Trygon engaged them in melee and after a turn or two I had lost 2 squads. I really think shadow in the warp is something that should have to be payed for. Getting it for free on pretty much all units that do synapse is a little too good in my opinion, but hey, I guess that's the power of 5th edition vs 4th edition.

So, it was a close one, with the Trygon picking up 2 kill points on the bottom of the 5th turn making the score 4 to 4. Of course, since this is me we are talking about, the game ended on turn 5. I have only ever played one game that went past turn 5. One more turn woulda put me in a great position to win it cause the Trygon was going down to my terminators next turn. I should just learn to count on the game ended on turn 5, since it ALWAYS does for me.

Overall, I learned a lot of the capabilities of the nids from this game. I think the main factor that made it end in a tie was my tactical error. I find myself not being able to 'get into the game' when we are at 40k days. I get so distracted with helping people my gameplay suffers for it. I am not complaining in any way however, I absolutely love helping people and I do have a blast at 40k day. I just think I need to crack down a little bit more so I can be more competitive.

A great game tho! Fun and close! Good work Agni! Next time we meet things will be different!

Also, I wanted to give a shout out and welcome to our new prospect that joined us for the day! Thanks for showing up and I hope you liked Warhammer 40k and the club. Hopefully you decide to get into the hobby!

Monday, June 7, 2010

40k Day

June 12th. 1pm. 29 green acre road. lititz. pa.

the bloodbath. the agony. the glory.

2000point matches.

training game for new players.

painting and modeling tutorials.

everyone welcome regardless of skill or experience.

that includes those who have never played.

see you all there.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Hobby Day!

Moros here, well on Thursday evening Brother C. came over and I told him all I learned about painting (Which isn't that much!). We had a great time as he ended up painting his first model ever!

I think it came out great!

I finished up another of my Thousand Sons Marines and Brother C almost got his Dark Angel Sergeant completed.

It went really well and I hope to in the future have some more hobby nights where we can work on terrain, painting, and modeling instead of playing matches all the time.

Let me know what you think of the models!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

CNC terrain modeling affordable?

Image courtesy of MakerBot (see link below)

Brother C here with another quick update,

while flipping through one of my design magazines, I came across this little device which really fascinated me. Its a CNC milling machine you can use at home using tools and accessories you probably have laying around the house. at 750$ its very affordable for the serious terrain modeler. I especially wanted to point this out to Forsaken, our resident terrain expert. I'll keep trying to get him to post some of his work, but he's very shy about it, so no promises.

anyways, here's the link