Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Thousand Sons - The Second Fellowship

Hey all Moros here!

Been really busy lately taking care of the kiddo, but I wanted to drop in and do a post of my most recent work!

Behold, Ahriman's Renegades Second Fellowship of Thousand Sons lead by Sorcerer Olethrus.

For last months 40k day I made it my goal to finish this squad. I need some incentive to finish up troops because for me it takes forever. Honestly I don't think the pictures do them justice, I am still trying to get the hang of proper photography techniques, but I'm getting there.

Don't crucify me either, I am still deciding how I want to base them :P

Let me know what you think!

Also, stay tuned to the blog I am currently working on another video battle report, it was a really good one and should be done soon.


  1. Very nice models, I've seen them in person and they look great, the pictures aren't as bad as you make them sound either. Maybe one day we can build a light box to help make our picture taking easier. Here is a tutorial on making an Inexpensive Lightbox.
    I also thought about creating a diorama specifically for taking pictures of my models and creating some sort of backdrop themed for my terrain so I can present that too.

  2. Forsaken,

    I have a DIY lightbox at my house. one of the problems is getting the light down at such an angle to soften the shadows in the recesses. I recommend an off camera flash combined with the lightbox. use the flash as fill light and the rest as ambient. I think Moros did a fine job lighting here, if he wants, he can send the files to me and I'll tweak them in photoshop.

    I still think you went a little far with the black wash on the robes. My favorite part of these is the bolters. they are gorgeous.

    have you thought about basing? I'm thinking.. charred grass ?

  3. Cornelius do you have any digital Images that would make a good backdrop? I always feel that the plain white backgroud is so bland... it's great for showning your models details, for listing them to sell I would use a white background. For these pictures a burning imperial city would look absolutely epic as the background.

  4. If you want to do 'stylized' photographs, such as the ones on the GW boxes, I would recommend modeling some terrain for the foreground and just photoshopping the background out. Take the photograph in front of some extreme color. magenta, lime green, etc. so its easy to select by color and cut in post-processing. Then you can just add any background image you wanted, adjusting as needed to rhyme the lighting and style of your models and terrain. If you would like some help on this, I would love to come over and we could set something up. Or if you wanted, bring it to the July 40k club meeting and we could play with a few things.