Sunday, February 28, 2010

1000 point dark angel list

The disciples of caliban (dark angels) will once again join the fray for 40k day. This army list will be more a lore list versus my normal 2000pt. tourney list. Due to the number of players joining into our 3v3 match, we lowered the army pointage to 1000; still allowing for plenty of carnage on the field.

.HQ. [155]
Librarian + Bike + Meltabombs

.TROOP. [125]
5 Man Tactical Squad
+Rhino dedicated transport

.TROOP. [125]
5 Man Tactical Squad
+Rhino dedicated transport

.ELITE. [210]
Tech Marine + 3 Servs [1 Plasma Cannon, 2 Multi-Melta]
+Rhino dedicated transport+Xtra Armor

Predator +TL Lascannon + (2x) Heavy Bolters

Predator +TL Lascannon + (2x) Heavy Bolters


Its a little weighted towards mechanization, which could prove troublesome if enemies are able to break the line. However, this build allows for an insane amount of ranged support fire. Hoping to be able to funnel opponents with the pred fire and the threat of the vindi, allowing for templates to be dropped in tight quarters from the tech marine squad. Libby always good for taking out monstrous creatures or HQs, meltabombs give him an extra bonus.

We will be posting a battle report from the match with tactics and commentary as well as individual unit and player awards.

To plan a massacre

Greetings weaklings. Agni Prime from the Hive Fleet Agni. Prepare to face the wrath of my elite army.

Tyranid Prime (105 points)
+ Lash whip and bone sword
+ additional scything talons
+ adrenal glands

Warrior brood (225 points) x6
+ venom cannon
+ 5 rending claws
+ 6 adrenal glands

Genestealers (253 points) - x12
+ brood lord upgrade to one genestealer
+ scything talons
+ implant attack
+ 11 scything talons

Trygon Prime (240 points)
Mawloc (170 points)

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Come Forth Lord Moros! - Construction of a Chaos Sorcerer Lord

Hey all, I've begun construction of one of the HQs for my army. Meet Chaos Sorcerer Lord Moros!

I've done some minor conversion work using parts from various kits. He looks mean, I still have some work to do with adding spikes, and accessories. I am just not sure how to proceed and want to take some time to think it over before I ruin a great model!

Not only am I working on the model, I am also constructing this character and his back story in this series of updates. I hope to have him painted and ready in a week or so.

"Destiny calls you, now is the time you have long awaited!"

Friday, February 26, 2010

40k Friday! - Battle of Encratis IV - Ahriman's Renegades vs The Disciples of Caliban

We have fresh reports from the front! Another great day of battle and slaughter has concluded. The Disciples of Caliban have once again tracked down Ahriman's renegades. This time the battle raged on the desolate and forgotten planet of Encratis IV. Ahriman and his prized pupil Moros investigate the ruins of an ancient Imperial Library whilst their relentless Dark Angel pursuers hone in on their position.

Long forgotten beneath the sands, the ancient tomes waited. Their heretical authors word's called to Ahriman through the warp. With this knowledge he would be one step closer to unlocking the secrets of chaos and claiming the power for his own.

Fate would have it that The Disciples of Caliban's pursuit of the Sorcerer Moros would lead them to finally engage Ahriman's vanguard. The Disciples too have discovered records of a lost Imperial outpost rumored to be in the region. They must stop the grimoires from falling into the hands of the chaos filth and redeem them for the chapter.

The day went to the Disciples of Caliban. Their armor and merciless Ravenwing proved too much for the forces of Ahriman this day. They moved quickly and destroyed the Predator and monstrous Defiler of chaos. With their heavy support neutralized, Ahriman and Moros with their loyal Terminators charged forwards with the Land Raider. Meanwhile the Aspiring Sorcerers with their Thousand Sons bravely held the line against Master Belial and his Deathwing Terminators who deepstruck into the back lines.

Belial was at the mercy of Sorcerer Qoheleth's force sword, when at the very last second he parried the fateful blow. In the resulting round of combat Master Belial sent his foe back to the warp.

With their lines broken and their automaton warriors receiving grievous fire from all directions, Ahriman broke rank and attempted to secure some of the ancient texts. Tzeentch had other plans this day, as the perils of the warp overtook Ahriman and he found himself drained. Sorcerer Lord Moros and the remaining terminators left the fighting to protect their leader.

The Disciples swept the field as Ahriman was denied the secrets of the Library on Encratis IV. Victory to the Dark Angels!

Moros vows this day to return the tomes to his master and seek vengeance upon the disciples!


Another Great 40kFriday!

Congrats Brother C on the victory! When next we meet, things will go differently. Tzeentch has foreseen it.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

40k day

Our first official 40k day is soon approaching. For all those interested in attending; the site will be the House of Moros. Times will be posted soon. (we are working on getting a google calendar and e-vites for future events which will make this process go a whole lot smoother)

As a way to break the ice for our first event we will be hosting a single match open for all players. It will be teams divided equally between present parties. Each participant will deploy a 1000 point army for battle. Teams will be decided by the fortune of the dice. Again, this event will serve as much as a meet-n-greet as an actual battle; as well as an opportunity for some of the more veteran players to introduce and teach the game to the players just starting their armies.

For future events we will be renting space from a local business for mini-afternoon tournies; so check back often for updates on when those will be.

In the upcoming weeks, prepare for updates as I build my own dark angels army list and miniatures. Like Moros, I will be sharing all the nitty gritty details of how to go from codex to conquer; with anything and everything learned in between.

Hope to see you all at our live event on the 6th.

Chaos Sorcerer

Here are some shots of my recently completed Thousand Sons renegades chaos sorcerer. He is one of three sorcerers who joined with Ahriman when he was exiled by Magnus. I think I still have some work to do on him, like some more shades of highlights and some touch up work on the cloth and dragon heads.

This one was my first conversion and I gotta say it went pretty smoothly. It wasn't a very hard conversion, I just used a dremel to shave off the power sword he starts with and then glued the staff from the terminator lord set onto him.

Eventually I hope to distinguish each squad and their sorcerer by color coding them somehow. I'm thinking of a trim on the robe (red, yellow, blue) for the 3 different squads.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Thousand Sons Army Selection

Hey all! I'm starting a series here on the blog detailing my trials and tribulations, blood sweat and tears, painted and glued fingers of the creation of my first army for 40k. I have decided to become a disciple of the chaos gods and embrace my dark destiny in the employ of the all-knowing Tzeentch!

Yes, I am creating a Tzeentch themed army. What drew me to them initially was their color scheme, I loved it. The Thousand Sons just looked awesome, but as I read some more about their turbulent history I liked them the best of all the chaos factions/legions. In my humble opinion the Thousand Sons, and Ahriman in particular have one of the best stories in the 40k universe. I really liked the perspective that the emperor betrayed them. That the warp can be controlled by those powerful enough, and thus so can the forces of chaos. Its an interesting idea, and that's what hooked me.

I've already been doing some work, it's not pro-level or anything. I've been into 40k for about 5 months now. Been doing mostly reading and learning the universe. But I'm having a blast. I decked out my basement (man cave) with a new workshop area and work is going slow but purposefully :P on the army. Here is a pic of some of my recent work. Its one of my first models, but I really like the way they came out.

Keep checking this blog for my journey through the construction of Ahriman's renegades.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Black Legion - 1000 point


Moros here! this is my first post in our blog and I'm really excited that its up and running (Thanks brother C). The club is coming along very well and we already have 8 perspective players coming on March 6th!

Speaking of the 6th, if you're coming make sure you get a 1000 point army together because we are gonna be playing team games.

I've already been hard at work creating my 1k point army and I think I'm going to go with a new build. Its a Black Legion build -

HQ -275
Abaddon - (275 points)

Troops -390
CSM squad- 10x Marines, Icon of Chaos Glory, Flamer, Missile Launcher - (175 points)
CSM squad- 10x Marines, Icon of Chaos Glory, Flamer, Missile Launcher, Aspiring Champion, Power Fist - (215 points)

Heavy Support -335
Havoc squad - 5x Havocs, 4x Heavy Bolters, Rhino Transport - (170 points)
Predator - Twin-linked Lascannon turret, Lascannon sponsons - (165 points)

Total - 1000 points even

Hopefully this build works out. I have a few others on standby if I do change my mind. But I think this will field a good solid force that can face the variety of enemies that it will be facing. I know, no daemon prince. But the fact is, princes are lame... and overrated. They are way too easy to take out. I'd rather take Abaddon, who's better than a prince and you can hide him in a squad.

The servants of Tzeentch have already foreseen the great victory they shall hold that day! For Chaos!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Let the war begin

Lancashire WarGaming has started as a group of friends, getting together once a month to play Warhammer 40k. We have a variety of armies represented and are always looking for additional players. Please feel free to come check us out. We will be posting on a variety of topics in the coming months. Everything from tactics and army builds, to painting and converting your models. Check back often as content will be continuously added.