Sunday, February 21, 2010

Black Legion - 1000 point


Moros here! this is my first post in our blog and I'm really excited that its up and running (Thanks brother C). The club is coming along very well and we already have 8 perspective players coming on March 6th!

Speaking of the 6th, if you're coming make sure you get a 1000 point army together because we are gonna be playing team games.

I've already been hard at work creating my 1k point army and I think I'm going to go with a new build. Its a Black Legion build -

HQ -275
Abaddon - (275 points)

Troops -390
CSM squad- 10x Marines, Icon of Chaos Glory, Flamer, Missile Launcher - (175 points)
CSM squad- 10x Marines, Icon of Chaos Glory, Flamer, Missile Launcher, Aspiring Champion, Power Fist - (215 points)

Heavy Support -335
Havoc squad - 5x Havocs, 4x Heavy Bolters, Rhino Transport - (170 points)
Predator - Twin-linked Lascannon turret, Lascannon sponsons - (165 points)

Total - 1000 points even

Hopefully this build works out. I have a few others on standby if I do change my mind. But I think this will field a good solid force that can face the variety of enemies that it will be facing. I know, no daemon prince. But the fact is, princes are lame... and overrated. They are way too easy to take out. I'd rather take Abaddon, who's better than a prince and you can hide him in a squad.

The servants of Tzeentch have already foreseen the great victory they shall hold that day! For Chaos!

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  1. Agni Prime here from the Hive Fleet Agni. All those in my path shall fall to the wrath of the great hive fleet!