Wednesday, February 24, 2010

40k day

Our first official 40k day is soon approaching. For all those interested in attending; the site will be the House of Moros. Times will be posted soon. (we are working on getting a google calendar and e-vites for future events which will make this process go a whole lot smoother)

As a way to break the ice for our first event we will be hosting a single match open for all players. It will be teams divided equally between present parties. Each participant will deploy a 1000 point army for battle. Teams will be decided by the fortune of the dice. Again, this event will serve as much as a meet-n-greet as an actual battle; as well as an opportunity for some of the more veteran players to introduce and teach the game to the players just starting their armies.

For future events we will be renting space from a local business for mini-afternoon tournies; so check back often for updates on when those will be.

In the upcoming weeks, prepare for updates as I build my own dark angels army list and miniatures. Like Moros, I will be sharing all the nitty gritty details of how to go from codex to conquer; with anything and everything learned in between.

Hope to see you all at our live event on the 6th.

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