Monday, February 28, 2011


Lancashire Gaming is having their monthly 40k day this Saturday 3.5.11.

See our google calendar on the blog for details for this event.

We will have open gaming from 1pm - 9pm. The even is open to any skill level including people who have never heard of Warhammer 40k or are just starting out. Members will be in attendance who can answer any questions and give help with list building, painting, and assembling.

We have tables and terrain, all you need is yourself and your army (and bring some friends as well!)

hope to see you all there

- Brother C

Saturday, February 19, 2011

1850 dark angels

Brother C here,

finally getting around to posting this...

my third place list for Cabin Fever. again this got a huge boost from the FAQ.

Knights of Lupus – Jon Sullenberger (Brother Cornelius)
Dark Angels – 1850 points

HQ: Belial (Brother Adso) [130]
(apothecary upgrade is calculated below)

TROOPS: Tact Squad (5 man) [175]
+Razorback + TL lascannon

TROOPS: Tact Squad (5 man) [180]
+Razorback + TL lascannon

TROOPS: Tact Squad (5 man) [150]
+Razorback + TL Heavy Bolter

ELITE: Dreadnought [125]
CCW + Multi-Melta

ELITE/TROOPS: Deathwing Terminators [265]
1x Sarge: PW + Stormbolter
2x TH+SS
1x TH+SS+Apothecary
1x PF+Stormbolter+Cyclone

ELITE/TROOPS: Deathwing Terminators [235]
1x Sarge: PW + Stormbolter
2x TH+SS
1x PF+Stormbolter+Cyclone
1x PF+Stormbolter

FAST ATTACK: Speeder [75]
+ Typhoon

FAST ATTACK: Speeder [75]
+ Typhoon

HEAVY: Predator [95]
Autocannon + HB sponsons

HEAVY: Predator [95]
Autocannon + HB sponsons

2x TL Lascannon, TL HB


this list is also easily scalable to 2k... in fact, its probably even better at 2k.

i would simply drop the dread and pick up a 3rd speeder and another deathwing squad with cyclone, same as the non-command squad above. pretty nasty little list for 2k if you ask me. alot of meat, alot of armor. and alot of adaptability.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

INSPIRATION - Necron Paint Scheme

wanted to just post this quick for Forsaken.. I know he was looking at using blue colored acrylic dowels for the gauss weapons for his crons..

here is a guy who does it right.. hope to inspire Forsaken that crons can be painted uniquely and come out looking real sharp.

the link comes for the warseer forums and their member Dezmord.

Click Here

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

1000 Points of Necrons

Necrons at 1k?

So my boy Forsaken has been a little down on his luck recently. He ended up coming in dead last at our little 1k fundraising tournament this past weekend, willing the coveted ‘Smoking Crater of Shame’ award. He just can’t seem to get the Necrons to be functional whether at 2000, 1850, and especially at 1k. so.. I took the project upon my shoulders to see if I could come up with a list and a strategy that would allow the Necrons to be at least competitive at 1k. When you are dealing with higher point values, a Necron player can more readily sidestep the phase out with more models. However, at 1000 points, phase out all of a sudden becomes a huge problem.

Here are my thoughts about Necrons at 1000 points.

first priority – phase out. Can’t let this happen easily. + have to have 2 troops.. therefore we will throw in 2x 10-man warrior squads.

2nd – lets get an HQ. ok.. well the c’tan is out clocking in at 300 points.. yeah.. can’t really swing that at 1000 points when we already are required to take 360 points of troops. (I can take 2x 5-man tact squads with melta gun and TL lascannon razorbacks for the same price….. fail GW.. fail for the poor Crons). So.. we are taking a Lord. Lords are decent.. toughness 5, scythe is good for punking some ICs. We’ll get back to wargear later. I’m taking him on foot to save on points here.

3rd – Monolith – is a must for Necrons… it is the ONLY way to leverage the lame phase out rule in a 1000 point match. You MUST MUST MUST MUST MUST be able to take more than 1 will be back roll. MUST. Plus the ability to teleport your units out of close combat. Added to that the pie plates of doom, and the d6 shooty attack. Oh and who really is bringing something to take down a lith at 1k? not too much that you can easily keep it out of the range of. Most players won’t be firing at it either if there are some other baddies to hit first. Therefore it will be your WBB factory, keeping your men up and your list from phasing out.

Next lets take some long range threat. We already have some decent 24” range with the warriors and lith. I’m thinking… 1 squad of 3 destroyers and 2x heavy destroyers (in separate squads). So… these guys just hide behind the liths and warriors all day and take pop shots down field. These guys are for opening up those transports, so your lith and warriors can feed on the gooey inside. Also, due to the gauss weapons, these can also keep those pesky LRs and preds from shooting or charging at you. Keeping units stunned is just as good as wrecked in most games side annil.

Lastly, necron lord wargear. Lets just keep it simple with an orb. Some nice bells and whistles there but honestly we have run out of points. So.. lets just lame the WBB a little more and throw a rez orb into the mix. That gives out long range units a little more cushion to take some pop shots even with the cover saves.

Wait.. that leaves us with.. what.. 5 points or so? So… lets throw one disruption field on each warrior squad incase a pesky walker tries to tie it up, and you need to use your lith’s teleport for something more important.

The idea here is simple. Monolith in front, warriors on the flanks and long range in between. That’s right, lame the fact that the destroyers are taller than your warriors (granting no cover saves to your opponent) and still using the warriors to grant cover saves to your units. WIN. From deployment on, you simply slowly walk your units across the table, as a UNIT. Don’t break formation. Wait for your opponent to blink, and when he does, adapt and take him down.

Again, this is Necrons we are talking about here, so there isn’t really a lot to work with. I believe this is a start of a list that balances the strengths and weaknesses of the codex. I can’t wait to get out there and try it, you did remember about the Berks 1k Spring Assault tourney in May didn’t you?

Anyways, let me know what you guys think of this list and strategy.

Feedback is always appreciated.

Necrons 1k.

HQ: Lord w/ rez orb

Troops: 2x 10-man warriors + 1x disruption field on each squad

Fast Attack: 1x 3-man Destroyer squad

Heavy: Monolith

Heavy: 2x 1-man heavy destroyer squad.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

1k tourney Necron POV

     For anyone who did not know Lancashire Gaming held our first tournament  this past Saturday (2 /12 / 2011). The Main point of the tourney was to have a little fund raiser for terrain and to test the dangerous waters of hosting tournaments. We accomplished both those goals well, very well if you ask me.

    This was my first Warhammer 40k tournament at any point level, And I got trounced I came in at dead last.  Which wouldn't have been a problem if i hadn't placed so much emphasis on wining. The nice crater is Todd's handy-work I got it as the "good sportsmanship" prize or the "wow you really suck here's something to make you not want to smash your models - prize". Although I did try and be a good sport, it's kinda hard to have a good attitude when your models are just being wrecked game after game.

My List

   10 warriors

    10 warriors

    10 Immortals
     Lord with Veil of Darkness

     4 Destroyers

Monday, February 7, 2011

Cabin Fever 2011 - The Photos

Brother C here,

Just uploading some pictures I took of the weekend. Sadly some of the games were intense and I kept the camera away. hopefully this will inspire some of you to attend next year.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Dark Angels take 3rd at Cabin Fever

Brother C here..

that's right, you read that right. Dark Angels are back my friends. thanks to a boost from the recent FAQs that GW released what.. 2 weeks before the tournament, and some quick conversions by yours truly. I was able to throw together a list that took 3rd place.

Now this is still a small time venue, but we had some pretty skilled wargamers attend the event. We had 3 members from Lanashire Wargaming attend this event. I took home 3rd and Army Domination : Space Marines. Ross came in 5th place but took home an IG army domination award, and Moros finished I think like 8th or 9th. Not a bad showing at all from our little club. We were able to make some connections with others in the area, and get our name out. It was a real blast and i hope we can get a few more of you to attend next year.

Anyways, stay tuned for our 1k tourney/fundraiser on Feb. 12th. hurry up and finish those models and painting!!!

Anyways.. here's a screen shot of my 1850 list (which I will be doing a writeup about soon as well as a full recap of my matches at the event) and the loot!!!