Sunday, February 13, 2011

1k tourney Necron POV

     For anyone who did not know Lancashire Gaming held our first tournament  this past Saturday (2 /12 / 2011). The Main point of the tourney was to have a little fund raiser for terrain and to test the dangerous waters of hosting tournaments. We accomplished both those goals well, very well if you ask me.

    This was my first Warhammer 40k tournament at any point level, And I got trounced I came in at dead last.  Which wouldn't have been a problem if i hadn't placed so much emphasis on wining. The nice crater is Todd's handy-work I got it as the "good sportsmanship" prize or the "wow you really suck here's something to make you not want to smash your models - prize". Although I did try and be a good sport, it's kinda hard to have a good attitude when your models are just being wrecked game after game.

My List

   10 warriors

    10 warriors

    10 Immortals
     Lord with Veil of Darkness

     4 Destroyers

I decided last minute to change to this list, only god knows why. Normally I would have ran something like 7 destroyers 20 warriors and the destroyer lord with scarab entourage. I thought that since this was such a low points game I needed to beef up my phase out number. I don't like warriors or flayed ones, so Immortals seemed a good choice but they are just so slow I had to have a way for them to move around. Going in I thought I had a solid list...... Oh how wrong I was.

Here's a little look at how turn two of my first game went.

 A bit of an exaggeration but close enough I was literally nowhere near a table edge, enemy unit or terrain and   yet I managed to roll two sixes and the direction of the nearest table edge. So game one was a slaughter as I was missing 440 pts of my 1k list. 

Game two didn't fair much better, My opponent didn't explain fully the abilities of his units. I know he isn't expected to explain every rule to me but when you point to something and ask what does that do a fairly detailed explanation should ensue. The model in question was a Thunder fury cannon, anyway he handed me his rule book opened to the weapon summary in the back. not wanting to hold up the game, I looked it over quickly, basically I looked at strength and AP  of the shots.

No longer concerned with the weapon I deep struck my immortals a safe distance from his assault units and open fired on them. I proceeded to blow off weapons and Immobilize two separate dreadnoughts between my Immortals and destroyers shooting. On his turn he landed 27 shots on the bunched up immortals from the thunder fury cannon. oh ya, and all his reserves came in and assaulted the immortals. He focused lord in the assault and killed him on my turn the Immortals died. Game two ended in a draw since we were playing capture and control.

That's pretty much how every game went. My big unit got killed off early and then the rest of the game my opponent mopped up the rest. not a fun time for me.

One thing I noticed was how many more models everyone else had compared to my army...... Necrons are very underpowered at 1k because in order to keep your phase out number high you have to drop things that really make Necrons Amazing. 

I also shouldn't have changed my list at the last minute... but whatever you learn and get better or at least thats the hope.  


  1. Changing at the last minute is never good. You'll find the weak spots and bring it next time. Oh, and better luck could help too.

  2. Hey man don't worry about it! Crons are lacking, everybody knows it. I think its good that you have the courage to stick with them.

    1k points is hard, almost a death sentence to older armies so don't feel too bad.

  3. Kinda tired of the blame always falling to the army or my codex I think I may just be a terrible tactician.

  4. I think it's almost 100% the fact that you didn't get the model you were waiting for, and had to switch last minute.

  5. Noway, you're a fine Necron Lord. You don't give yourself enough credit.

    I mean there is obviously always room for improvement, same with us all. But you're doing great.

    I felt the same way after Cabin Fever, so I totally understand. Use the frustration to better yourself. That's my plan!

  6. I will agree with you Forsaken that phase out seems really silly at 1k points, and it is going to cause Necrons to be at a huge disadvantage from the start. I still do think a monolith in that list would have helped drastically as you would have a way to get your warriors around the field instead of just hiding them in a corner hoping you don't phase out.

    I think your image is a great pictures of how your list was playing in the tourney.

    at 1850+ you can leverage your phase out with some powerful heavy and elite choices but at 1k there just isn't enough room.

    its a learning experience. you are so used to playing DA, Orks, or CSMs that it will take some time to get used to the other factions out there and how their units operate. again, one of the reasons we wanted to have an event like this.

    I think John could have explained the thunder fire cannon to you a bit better, but I do understand that each round was only an hour and that meant you really had to be rolling fast to get a full match in.

    I also noticed many many things as I was walking around during the second round that we need to work on for competitive play. I'm working on a series of upcoming posts about these items.

    sportsmanship.... declaring actions..... cover saves.... multie combats and melee combat in general... and PAYING ATTENTION to the game.

    now, many of these items are small 'nit picky' stuff but as I saw it, it could have made some big differences in some peoples' matches.