Friday, February 4, 2011

Dark Angels take 3rd at Cabin Fever

Brother C here..

that's right, you read that right. Dark Angels are back my friends. thanks to a boost from the recent FAQs that GW released what.. 2 weeks before the tournament, and some quick conversions by yours truly. I was able to throw together a list that took 3rd place.

Now this is still a small time venue, but we had some pretty skilled wargamers attend the event. We had 3 members from Lanashire Wargaming attend this event. I took home 3rd and Army Domination : Space Marines. Ross came in 5th place but took home an IG army domination award, and Moros finished I think like 8th or 9th. Not a bad showing at all from our little club. We were able to make some connections with others in the area, and get our name out. It was a real blast and i hope we can get a few more of you to attend next year.

Anyways, stay tuned for our 1k tourney/fundraiser on Feb. 12th. hurry up and finish those models and painting!!!

Anyways.. here's a screen shot of my 1850 list (which I will be doing a writeup about soon as well as a full recap of my matches at the event) and the loot!!!


  1. Great army looking forward to fighting it again.

  2. any time man, just name the place and time.


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