Sunday, October 31, 2010

Power Generator Terrain WIP

Moros asked me to make a power generator for the upcoming campaign at Lancashire Gaming. The Piece is about 8" by 8" and I need to add some little bits on the sides and I'm not sure if I'm 100 percent happy with the way the door looks.

I'm debating whether or not I should base it because it will be used in multiple games / game types.   Suggestions for Improvement in the comments please.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Painting Progress

Brother C here,

just an update on my army building. I'm still constructing my Dark Angels, painted as the Disciples of Caliban, so its a little darker and black than the official DA paint scheme. I'm finishing up my tactical marines at the moment, here are a few pictures of my most recent finished models. i have 8 more to paint up to finish off my tacts and move on to my rhinos or dreads.

Any feedback would be great, as I know Im' not the greatest painter, any hints or tips would be greatly appreciated. just as an FYI, I am going to rebase all my models once they are painted onto dragon forge ancient ruins bases. Just trying to get a decent looking army on the field before I start diving into basing.

anyways, thanks for reading, I'll keep you posted on my progress.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Something Wicked This Way Comes!

Hey guys!

Normally Mondays are sucky days when we have to forgo fun time for work time. On my way to check the mail I heard an faint chant. As a came closer to the brass box the chanting grew louder!

I slowly opened the lid...

"Blood for the Blood GOD!"

There they were! My shipment from Wayland Games arrived ahead of schedule!

Tremble mortal gamers of Lancaster County PA! My Khorne Daemons have arrived!

Skulls for the Skull Throne!


For those of you that are wondering, I did not and will not ever abandon my precious Ahriman's Renegades. But, I had to try this army out!

Stay tuned for more updates and more background on my new Khorne themed Daemonic Legion!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Super Blog Chain Giveaway! - WINNER!

Thanks to the two of you that signed up for the Super Blog chain giveaway! We appreciate the support and thanks for reading!

Its now time to declare a winner!

After considering that there were only two people that entered the competition I've decided to be a nice guy and let you BOTH be winners!

Elbrun will be the primary winner and have his choice of the Chaos predator OR the Chaos Defiler. The one that he doesn't choose will be awarded to the secondary winner, Silar Lannanaris!

All you guys need to do is send me an email ( or PM and we can work out the details on how to get your winnings to you!

Remember, do the community justice by keeping the giveaway going on your own blogs!


Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Brother C here,

Moros asked me to make a post about his wedding present to me. yes that's right, a wedding present of a 40k model. it was pretty epic. at the time, it was my last model to finish my 2k point list (has since been revamped) but the model is nonetheless still absolutely beautiful.

long story short, Moros would like to announce, he will be taking painting/assembling commissions, and this is our first piece of advertising for it. Feel free to take a look, and if you need more photos or information please feel free to comment or email us.

i'll shut up now and..... now to the eye candy.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Wayland Games Affiliate Program!

Hey guys!

Lancashire Wargaming is now officially an affiliate of Wayland Games!

Wayland is an amazing discount store that has pretty much everything you'll need for this glorious hobby!

It is the store that I go to to buy all my models! They have very good prices and great service. Everything is great condition I've never had an issue!

I'd like to encourage each of you to follow the link on our site over to Wayland and check them out!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Dark Angels - 2000 points - Razorwing 1.0

Brother C here,

I've been playing with some new list builds. Below is one of my latest creations.

The Dark Angels - 2000 points - Razorwing 1.0

HQ: SAMMAEL: [205]
on speeder

TROOPS: Tact Squad (5 man) [185]
Razorback + TL lascannon

TROOPS: Tact Squad (5 man) [185]
Razorback + TL lascannon

TROOPS: Tact Squad (5 man) [185]
Razorback + TL lascannon

TROOPS: Tact Squad (5 man) [190]
Razorback + TL lascannon

ELITE: Dreadnought [150]
Venerable, CCW, HF, MM

ELITE: Dreadnought [150]
Venerable, CCW, HF, MM

ELITE: Dreadnought [150]
Venerable, CCW, HF, MM

(does not count on org chart)
ELITE: Techmarine + Harness [185]
2x Servitors with MM

HEAVY: Predator [95]
Autocannon + HB sponsons

HEAVY: Predator [95]
Autocannon + HB sponsons

HEAVY: Predator [95]
Autocannon + HB sponsons

FAST ATTACK: Speeder [75]

FAST ATTACK: Speeder [75]

FAST ATTACK: Speeder [75]


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Learning the Necron Tactica

Of late I've been trying to really learn my army (the necrons) and get better with them. I bought Fritz's pdf how to win with necrons and I'd have to say it helped me alot. I already knew alot of what was in the pdf but it helped to have it reinforced. For instance I know to keep my units together that way if one unit is wiped out a unit nearby will pick up the guys who died with we'll be back; but sometimes I end up spreading my units out too much. I think personally I've come a long way as a player but I still have alot to learn as do we all.

Necron Lord with Orb front

The One thing that I really need to work on is castling up, it's esential to the necron victory. I've tried to play as many of the Space marine players do esentially barring down on my opponent, it doesn't work for Necrons.  The main thing is you need to have your oppenent come to you. Sometimes your oppent will not come to you and they will sit in their corner and drop templates and las shots into your army. In this case bring the heat, turbo boost that destroyer lord with scarab escort right where your enemy MUST deal with them and while your at it deepstrike your monolith in the middle of their ranks. Of course this all ends up being a judgment call. I'm certianly not going to deepstrike my monolith into assualt range of Moros's defilers or Brother C's venerable dreadnouight, Actually I might try it once just to see what happens maybe I'll get lucky.

I just learned recently that the C'tan ignore all saves which makes a huge difference in the way that I play them  and I also learned how the monolith portal works. The Portal says it works like disembarking from a transport so the unit I teleport can't have moved and if I move the monolith I can't move the unit I teleport.

Lastly I haven't been able to truly appreciate how awesome some of the Necron fear tactics are. The nightmare shroud is EPIC in my last game I forced two marine squads to run off the board with it and another squad was running when the game ended. Normally I'll play either Moros, Brother C, or the Prophet all of whom run fearless heavy armies but against normal space marines and blood angels you can use all your fear evoking goodies.

Like I said at the begging of this post I've got a long way to go but I'm getting better and showing a lot of people in our local area that Necrons are still a viable army. All said Moros and I have discussed that Necrons are really easy to be ok with because they are forgiving with their high armour, toughness and the We'll be back rule. The problem is Necrons are difficult to master, as opposed to aggressive/ assualty armies, and I've seen the other players in my group quickly pass me in terms of skill with their armies and now I'm closing the gap on them. Eventually we all reach a plateau in terms of skill hopefully mine is a long way off.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Thousand Sons Dreadnought Complete!

Here is a look at what I've been workin' on. I just finished up my Thousand Sons Chaos Dreadnought.

I used the plastic SM Dread kit that I won with via the Super Blog Chain Giveaway from Inquisitor Lord Aki! (Thanks again!)

I am currently running two chaos dreadnoughts in my Thousand Sons themed chaos list. The other one is on deck right now to be worked on so keep an eye out for updates on that project.

I had a blast working on this model. I did some minor conversion work on it, adding in the twin-linked bolter on the CC arm instead of the storm bolter. I really think it gives it a nice "chaosy" look.

I'm not sure on the base. I like how it came out but it still feels like it needs something.

Let me know what you think!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Super Blog Chain Giveaway! - Update

Hey all! Moros here!

Just want to give you guys an update on the ongoing Super Blog Chain Giveaway that I have the honor of hosting! I haven't gotten much response from my last competition. I think the logo design contest was a bit... too much :P

SO, I have decided to simplify it!

The rules for winning the Super Blog Chain Giveaway are as follows! (In order to be eligible respond with all the following information as a comment to THIS post!)

  • You must have a Blog (an actually updated one)
  • You must become a follower of Lancashire Wargaming
  • You must state exactly what you would be willing to offer up if you were to win (Gotta be something good!)
  • You must say why you think you deserve to win!
  • And finally, if you do win, you must continue the Super Blog Chain Giveaway on your blog
I will select a winner from the eligible entries. My decision is final.

Now, I was giving away a chaos predator. But since it's been taking awhile and I love all my readers I'm going to spice it up a bit!

Now you have the choice between a FREE Chaos Predator OR a FREE Chaos Defiler!

The competition will end on Friday October, 22nd! So comment as to why you should win and good luck!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

40k day wrap-up - pictures

Brother C here,

just wanted to wrap-up the recent 40k day with a photo montage of sorts..

once again, a big thanks to everyone who came out and we hope to see you at the november meeting.

more posts will be following shortly about what each of the members has been up to recently in the 40k world so stayed tuned for that.

without further delay... the visuals..

Monday, October 4, 2010

October 40k Day Wrap Up! - Milestones!

Hey all! Moros here and I'm proud to announce that Lancashire Wargaming has set some in house records with our last event!

The October 40k Day was our most attended event with 15 wargamers coming out to the fields of glory to test their mettle! We were honored to host you all and we at Lancashire Wargaming want to thank each and every one of your for your support!

We had 4 tables going and at least 7 games being played. We had modeling going on, painting tutorials, the works! It was a glorious day of hobby!

I also want to announce the upcoming official GRAND OPENING of our humble club! We really are making great strides on our quest to bring wargaming to the masses in Lancaster County PA and we want to make sure that the club is growing in the right direction. In order to do that we feel that we need to make it official! So, beginning with the November 40k Day Lancashire Wargaming is going to be signing up club members! All club members will be able to support and help grow the club and share in the vision of a large and popular gaming club in our area!

More details will be coming in the future about our grand opening so keep an eye out.

I want to give a special shout out to all the Berks 40k members that were in attendance! You guys brought a great amount of fun, competition, and life to the party! I really hope we can continue to work together more closely in the future!

Again, I want to thank all those that came out and all those that couldn't make it for your support of our club thus far. We have only been playing 40k for a year and already we have grown a club to the point that is ready to take off! We truly hope you will be there to continue to support us and each other in this great hobby!