Sunday, October 10, 2010

Learning the Necron Tactica

Of late I've been trying to really learn my army (the necrons) and get better with them. I bought Fritz's pdf how to win with necrons and I'd have to say it helped me alot. I already knew alot of what was in the pdf but it helped to have it reinforced. For instance I know to keep my units together that way if one unit is wiped out a unit nearby will pick up the guys who died with we'll be back; but sometimes I end up spreading my units out too much. I think personally I've come a long way as a player but I still have alot to learn as do we all.

Necron Lord with Orb front

The One thing that I really need to work on is castling up, it's esential to the necron victory. I've tried to play as many of the Space marine players do esentially barring down on my opponent, it doesn't work for Necrons.  The main thing is you need to have your oppenent come to you. Sometimes your oppent will not come to you and they will sit in their corner and drop templates and las shots into your army. In this case bring the heat, turbo boost that destroyer lord with scarab escort right where your enemy MUST deal with them and while your at it deepstrike your monolith in the middle of their ranks. Of course this all ends up being a judgment call. I'm certianly not going to deepstrike my monolith into assualt range of Moros's defilers or Brother C's venerable dreadnouight, Actually I might try it once just to see what happens maybe I'll get lucky.

I just learned recently that the C'tan ignore all saves which makes a huge difference in the way that I play them  and I also learned how the monolith portal works. The Portal says it works like disembarking from a transport so the unit I teleport can't have moved and if I move the monolith I can't move the unit I teleport.

Lastly I haven't been able to truly appreciate how awesome some of the Necron fear tactics are. The nightmare shroud is EPIC in my last game I forced two marine squads to run off the board with it and another squad was running when the game ended. Normally I'll play either Moros, Brother C, or the Prophet all of whom run fearless heavy armies but against normal space marines and blood angels you can use all your fear evoking goodies.

Like I said at the begging of this post I've got a long way to go but I'm getting better and showing a lot of people in our local area that Necrons are still a viable army. All said Moros and I have discussed that Necrons are really easy to be ok with because they are forgiving with their high armour, toughness and the We'll be back rule. The problem is Necrons are difficult to master, as opposed to aggressive/ assualty armies, and I've seen the other players in my group quickly pass me in terms of skill with their armies and now I'm closing the gap on them. Eventually we all reach a plateau in terms of skill hopefully mine is a long way off.


  1. I am really glad your stickin' it out with the crons. I really feel like there are phases in your wargaming journey. Sometimes you feel like giving up or are just plain not motivated.

    I could be wrong, but I felt like you were in that phase for a bit there and I am REALLY happy that you're delving back into the crons again.

    That is a mark of a great player! And I think your tactics and strategy are coming really far too! Great work dude, keep it up!

  2. Well playing against the army specifically designed to wreck your army over and over again generally has that effect on people cough* thousand sons *cough

    But yah I had a blast at the last 40k day because my strategy worked perfectly.

  3. I feel like one of the main reasons that necrons are so easy to pick up is because of the simplicity of the codex. There really isn't much diversity in there, what options do you really have? wargear? lawl.

    deep striking a monolith is less a risk than I think you are making it out to be. you do realize that deepstriking means the lith counts as moving. therefore, it can SHOOT anything that is not considered a heavy weapon (unless codex states otherwise) AND your opponent needs what a 4+ to even hit the thing in melee? with a normal dread getting 3 attacks on the charge, there's a good chance of doing absolutely nothing to it. now you have to think about what advantage deepstriking the lith has. what does that get you besides a giant distraction? an IG gunline will just laugh at you and then wreck your face. however, if you find yourself playing SMs or a SM variant with 3X devs/longfangs/etc. in the backfield dropping 12x missles at you a turn. deepstriking a lith into their ranks and firing that flux arc projector whatever, D6 shots at each squad seems like a great idea.

    i would recommend keeping a notebook at your side as you play and take notes of what is working really well and what... yeah.. not so well. I find this helps immensely when you are reflecting on build/strategy.

    also, try splitting your scarabs into 2 squads, 1 with the lord. when you arrive in your opponents ranks, you have the potential to split into 3 separate squads to hit 3 different targets.. use the scarabs to keep the big guns from firing, while your lord is a precision assassin. this is your suicide unit, it's job is to take out as much as it can and allow you to get the rest of your forces into the position you want them for objective captures.

  4. actually IG don't have much that can deal with a lith. Lascannons don't do much to liths nor do meltabombs or melta guns. The only real threat to monoliths is strength 10. Most of their strength 10 stuff has a minimum range so deepstriking would actually be smart.

    Also, SM with missiles are basically useless vs the lith as they can only glance and that is only on 6s. You gotta realize that most people aren't toting too much str 10 stuff. Str 9 can take out a lith but its still hard especially if its moving.