Friday, October 8, 2010

Super Blog Chain Giveaway! - Update

Hey all! Moros here!

Just want to give you guys an update on the ongoing Super Blog Chain Giveaway that I have the honor of hosting! I haven't gotten much response from my last competition. I think the logo design contest was a bit... too much :P

SO, I have decided to simplify it!

The rules for winning the Super Blog Chain Giveaway are as follows! (In order to be eligible respond with all the following information as a comment to THIS post!)

  • You must have a Blog (an actually updated one)
  • You must become a follower of Lancashire Wargaming
  • You must state exactly what you would be willing to offer up if you were to win (Gotta be something good!)
  • You must say why you think you deserve to win!
  • And finally, if you do win, you must continue the Super Blog Chain Giveaway on your blog
I will select a winner from the eligible entries. My decision is final.

Now, I was giving away a chaos predator. But since it's been taking awhile and I love all my readers I'm going to spice it up a bit!

Now you have the choice between a FREE Chaos Predator OR a FREE Chaos Defiler!

The competition will end on Friday October, 22nd! So comment as to why you should win and good luck!


  1. So I take it I was the only one that actually made a logo?

  2. @ Elbrun

    Yeah you were :P It is kind of hard to base the giveaway on one thing. So I'm changin' up the competition.

    However, your contribution will factor in if you register again!

  3. Well, if you liked the logo, feel free to use it. I think that alone should show why I felt I deserved to win (I actually made something cool when no one else bothered to try). I'm still going to give away 5 OOP metal dark reapers if I win. (Even if I think I should have won, but I understand why you'd expand and change things).

    It is a bit disappointing to do something like this and get one person who qualifies to win. So I totally understand the change, though I think the trouble you are having is the LONG wait time on choosing a winner. May I suggest shortening it a bit, like end of October, the 22nd of Nov is a bit far off.

  4. @ Elbrun

    Ah yes, twas a typo. Fixed now. And yes I do appreciate what your support! Thanks for the logo!

    Thanks for understanding :)

  5. Well I will enter though it seems Elbrun should win :)
    If I was to win I would love the chaos defiler!
    The prize I would give away would be a converted Imperial guard command chimera, made with pieces from a sister of battle exorcist.
    My blog is and is all about Eldar and Dark Elves.
    Why should I win?? The main reason I think is because this is a great idea and I think it would be fun to continue it.

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