Monday, May 31, 2010

Yahoo Group

Hey guys Last night I made a Yahoo group to try and generate more interest for our club and the blog. so join the group if you have a yahoo account

Click to join Lancashiregaming

Click to join Lancashiregaming

Also I'm trying to get into some other local game groups to see if any members would like to play more often at our meetings, that is if our schedule doesn't interfere with the other groups. there is a list of game groups that meet at the sixfeetundergames store in new Holland on their website. Agni I know you had made up some business cards maybe we can get the card kid on Fruitville pike and the comic book store in Lancaster will put them on their counters.


Image Courtesy of The Ultramarines Movie site

Brother C here,

just wanted to give an update for everyone out there...

there are two contests available for everyone to win some pretty cool loot.

first, just a simple survey from, 1 in 200 wins a 50$ gift certificate to their online store. cant' beat that. check it out here

the other is a banner contest Forsaken told me about considering the new ultramarines movie coming out. check it out here

more updates to come soon... been studying hard for my first of 7 ARE exams..

don't forget june 12th. 40k day.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Some Terminator Thoughts

Image Courtesy of

Brother C here,

So I've found myself contemplating my terminators alot lately. I think I have made every mistake in the book of tactics for them so here are just my own thoughts on how they can and should be used.There of course will be exceptions to all of these rules and strategies should be considered on actual game context, but these are just some general thoughts on use and tactics.

Deepstrike. sounds great right? appearing right next to your opponent at some point during the game. surprise! here I am! plow plow plow. this would be great if it actually ever panned out like that. However, your opponent isn't dumb, he knows it is coming, and he is preparing himself for it. As soon as you come down, he will have a trap and blast you off the board. Even if you've loaded out your terms with a cyclone, storm bolters, flamers, combis, you name it, do not fall for the trap of shooting the first turn you come down. You need to get into cover if you have not deepstruck into cover. If you have deepstruck into cover, hell, fire away. Terms can take alot of punches, but you will eventually roll 1s on those armor saves, and it would be nice to avoid those plasma shots. My recommendation, if you are going to deepstrike. play smart. either deepstrike far away, and get into cover, and wait for your opportunity to strike. OR do the complete opposite, deepstrike directly onto that objective surrounded by your enemy, go somewhere he is not expecting you to go, because its crazy. fortune favors the bold.

Landraider. sounds great right? massive tank rolling up, assaulting out of it decked out in all claws, ripping to pieces that little gaunt squad. bad idea. for one, your opponent knows you just want to rip that trash squad to bits and he will use it to lure you out of that tin can. be careful, there will be a counter attack coming, it was bait, and you fell for it. and for 250 points (+) points. forget it. I'll take an entire second term squad plus upgrades for that price. plus, with all the new codexs coming out, there are meltas everywhere. you will be lucky to even get your raider across the board before it explodes, leaving your models to foot it. might as well just have deepstruck. in my opinion the raider is just not worth its weight anymore. its too big of a point sink, and you need bodies on the field, not empty hulls.

Escorts. Is my new favorite tactic for terms. Operation human shield in full effect. space the term squad out in front of your forces. (its 5th edition, you are castling like everyone else aren't you?) Give your priority targets that cover save. (my new favorite is a squad of terms in front of 3 vindis with a techmarine and 3 servo arm servitors behind) Walk them across the field. Your opponent will be firing at the priority targets and not your terms. And you will have the added bonus of decent melee protection if your opponent decides he's going to roll a walker or a fist to try and punk your armor. You of course will need the added support of the rest of your forces in order to pull this escort service off properly. Layers of offense and defense is the key here people.

Anyways, just checking in for now and throwing these ideas up for discussion. I would advise people to at least try out the term escort service. It may not be for everyone. Put an assault cannon, and cyclone on that group (or an apothecary if you are DA and using Belial)and you have a real threat.

has anyone else been using this tactic to their advantage? or tried it and failed miserably? Would love to know your experiences and thoughts.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Blood Thirsty Thursday! Bellean Sector Ambush!

When we last left Vedrix his small detachment of Rubric marines were attempting to secure ancient eldar artifacts that could help Ahriman gain access to a more vulnerable part of the eldar webway system.

Vedrix made contact with the Disciples of Caliban and in the ensuing skirmish the Thousand Sons renegades made off with the technology, prying it from the cold dead hands of the Dark Angels.

Now, days later as Vedrix and his fellowship are being pursued as they attempt to leave the Bellean moon and return the spoils of war to their master, Ahriman.

During the waning hours of the afternoon the column of Rhinos ground to a halt. The daemon Vedrix was as a stone statue in the withering heat. He sensed a ripple in the warp. Without uttering a word the sorcerers of his fellowship fanned out to take up defensive positions, their thoughts as one. The empty suits of armor that were the Rubric marines obeyed their masters without hesitation.

In the silence, Vedrix and his forces slowly crept into the center of the ruined town. Then, from above, a white hot ball of metal crashed down into the sands behind one of the massive defilers. In the blink of an eye, the arcane wardings upon the defilers crumbled and the crazed Defilers surged to life with violent roars and dark screams. Vedrix had unleashed them upon the form of a black and green dreadnought that emerged from the smoking drop pod. On its hull, the white lion, the Disciples of Caliban were upon them.

With unholy fury the defiler tore the mechanized arm from the hulking form, sparks and debris littering the air. Simultaneously another massive claw ripped a small, now gore soaked, corpse from the Dreadnought. It crashed down, a ruin. From the flanks the Rubric Marines engaged Ravenwing bikers as their Rhino transport was pelted by rays of intense heat. They fired their sorcererous shells into the warriors as their Sorcerer unsheathed his gleaming sword impaling one of the riders.

On the other side of the field, Terminators lead by Interrogator Chaplain William and Captain Adso appeared, but they misjudged the blood lust of the mighty defilers. Such is the arrogance of loyalist dogs. Distracted by a spray of bolter fire from the nearby ruins and shaken by their teleportation through the warp, the Terminators were too late to react to the thunderous charge of two Defilers. Razor sharp metal tore through their armor with bone crushing force. Adso and William narrowly avoided being instantly destroyed in the fury, dodging sweeps and high strikes. William's vision turned black, the shower of blood that covered him from the disemboweling of his brother terminator was all the Defilers needed to find their mark. Adso turned to see his Chaplain's head hurling threw the air. Adso faltered, and was instantly lifted into the air by one arm as another massive claw tore his body in two.

The Dark Angel Techmarines battled off crazed dreadnoughts as Tactical Marines lept from their Rhinos and fell upon Thousand Sons. The Sorcerer fought wildly and found his mark, taking down four of the emperor's pups with unearthly speed. The force staff hummed as it blasted their souls from their bodies, their armor collapsing with a clang. But there were too many, eventually they were overwhelmed with a withering barrage of bolter fire from advancing Rhinos.

The Dark Angels Techmarines had to slice the still grasping hands of the rubric marines from the eldar technology.

Another of the Sorcerers summoned his courage, another dreadnought emerged from a smouldering drop pod spewing blue bursts of plasma and fire plumes of flames immoliating his Rubric body guards. He heard the faint whisper as a green dust rose out of the charred blue and gold armor. The fool would pay for that. The earth shook before the towering dreadnought as it bore down on the sorcerer, he felt a cold chill as he was engulfed by its shadow. Stone and sand flew in all directions as a mammoth mechanized fist struck the ground where the sorcerer was standing. As if he had foreseen where the blow would land, the Sorcerer dove to the right and readied his melta bomb. A quick shoulder roll and he was primed and in position. The internal mechanisms of the dreadnought turned to a molten white hot mixture and poured like blood on the ground, with a slow creak the behemoth began to fall backwards. After the cloud of dust had cleared, there stood the venerable Sorcerer, "Where is your faith now, worm" he spat.

Vedrix fought valiantly but was wounded and was forced to fall back. The Disciples took the spoils of war, but at a great price.

The Bellean moon is starting to turn into more than an average recovery mission, The Disciples are planning something, and vengeance will be had here.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thousand Sons Thoughts

So I've tried again and again, list after list to make a decently powerful Thousand Sons/Tzeentch themed list. They have some great back story and are my favorite looking of all the chaos marines.

I'm no pro player by any means, but I have noticed some things over the past couple matches. I've been trying to figure out the strengths and weaknesses of the Thousand Sons and how to best deploy them.

They have some decent strengths. The 4+ invulnerable save is awesome, and makes them pretty hard to kill even in melee. It makes them pretty resilient against high power weapons and blast templates. There is a 50% chance of doing nothing to them, with any weapon. So they are really good at absorbing those powerful hits that would normally crush vanilla marines.

They have the AP 3 bolter which is good, but, really only shines against armies with good armor (basically space marines). But, you can still just jump in cover, so its not that a huge of an advantage all around. It's still a nice weapon, I'll give them that.

They also have the double edged sword of slow and purposeful and relentless. I love relentless, its amazing being able to move, rapid fire, then assault to deny your enemy the extra attacks. Or move and then shoot bolters 24" and then assault. But, your movements are very dependent on dice rolls which I don't like. A Rhino can definitely help this out however they go down pretty easily.

Then you have the Aspiring Sorcerer. Which is an amazing unit. Very versitile. He can be a deadly melee opponent with warptime, assassinating independent characters and monstrous creatures with his force weapon. He also can't be targeted in melee and taken out because he isn't an independent character. He can also be given the wind of chaos power and really take it to hordes. But the big drawback with this guy is he is SUPER expensive and you must take them.

The Thousand Sons themselves aren't very cheap, at 23 points a model they add up fast for a troop choice. They are the same price as plague marines, but Tsons really can't melee aswell as PMs.

The best way to take out Thousand Sons is just with masses of small arms fire. Their 3+ armor save is the same as a normal marine, so they go down just as fast. This has always been the thing that makes Thousand Sons a so so choice. Your enemy can just force you to keep rolling and eventually you will fail.

So taking this all into consideration I've basically summed it up to this. Thousand Sons are one the most resilient troops in the game vs high power weaponry and blast templates and I want to take advantage of this. Their weakness is small arms fire and masses of non-power weapon melee attacks against them. So why not just make a huge squad of them? you can take up to 19 of them and the Sorcerer.

Now, a large squad would do 2 things. First of all, it would make so you could have more models of them on the field without having to shell out an arm and a leg for a blasted Sorcerer on every 8 models or so. You could essentially have 2 squads of thousand sons (9+9) and only pay for 1 Sorcerer. This would allow them to absorb a HUGE amount of small arms fire. I mean, each one that dies would have to fail a 3+ armor save. I'm probably wrong but that's near 4 shots on average for each guy. So something like 72 shots to take them out. That's a lot considering they can shoot back and have a better time than their foes because of the AP 3, plus a rapid fire from 18 bolters is gonna be painful.

Now, the downside to this idea is obviously mobility. Tsons are gonna be slow, and a large squad is gonna attract a lot of attention. For this reason I use a squad like this as the center of my force. With the 4+ invlun save, they are like a huge wall of moving cover for your whole army. With some vindicator or defiler backup that is a nice firebase.

I am gonna try to run this in my new list and let you know how it works out. Its a bit unconventional, but it might just be something that works for the Tsons.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

40k Day June!

Greetings all!

Moros here announcing the upcoming June 40k day!

On June 12th get ready to lower the assault ramps for another day of epic battle! The club will be open from 1-pm-9pm. We will be at Hosanna Christian Fellowship,29 Green Acre Road Lititz PA 17543, as usual.

All are welcome! Whether you're an avid wargamer or you've never even heard of it before, come and join us! We are more than willing to teach you all about the world of Warhammer 40k!

If you are a regular member, invite those friends... and strangers!

If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me at


Monday, May 17, 2010

Terrain Day

I was hoping that we could organize a day to build and paint some terrain, currently we have quite a bit of rocks on the board and thats kinda lame. I found this video on YouTube that really inspired me.

I was thinking that we could do something similar with catwalks and multiple levels. This would add more variety to our games. I'm currently building a piece building thats partially recessed into rocks like those in the video but I don't have the cash to buy any cities of death kits before my army is done. I'm trying to build all my terrain in a modular way for reasons that I don't have to explain. So I'm keeping the desert terrain in mind and continuing to build terrain. Anyone who wants to have a build day just get in touch so we can make an awesome board.

Vegans Need Not Apply

Brother C is unapologetically bringing meat to the table...

While helping and teaching some of our newest members get acquainted with the 40kverse, it dawned on me why my Dark Angels are not as competitive as they could be. This will not be a whine session about 5th edition vs. 4th, but honestly, 5th edition is definitely taking the game to another level. Dark Angels are full of great temptations, taking ravenwing bikers or deathwing terminators as troop choices seems like a great idea.. at first. But lets look at the breakdown. 215 points gets you a 5 man term squad, base weapons. 220 points gets you a 6 man ravenwing squad, no upgrades. (course you also have to figure in the cost of the correct HQs for the rule to be in effect).

Terms are great for that anvil unit you want to defend ground or push a front into your opponent's lines, but in order to do this, you need a LR or deep strike. LR are a nice but a significant point sink, and termies on foot is hit or miss. Not being able to assault out of a deepstrike means your opponent can just sit back and wait to blow them away. deepstriking and then running into cover is great, but it by no means guarantees their survival. Plus, if we are talking troops, you will probably have 3+ groups, are you running around with 3 LRs?

Ravenwing have scout move, which is a real nice bonus, outflanking that tank line in the back can be devastating, but at 250 (give or take for upgrades) for a 6 man squad, hardly seems worth it, no invul saves, concentrated fire will drop them fast.

Having said all that as an intro. I realized what I was doing wrong with my army and how I was building my list. There wasn't enough MEAT. (aka tact marines as troops choices) I was getting so caught up with expensive troop units with few bodies to absorb damage. I completely overlooked the need for massive amounts of tact meat to take some of the hits for these elite squads.

5th edition armies are bringing lots of firepower to the table, and its just no longer economical to concentrate that fire on a few soldiers, when you could be spreading it out through a larger force.

Have other players come to this same realization? How are you using your meat in your list to absorb fire and wounds, allowing your specialized units to become more effective? How are you dealing with opponents realizing they need to bring more bodies to the fight? are you taking more template weapons? are you reserving your forces and then deepstriking/ outflanking?

Advice please

Today a strange yet wondrous thing happened to me, and essentially  I'm in need of advice. Someone who quit playing Warhammer 40k a long time ago gave me ALL their models. The models aren't for my army, they are chaos Space marines,  but free models are awesome right? SO I have what I calculate to be around $200 worth of models and i'm not exactly sure what to do with them.... I really like the idea of space pirates so red corsairs might be cool but I haven't finished my Necrons yet so I don't want to start a second army with one half finished. here's a list of what the kind gentleman gave me.

  • 1 Chaos Dreadnought
  • Fabius Bile and another model that I think is an HQ but can't identify
  • 1 Champion of Khorne
  • 1 noise marine
  • 1 box of chaos Terminators
  • 2 boxes of chaos space marines
  • One eldar jetbiker ( don't ask it's very random considering all the other stuff)
Also all these models are painted and assembled but neither is an amazing job, some of the bitz are falling off from being in a shoe box for the past few years. I would post a picture but my camera is awful. I'm positive about everything but the 2 boxes of chaos space marines.  I know one squad definitely is chaos space marines but the others might be something else, they look like what is described as an alpha legion chaos space marines. I have no idea about current points cost because the codex given to me was also out of date, but I know it's not a whole lot.

I have a few options, one would be to give Moros any models he would like because he plays chaos. Another would be to keep the army and share it with the prophet who is my younger brother (damn him for coming along, sharing sucks).OR I have another option. One of our newest members wants to play blood angels and I know this might sound risky or even blasphemous to some of you but I could either convert the models to look like blood angels or even plain space marines then paint them the blood angels colors, or just allow him to use them as blood angels as is or with a paint job. Normally I wouldn't do this and I only will if it's ok with the other members. Also, no I can't get the entire club armies to play with. I know that this particular member is going to have a tough time getting models because he is  too young to get a job, has no allowance, and not to mention parents don't usually shell out cash for toys for no reason (aka this would require 40k to cut into Christmas and birthdays which is fine. However, if 40k isn't that important to him he may never get any models which may cause him to loose interest.)

 The best choice in my mind now is to lend the models out at game days to anyone who wants to use them but my mind isn't really made up yet. Also I'm not going to sell them, even though I could probably almost finish my 2000 point Necron list with the cash. Any advice reader can give is greatly appreciated, I would especially like to hear from the club on this matter.

Friday, May 14, 2010

40k Friday! - Chaos Space Marines (Thousand Sons) vs Necrons ! - 2000 points

Greetings all! Another very fun 40k Friday here! This is my first video report, I tried my best to edit and keep the camera still but, alas, I still need practice. So bear with me!

This was a very fun match vs Forsaken, he really hammered me hard early. That coupled with my first two round of shooting missing EVERYTHING really hurt my moral! I thought it was over on turn 2! But my tenacious Thousand Sons kept on fighting and the defilers spearheaded a devastating assault into the Necron lines.

I was trying a new list in this game for the first time and I gotta say, it did work out pretty well vs the crons! There are some slight changes I would make, I would probably take the Icon of Khorne on my Raptors instead of Slaanesh. I don't really need the init 5 vs the crons and the extra attack really coulda helped.

I also found that that damn Monolith just won't go down! I wasn't really aware of how the teleporting his own units back to it thing work as this was the first game it really came into play against me. I was really scared of those rapid fires after the teleport. I will be more careful next time.

Overall, even though I lost, I really learned a lot. Infact, I don't even really feel like I lost. If we didn't roll a 1 to end the game on turn 5, I woulda tabled him easily on turn 6. Forget phase out, it woulda been a massacre. But hey, that is how 40k goes and Tzeentch felt we should lose on turn 5! Who am I to argue?

Thursday, May 13, 2010

We'll be back flowchart!

you'll need to click on it to enlarge the thing but this should be helpful for speeding up games and playing the rule correctly, I made this with the codex next to me and the FAQs open so everything is correct I hope the logic makes sense.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dark Angels vs Necrons . Battle Report

I just wanted to follow up Forsaken's post with an official battle report from our match.

2000 point match. Disciples of Caliban (dark angels) vs Necrons.
game type: annihilation
deployment: spearhead

Dark angels go first, they deploy as close the the center as possible. preparing for the slpha strike and scout move. getting those termies as far into enemy territory as possible on turn one.

Necrons react, Forsaken deploys all his forces save the monolith and one warrior squad which will portal out of the lith once it comes in.

scout move, ravenwing with Brother William (Sammael) boost 12" into the heart of the enemy.

Turn 1:

DA: Brother Adso, and termie squad deepstrike via deathwing assault, land up on the terrain, getting as far into the necron forces as possible. Everything else inches up, lascannons from preds and assault cannon from termies, drop a few heavy destroyers while plasma cannon from Brother Cornelius (venerable dread) took down a few warriors in the back. Ravenwing assault the scarab and lord squad, after rapid firing, they assault, and drive the scarabs and lord from the battlefield.

Another successful alpha strike by the ravenwing.

Necrons : counter assault my ravenwing, surrounding the squad with destroyers and warriors alike. Withering fire and a final assault from everything the necrons had, finally drove the wing to their sandy grave.

score: DA 2 : Necrons 2

Turn 2:

DA: everything moves up, taking pop shots at destroyers and warriors, knocking a few down, in hopes of failing the will be backs. Brother adso moves his termies up in the middle, preparing for the assault. on second destroyer squad. heavy destroyers fail leadership and run off the board.

Necrons: again, just withering fire from the crons, taking down a few terms, nothing much going right for the crons at this point. (2+ armor saves is nasty).

score DA 3: Necrons 2

Turn 3:

DA: second deepstrike term squad arrives behind the necrons lines, between 2 warrior squads, unload with assault cannon fire, coupled with shots from other terms, and preds and dread, slowly picking apart the necron lines.

Necrons: Monolith comes down. Warriors, failed reserve roll, did not enter. combined shooting from everything the necrons had (20 rapid fire shots on warriors is nasty) took down the deep struck terms. (not to mention some terrible 1 rolling - goodness)

Score DA 3 : Necrons 3

Turn 4:

DA: everything just continues to move up, escort term squad is in range to assault destroyers. and take out all but one. vindi takes a shot and scatters horribly, only destroying 2 warriors. Take some pop shots at the monolith, since Necrons would lose both the lith and the warrior squad in reserve if it was to blow. luckily for forsaken, it held strong. It did make him very nervous, and I think he will not try that risky strat again.

Necrons: Warriors still not in, but destroyers are able to portal through the lith and out of close combat with the terms, reviving 2 of them. (bastards). one lone heavy destroyer - which came back last turn - forgot to mention above, takes down my vindi in first and only shot it fired in the game.

Score DA 3 : Necrons 4

Turn 5:

DA: Brother Adso, still managing to stay alive somehow, finishes off that last heavy destroyer, more pop shots from the preds on the lith, nothing but air. fired into warriors with dread plasma cannon, scattered off table, things were not looking good for the DoC at this point. Warriors are coming on next turn, and game could end.

Necrons: Warriors come on automatically, and between all the warrior squads, the remaining lord, lith gauss arc, and one remaining squad of heavy destoyers, managed to finish off brother Adso and term sarge, and get escort term squad down to one man.

Score DA 4: Necrons 6

Turn 6:

DA: last term runs behind cover, hoping preds and dread can possible sink that lith or some miracle. Nothing happened, penetrating shots coupled with rolling 1s is not how you save your ass.

Necrons: they hunt down that last term and finish him off with a wicked barrage of fire.

Score DA 4 : Necrons 7

Turn 7:

DA: yeah it actually got to a turn 7, I think its the only match I've played so far which has lasted this long. however it was futile at this moment, more lascannons just clanged off the side of the lith. it was too late anyways, no way to make up for 3 kill points at this stage in the game.

DA Concede.

Final Score DA 4 : Necrons 7.

Congrats forsaken for a well played match. First time playing crons and I learned alot about will be back and how much of a pain that is to deal with. I did not take the lith seriously enough and I think it cost me the game. I should have also focused my terms on the warrior squads instead of chasing destroyers all over the map. My Alpha strike worked great but I did not provide them with enough support. I was originally going to keep all 3 terms in reserve and have 2 squads DWA, but I was afraid of not having an escort for my vindi and preds. This was a huge mistake. should have split sammael and the wing into 2 squads and then had 2 DWAs. and the match confirmed that I do not like taking vindis in my army, I'm always teased by their demolisher cannon, but that's all it is, is a tease.

thanks for the great fun, it was well played, and I'll be sure to exact my revenge the next time we face.

-Brother C

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dark Angels Vs Necrons Battle report

Amazing 40k, new players showed up and Brother Cornelius and I had our first match against each other. The game was fun and competitive. It was an Annihilation match with spearhead deployment, I won the roll and had Brother C. go first. Brother Cornelius has essentially perfected his alpha strike, and let me tell you as someone who has experienced it firsthand, it hurts! On turn one he used his scout move to get right into my front lines and killed my destroyer lord and the seven scarabs he was accompanying. He then had his terminator squads deep strike right into my defenses. during the game though I miss played the we'll be back rule with the monolith, so essentially I cheated albeit unintentionally. I reread my codex after the game and discovered my mistakes so I relinquish my victory to Brother Cornelius who likely would have won had I not had an unfair advantage.

vindicator quick tip

Just wanted to post a quick tip for those players running vindicators in their list. People are teased by the demolisher cannon, str 10, ap2, large blast, ordnance. very nice. It has a short range and quickly becomes a priority target. Thus, most people either tend to shy away from them, or take more than one, hoping to at least get a few of those nasty blasts off in a game. But the biggest complaint, from what I've read and seen, is that a simple weapon destroyed result renders the tank useless. (only having one weapon, the demolisher cannon) Meaning even glancing shots can become deadly. My quick tip is this: take the 20 points in upgrades. (using numbers from DA codex). take the storm bolter and the hunter killer missile, or at least just the storm bolter. thus, any weapon destroyed result, you have alternate choices other than the demolisher cannon to destroy. and don't forget that if you get immobilized or weapon destroyed and you don't' have any more weapons, it counts as wrecked. (great for necrons with Gauss cannons, bad for vindis). Take the extra weapons, very cheap, and give your vindis a few more rounds of shooting.

that's it for now, Be sure to check back soon on battle reports from my battle this past weekend with the crons.

-Brother C

Saturday, May 8, 2010

40k Day - Battle Report - CSM vs Orks!

Hey all! Great 40k day! I had a blast, even if my Tsons did take it in the face from the green tide!

I faced off against Orks, and they were very orky. Nothing but trucks, boyz, and boyz with even BIGGER armor!

I tried my best to hold down the center of the map, and I did get in some good shooting early. I immobilized a few trucks and took out an entire boy squad with a vindicator shot. But alas, it wasn't enough to stop the horde from advancing on me.

On my left flank was the 10 meganobz, they absolutely ate me. I wasn't ready for what they were capable of. They ran right through my tanks, command squad, and even my land raider.

I basically got overrun from all sides. My heavy support just couldn't lay down enough fire power and once those boyz got into melee with me, it was over. It took 3 turns for them to finish off some of my Tsons. They fought valiantly, fending off 2 squads of orks, but eventually they folded once the meganobz made it to them.

I really learned a lot from this game. I had never played against orks before. The meganobs were the deciding factor. 4 Attacks at strength 10 and init 3 was just too much. I would have tried to drop the vindi plate on them when I had the chance early on if I knew they were capable of that nonsense! I am looking forward to licking my wounds and taking another crack at the orks! Next time i'll be ready for them!

Even though I lost I really had a great time. I was very happy The Prophet got his first win with the orks! Congrats!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Necron Army Amasses

From The Tombs They Come!
no really, I bought around 450 points of models today. These models probably would never have seen the battlefield again if it hadn't been for me. A friend referred me to someone who had long ago quit Warhammer 40k, lucky for me this guy played Necrons. So today I purchased...
  • Twelve necron warriors and three scarab swarms - equivalent to one warriors box set
  • Two necron destroyers
  • One Necron lord with war-scythe and resurrection orb - though I'll probably field him with orb only

sorry the quality stinks all I have is my webcam...

It totals up to 452 points without any war gear, and I got it all for the low low price of only $30! I was very fortunate today, usually when you buy used models it's on eBay and thats a total crap shoot. I was able to see the models before I bought them, and the guy I bought them from had no initiative to sell them online so I was able to get an awesome price. These models would have cost me easily twice as much new. Currently this puts my assembled army at 939 points without any war gear. I have a battle force waiting at home for me, unfortunately that wont get together for this weekend, since I have finals this week. once I put together my battle force I'll have 1605 points. I really happy to see my army developing from fledgling paper cutouts into painted metal and plastic.

In general for new players I would recommend buying used models. Yes sometimes the previous owner screws you  with a crappy paint job or some really weird poses, but most of the time it's fixable. For instance the scarabs and one warrior have a BAD paint job, I think I can get away with just repainting them black over top though. For the most part though, the average player wont need the perfect pose or the perfect paint job.However, if you do want everything to be just perfect expect this expensive hobby to get more expensive. There are deals to be had out there, just look for them and you too can get an army on the cheap. PS expect an awesome video tutorial on how to make walking Necron warriors soon.

Monday, May 3, 2010

40k Day, May 2010 - Prepare to face the Green Horde!

Moros here, I've been getting ready for the upcoming 40k day on May 8th. I am very excited as we have a group of new people coming. I will be running a tutorial match vs The Prophet's Ork horde.

I've really been looking forward to playing against the orks. I've never faced them before, but I do know what they are capable of. I am preparing myself to face off against a good number of boyz with some hard elite units mixed in. This will present a problem for me in that close combat is not my specialty with my Thousand sons squads. We will see how they fare against the less expensive orks. Hopefully my toughness can shine and my warriors will hold the line.

I am bringing a lot of vehicles the fight, they should fare pretty well against the green tide. The idea is for my Predators to give cover to my Vindicator as it rips apart large sections of the advancing orks with its massive demolisher cannon. As always, I'll be taking my command squad with Ahriman and Moros with the Sehkmet Terminators. They are always a hard nut to crack and can deliver some massive firepower. I will be counting on them to pass their psychic tests!

Here is the List I will be running.

HQ- (440)
Ahriman - (250)
Sorcerer - (190)
+Mark of Tzeentch
+Wind of Chaos
+Melta Bombs

Elites- (420)
3 Terminators - (420)
+3x Champions
+3x Powerfists
+3x Combi-Weapons (Meltas)
+Icon of Tzeentch
+Land Raider

Troops- (778)
7x Thousand Sons - (271)
+Aspiring Sorcerer
+Melta Bombs

7x Thousand Sons - (271)
+Aspiring Sorcerer
+Melta Bombs

7x Thousand Sons - (236)
+Aspiring Sorcerer
+Melta Bombs

Heavy Support- (355)
Predator - (115)
+Sponson Heavy Bolters
+Havoc Launcher

Predator - (115)
+Sponson Heavy Bolters
+Havoc Launcher

Vindicator - (125)

Total - (1993)

As I mentioned, our game will be a tutorial game that will show the new guests to the club how 40k works. I know that after they see how a game works they will be totally psyched to get into 40k. Should be a great day I am really looking forward to it! Hope to see you there!