Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dark Angels vs Necrons . Battle Report

I just wanted to follow up Forsaken's post with an official battle report from our match.

2000 point match. Disciples of Caliban (dark angels) vs Necrons.
game type: annihilation
deployment: spearhead

Dark angels go first, they deploy as close the the center as possible. preparing for the slpha strike and scout move. getting those termies as far into enemy territory as possible on turn one.

Necrons react, Forsaken deploys all his forces save the monolith and one warrior squad which will portal out of the lith once it comes in.

scout move, ravenwing with Brother William (Sammael) boost 12" into the heart of the enemy.

Turn 1:

DA: Brother Adso, and termie squad deepstrike via deathwing assault, land up on the terrain, getting as far into the necron forces as possible. Everything else inches up, lascannons from preds and assault cannon from termies, drop a few heavy destroyers while plasma cannon from Brother Cornelius (venerable dread) took down a few warriors in the back. Ravenwing assault the scarab and lord squad, after rapid firing, they assault, and drive the scarabs and lord from the battlefield.

Another successful alpha strike by the ravenwing.

Necrons : counter assault my ravenwing, surrounding the squad with destroyers and warriors alike. Withering fire and a final assault from everything the necrons had, finally drove the wing to their sandy grave.

score: DA 2 : Necrons 2

Turn 2:

DA: everything moves up, taking pop shots at destroyers and warriors, knocking a few down, in hopes of failing the will be backs. Brother adso moves his termies up in the middle, preparing for the assault. on second destroyer squad. heavy destroyers fail leadership and run off the board.

Necrons: again, just withering fire from the crons, taking down a few terms, nothing much going right for the crons at this point. (2+ armor saves is nasty).

score DA 3: Necrons 2

Turn 3:

DA: second deepstrike term squad arrives behind the necrons lines, between 2 warrior squads, unload with assault cannon fire, coupled with shots from other terms, and preds and dread, slowly picking apart the necron lines.

Necrons: Monolith comes down. Warriors, failed reserve roll, did not enter. combined shooting from everything the necrons had (20 rapid fire shots on warriors is nasty) took down the deep struck terms. (not to mention some terrible 1 rolling - goodness)

Score DA 3 : Necrons 3

Turn 4:

DA: everything just continues to move up, escort term squad is in range to assault destroyers. and take out all but one. vindi takes a shot and scatters horribly, only destroying 2 warriors. Take some pop shots at the monolith, since Necrons would lose both the lith and the warrior squad in reserve if it was to blow. luckily for forsaken, it held strong. It did make him very nervous, and I think he will not try that risky strat again.

Necrons: Warriors still not in, but destroyers are able to portal through the lith and out of close combat with the terms, reviving 2 of them. (bastards). one lone heavy destroyer - which came back last turn - forgot to mention above, takes down my vindi in first and only shot it fired in the game.

Score DA 3 : Necrons 4

Turn 5:

DA: Brother Adso, still managing to stay alive somehow, finishes off that last heavy destroyer, more pop shots from the preds on the lith, nothing but air. fired into warriors with dread plasma cannon, scattered off table, things were not looking good for the DoC at this point. Warriors are coming on next turn, and game could end.

Necrons: Warriors come on automatically, and between all the warrior squads, the remaining lord, lith gauss arc, and one remaining squad of heavy destoyers, managed to finish off brother Adso and term sarge, and get escort term squad down to one man.

Score DA 4: Necrons 6

Turn 6:

DA: last term runs behind cover, hoping preds and dread can possible sink that lith or some miracle. Nothing happened, penetrating shots coupled with rolling 1s is not how you save your ass.

Necrons: they hunt down that last term and finish him off with a wicked barrage of fire.

Score DA 4 : Necrons 7

Turn 7:

DA: yeah it actually got to a turn 7, I think its the only match I've played so far which has lasted this long. however it was futile at this moment, more lascannons just clanged off the side of the lith. it was too late anyways, no way to make up for 3 kill points at this stage in the game.

DA Concede.

Final Score DA 4 : Necrons 7.

Congrats forsaken for a well played match. First time playing crons and I learned alot about will be back and how much of a pain that is to deal with. I did not take the lith seriously enough and I think it cost me the game. I should have also focused my terms on the warrior squads instead of chasing destroyers all over the map. My Alpha strike worked great but I did not provide them with enough support. I was originally going to keep all 3 terms in reserve and have 2 squads DWA, but I was afraid of not having an escort for my vindi and preds. This was a huge mistake. should have split sammael and the wing into 2 squads and then had 2 DWAs. and the match confirmed that I do not like taking vindis in my army, I'm always teased by their demolisher cannon, but that's all it is, is a tease.

thanks for the great fun, it was well played, and I'll be sure to exact my revenge the next time we face.

-Brother C

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  1. Looks like a great battle! I can't wait to see the video of it! Whoever has it, post it!