Monday, May 31, 2010

Yahoo Group

Hey guys Last night I made a Yahoo group to try and generate more interest for our club and the blog. so join the group if you have a yahoo account

Click to join Lancashiregaming

Click to join Lancashiregaming

Also I'm trying to get into some other local game groups to see if any members would like to play more often at our meetings, that is if our schedule doesn't interfere with the other groups. there is a list of game groups that meet at the sixfeetundergames store in new Holland on their website. Agni I know you had made up some business cards maybe we can get the card kid on Fruitville pike and the comic book store in Lancaster will put them on their counters.


  1. Just a thought too Forsaken..

    The comic store is the only one of the three places that actually sells GW merchandise.

    I think if we are going to have our cards out on the counters, we are going to need alot more active members posting on this blog. :) (*slanted glare @ agni and the prophet)

  2. I'll bring some extra cards to the next event. Thanks Brother C.