Thursday, May 13, 2010

We'll be back flowchart!

you'll need to click on it to enlarge the thing but this should be helpful for speeding up games and playing the rule correctly, I made this with the codex next to me and the FAQs open so everything is correct I hope the logic makes sense.


  1. this is a great flow chart. are you going to print this out and have it at the ready for your match today against Moros? Did you use illustrator on this? looks great man. I would suggest just one additional thing, adding a section about running off the board when there are dead models which could still take a will be back with the tomb spyder.

    Maybe do some research about kill points too and joining squads if they pass will be back.

    keep up the great work man!

  2. Yah I made it in Adobe Illustrator. I wanted to add one more thing but I ran out of room for the flow chart and it is a circumstance that is very unlikely to happen.

    Also the tomb spyder only allows you to make a WBB roll if there is another living model on the board and the dead model is within 12" of the tomb spyder.