Monday, May 17, 2010

Terrain Day

I was hoping that we could organize a day to build and paint some terrain, currently we have quite a bit of rocks on the board and thats kinda lame. I found this video on YouTube that really inspired me.

I was thinking that we could do something similar with catwalks and multiple levels. This would add more variety to our games. I'm currently building a piece building thats partially recessed into rocks like those in the video but I don't have the cash to buy any cities of death kits before my army is done. I'm trying to build all my terrain in a modular way for reasons that I don't have to explain. So I'm keeping the desert terrain in mind and continuing to build terrain. Anyone who wants to have a build day just get in touch so we can make an awesome board.


  1. Something like that is exactly what I have been planning on doing. I already have some very basic sketches made up and some ideas in my head.

    But I love the idea of a multi-layered board.

    We will definitely have to have a build day coming up sometime. It's just so hard, cause I want to play 40k as much as I want to build!

  2. I am trying to figure out what cities of death is all about, I know we are all new to vanilla 40k but I think there is a lot of merit to spicing up the game a bit. Terrain like this could make the game much more interesting.

  3. I have been reading up about the combat patrol games you can play too on Fritz's 40k blog. sounds really fun.

    I think one of the things to look at doing is to work on streamlining your matches and do terrain afterwards. Moros and I used to that before I got a part time job on Fridays to supplement my income. We would have a match, and have plenty of time to work on a bit of terrain afterwards. Course, all those necron will be backs sure do make a game longer. haha.

    I think you need to borrow someone's camera Forsaken and document your terrain construction, the pieces you have built so far are fantastic, and I'm sure people would love to know how you did them from start to finish.