Saturday, May 8, 2010

40k Day - Battle Report - CSM vs Orks!

Hey all! Great 40k day! I had a blast, even if my Tsons did take it in the face from the green tide!

I faced off against Orks, and they were very orky. Nothing but trucks, boyz, and boyz with even BIGGER armor!

I tried my best to hold down the center of the map, and I did get in some good shooting early. I immobilized a few trucks and took out an entire boy squad with a vindicator shot. But alas, it wasn't enough to stop the horde from advancing on me.

On my left flank was the 10 meganobz, they absolutely ate me. I wasn't ready for what they were capable of. They ran right through my tanks, command squad, and even my land raider.

I basically got overrun from all sides. My heavy support just couldn't lay down enough fire power and once those boyz got into melee with me, it was over. It took 3 turns for them to finish off some of my Tsons. They fought valiantly, fending off 2 squads of orks, but eventually they folded once the meganobz made it to them.

I really learned a lot from this game. I had never played against orks before. The meganobs were the deciding factor. 4 Attacks at strength 10 and init 3 was just too much. I would have tried to drop the vindi plate on them when I had the chance early on if I knew they were capable of that nonsense! I am looking forward to licking my wounds and taking another crack at the orks! Next time i'll be ready for them!

Even though I lost I really had a great time. I was very happy The Prophet got his first win with the orks! Congrats!


  1. I'm glad to see the prophet doing well in his games. He was so excited to tell me about his army list, the whole time I just sorta nodded and smiled because I'm not familiar with Ork units or tactics. That said it appears that The Prophet is and that is a very good thing congratulations, and good luck in future games.

  2. nice win Prophet. The terrain and the mission played right into the hands of the orks. cutting down firing lanes and allowing the piles of boyz to just swarm the tsons. I applaud Prophet for going all out assault on this match. I know the last time I faced him, he was a bit timid, allowing my range to chew this his cardboard armor. This time he brought the fight, and he brought it hard. Congrats to the winner, I wish we had some video of this fight, I was too busy trying to stop the necrons in my own match.