Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Necron Army Amasses

From The Tombs They Come!
no really, I bought around 450 points of models today. These models probably would never have seen the battlefield again if it hadn't been for me. A friend referred me to someone who had long ago quit Warhammer 40k, lucky for me this guy played Necrons. So today I purchased...
  • Twelve necron warriors and three scarab swarms - equivalent to one warriors box set
  • Two necron destroyers
  • One Necron lord with war-scythe and resurrection orb - though I'll probably field him with orb only

sorry the quality stinks all I have is my webcam...

It totals up to 452 points without any war gear, and I got it all for the low low price of only $30! I was very fortunate today, usually when you buy used models it's on eBay and thats a total crap shoot. I was able to see the models before I bought them, and the guy I bought them from had no initiative to sell them online so I was able to get an awesome price. These models would have cost me easily twice as much new. Currently this puts my assembled army at 939 points without any war gear. I have a battle force waiting at home for me, unfortunately that wont get together for this weekend, since I have finals this week. once I put together my battle force I'll have 1605 points. I really happy to see my army developing from fledgling paper cutouts into painted metal and plastic.

In general for new players I would recommend buying used models. Yes sometimes the previous owner screws you  with a crappy paint job or some really weird poses, but most of the time it's fixable. For instance the scarabs and one warrior have a BAD paint job, I think I can get away with just repainting them black over top though. For the most part though, the average player wont need the perfect pose or the perfect paint job.However, if you do want everything to be just perfect expect this expensive hobby to get more expensive. There are deals to be had out there, just look for them and you too can get an army on the cheap. PS expect an awesome video tutorial on how to make walking Necron warriors soon.


  1. Absolutely awesome deal! You can't beat that anywhere! I am really glad to hear you got such a great deal and that you decided to go ahead and buy some crons instead of waiting for the new codex. It will be a long time yet until the codex so this is awesome.

    I can't wait to see your stuff at 40k day, bring your new set there cause you might have some time to work on them and even show some of the new people how to make basic models.

  2. definitely will do. I think I have all the warriors I will ever need, the battle-force will put me at 48. I think that I'll have 13 scarab swarms too, I probably wont make more than 10 because that is the max unit size.