Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dark Angels Vs Necrons Battle report

Amazing 40k, new players showed up and Brother Cornelius and I had our first match against each other. The game was fun and competitive. It was an Annihilation match with spearhead deployment, I won the roll and had Brother C. go first. Brother Cornelius has essentially perfected his alpha strike, and let me tell you as someone who has experienced it firsthand, it hurts! On turn one he used his scout move to get right into my front lines and killed my destroyer lord and the seven scarabs he was accompanying. He then had his terminator squads deep strike right into my defenses. during the game though I miss played the we'll be back rule with the monolith, so essentially I cheated albeit unintentionally. I reread my codex after the game and discovered my mistakes so I relinquish my victory to Brother Cornelius who likely would have won had I not had an unfair advantage.

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