Friday, May 14, 2010

40k Friday! - Chaos Space Marines (Thousand Sons) vs Necrons ! - 2000 points

Greetings all! Another very fun 40k Friday here! This is my first video report, I tried my best to edit and keep the camera still but, alas, I still need practice. So bear with me!

This was a very fun match vs Forsaken, he really hammered me hard early. That coupled with my first two round of shooting missing EVERYTHING really hurt my moral! I thought it was over on turn 2! But my tenacious Thousand Sons kept on fighting and the defilers spearheaded a devastating assault into the Necron lines.

I was trying a new list in this game for the first time and I gotta say, it did work out pretty well vs the crons! There are some slight changes I would make, I would probably take the Icon of Khorne on my Raptors instead of Slaanesh. I don't really need the init 5 vs the crons and the extra attack really coulda helped.

I also found that that damn Monolith just won't go down! I wasn't really aware of how the teleporting his own units back to it thing work as this was the first game it really came into play against me. I was really scared of those rapid fires after the teleport. I will be more careful next time.

Overall, even though I lost, I really learned a lot. Infact, I don't even really feel like I lost. If we didn't roll a 1 to end the game on turn 5, I woulda tabled him easily on turn 6. Forget phase out, it woulda been a massacre. But hey, that is how 40k goes and Tzeentch felt we should lose on turn 5! Who am I to argue?


  1. Great work! I enjoyed every second.

  2. Great video also though I may be partial to it because I won in it... really though awesome stuff, we need to do more videos. I feel the need to get my army done now that the public can see our failtastic paper models on the Internet.