Tuesday, May 11, 2010

vindicator quick tip

Just wanted to post a quick tip for those players running vindicators in their list. People are teased by the demolisher cannon, str 10, ap2, large blast, ordnance. very nice. It has a short range and quickly becomes a priority target. Thus, most people either tend to shy away from them, or take more than one, hoping to at least get a few of those nasty blasts off in a game. But the biggest complaint, from what I've read and seen, is that a simple weapon destroyed result renders the tank useless. (only having one weapon, the demolisher cannon) Meaning even glancing shots can become deadly. My quick tip is this: take the 20 points in upgrades. (using numbers from DA codex). take the storm bolter and the hunter killer missile, or at least just the storm bolter. thus, any weapon destroyed result, you have alternate choices other than the demolisher cannon to destroy. and don't forget that if you get immobilized or weapon destroyed and you don't' have any more weapons, it counts as wrecked. (great for necrons with Gauss cannons, bad for vindis). Take the extra weapons, very cheap, and give your vindis a few more rounds of shooting.

that's it for now, Be sure to check back soon on battle reports from my battle this past weekend with the crons.

-Brother C


  1. A nice tip. I can't for the life of me understand why in so many battle reports that I watch/read the people choose to remove their main weapon when they could clearly pick another weapon.

    For instance, take the defiler. Why in the name of all that is holy would you remove the battle cannon on the first weapon destroyed result? My god, just remove one of the 4 CC arms!

  2. The person doing the shooting decides which weapon is destroyed not the person whose unit is damaged. No opponent in his right mind is going to keep a cannon and remove a storm bolter. A 130 point tank with 2 storm bolters is pretty weak with its only uses being tank shocking, ramming, and mobile cover which a 35 point rhino does as well.

  3. Well I'll be. I guess you're right. We totally misread that in the rulebook!

    Well, being noobs is fun isn't it!

  4. great catch erio. I admit I had overlooked that simple rule in the rulebook. I think part of the reason is we assumed the allocation of damage would be the same as firing on a squad, where the defender can allocate the wounds on the models as he desires. The vehicle damage is opposite it seems, giving the advantage to the attacker. I'm glad you pointed this out, it does not effect the way I play greatly as I rarely deploy vindis or vehicles of very high priority. This could change up Moros' forces drastically, as the defiler with the battle cannon now is even more of a liability than before (which he already was a gigantic liability - always being destroyed in turn 1 - haha).