Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dream Wizards Team Tournament Round 2:


Opponent: Chaos Daemons and Dark Eldar.
Us : Dark Angels and Chaos Daemons (Khorne themed)
Primary – Modified Killpoints
(1 per troop killed)
(2 per fast attack/heavy/elite killed)
(5 per HQ)
Secondary – Victory Points (basically to break the tie if one occurred)
Dawn of War deployment (no Night Fight)
This one was gonna be tough. Moros was rolling with a ton of kill points and I was not (thankfully) but I did have 2 HQs in my list and that I knew could be trouble. Our opponents list consisted of something like this:
3x 20 man letter squads
3x daemon prince – no upgrades
1x herald of nurgle
Dark Eldar:
3x ravagers
2x raiders with witches
2x squads of warriors (could have been 3)
1x haemonculus (or however you spell it)

They kept everything off the table. I put on one squad of termies with Ezekiel in cover. Dark Eldar brought everything in on his turn 1 and their chaos player got a wave of the 3x princes and the herald. They castle up the warrior squads on foot, the haemonculus and the herald of nurgle in the far corner in cover (see photos). Everything else hides or tries to line up for shooting lanes.

Our turn 1 sees my 2x termi squads with cyclones drop down and Moros again gets his preferred wave. Now we knew that the 20 man letter squads would be big big trouble as they would carve my 5 man terminator units to pieces. When they came down we would have to jump them with a multiassault and let the higher iniative units weaken them before they got to attack. So we pretty much castled up in a corner (or at least as much as a scattering/deepstriking force can). I got some bad scatters on my one termie squad but I ended up taking out a ravager and a witch raider on our turn, killing 2 of the witches. Not too bad, but I knew they would come and bring down my terminators the next turn along with one of the princes.

Turn 2 saw no letter come down (yay!) but my termies got wiped by the combined assault of 2x witches and the prince and one of our princes got shot to 1 wound left. Our turn 2 had my last term squad come in and most of Moros’ remaining forces.
Turn 3-5We were ready for the letters to start hitting and hit they did. Each turn saw another 20 man squad come in, and each turn saw another 20 man letter squad get pulled right back off the table. The 2 witches from the top of the board edge came down and multiassaulted a terminator squad with Ezekiel, and our herald.

Ezekiel and the terminators held and forced BOTH squads to retreat without taking a single wound. (witches not having power weapons = fail) skarbrand finished off their prince by himself and then took out a raider which tried to hunt down our herald (which he did but immobilized himself in the process) skarbrand assaulting an immobilized dark elder vehicle was not pretty for them. Haha. Each squad of letters that came down got multiassaulted by at least 1 termie squad and extra units from our Daemons. They really didn’t have much of a chance, but it still took some very tricky maneuvering to make sure units were tied up and were able to assault when needed.

Due to the scoring for this mission, it was a lot closer than actual bodies. Moros lost his HQ so that was 5 points right there. I did not lose any of my HQs and actually only lost 2 terminators (2 kill points – love me some terminator troops) so.. we ended up tying on the modified mission kill points but scored a victory with an overwhelming victory for victory points.

Another really fun team to play against. A lot nice guys down here in Maryland. As you can tell from the pictures, the guy running chaos daemons looks like a fantasy guy as well, but he knew his stuff for 40k. the mistake this team made is something Moros and I spent much practice on and what many daemon players mess up during their deployment. They feel the bloodlust and try to deepstrike as close to their opponent as they can. This seems like a great idea, next turn you are into the assault right? Wrong. Any good player will realize that they don’t want those letters getting the furious charge and extra attack bonuses, especially when they have 20 power weapons coming at you. Deepstriking close enough to us so that WE were able to charge them was a big mistake and we were able to exploit it well. Our opponent wasn’t happy about this, I don’t think he was used to pulling off 20 letters before they even got to attack. We played very tactically well and it showed in the outcome.

Onto round 3 with a 30 points.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Dream Wizards Team Tournament Round 1:

Opponent: Blood Angels and Space Wolves.
Us : Dark Angels and Chaos Daemons (Khorne themed)
Primary – Objectives (5 – 2 in each deployment and 1 in the exact center of the board)
Secondary – Kill Points (each model = 1
Pitched battle deployment (Night Fight during Turn 1)

Blood Angels and wolves on foot? Against termies and daemons? Wow, we weren’t too worried about this matchup until the pods starting dropping. Each of our opponent’s side had 5 pods (10 total) Space Wolves had 2 filled with wolf guard termies, 1 with Logan and multi-melta long fangs and the rest with 10 man tact squads. 1 long fang squad was set up in the building on their objective (see photos) the blood angels player was just running 4 – 10 man squads in pods. 2 with libbys and 2 with priests. Lots of FNP and nullzone bubbles. (thank god they didn’t affect the allies) I deployed all my termies close to our 2 objectives with a straight line to the center one. They went first.
Turn 1 (as you can see in the pictures) was about building a pod wall across the center of the table, blocking my termies into the corner.
Moros got the preferred wave and we setup to engage on turn 2 or 3.

Turn 2 – termies getting shot up from the mass of marines, but he is failing to kill enough to stop the advance on the pods. Wolf guard are running around the outside, trying to challenge our objectives.
My cyclones shoot at the pods and are able to charge one of them, but only manage stuns and weapon destroys. (fail) and the daemons setup for the next round.
Turn 3 – much the same, lots of shots into my advancing terminators, and hardly anything into the daemons (big mistake on their part)
Our turn 3, saw 2 pods exploding and another wrecked which meant my terminators were finally pouring through their wall. Daemons flew over and engaged the blood angels near the top of the board. The carnival of blood began.

Turn 4 and 5 were pretty much the same, terminators continued to pour into the lines of tacticals and the deamons princes and skarbrand cleaned up the blood angels. (blessing of the blood god against the only power weapons in the squad? Yes please) Belial (Adso) throws wounds on Logan, and skarbrand finishes him off. It was a tough fight (only because was failing terminator armor saves left and right at the end of this game).
It ended at the end of turn 5 (80 tact marines shooting sure does spend a lot of game time) with 1 terminator in the middle holding that objective and another 2 man squad holding on of ours. And they had a combat squad holding one of theirs, but not the other. Win for the DA and Khorne Daemons. 2-1 objectives and a lot more KPs. Massacre win.

The guys were played (sorry I’m so bad with remembering names) were the top guys from the Inner Circle gaming club. They mostly play fantasy and are just getting into 40k. They knew how the game worked and their list was decent for the tourney. It was hard fought and it came down to one terminator holding an objective for the win. Isn’t that how 40k is supposed to be? The guys were fun to play against and had a great sense of humor. I thought we played that one pretty well, we ended up forcing the wolf guard around the wall to try to take our objectives and they never ended up getting there, they couldn’t decide whether to help their allies in close combat over the center objective or to charge ours. Their indecisiveness hurt them big time. I think it would have been a gutsy call but I think could have worked in their favor which would have been to get the terminators out on the other side of the pod wall (closer to my terminators) and have them just ‘stall’ my advance on the center point. I think that Moros got a little too greedy with the letters. he decided to keep both squads together and hit the blood angels, while I thought he should have split them up and have one of them take out the long fangs in the building and capture that last objective. Honestly it worked out in the end, but I still think a better decision could have been made.

Onto round 2 with a 17 points.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Team Tourney this Saturday

hey guys,

Moros and I have been real busy (well I have anyway) getting ready for this weekend's Team Tournament in Maryland. I know we had talked about this awhile ago, but its been on the calendar and now its finally here.

its a 2v2 tourney with each side totally 2500 points. (1250 points per player) standard force org charts apply, meaning I can't run all heavies and elites while my partner runs all troops. so.. that's a nice bonus I think for the way our list is designed. we shouldn't be facing too much heavy fire power (hopefully)

anyways, its more of a fun tourney, we really aren't hoping to win anything, just trying to branch out to some other 40k clubs, and have fun doing it.

I will try to post results and pictures on our Facebook page during the event, so if you want to check there on Saturday you can see how we are doing and what we are up against. Hopefully we can get a nice youtube video posted as well since Moros hasn't yet uploaded the hundreds of battle reps he has collecting dust on his HD.

anyways, that's it for now.

our next 40k day will be May 7th from 1pm - 9pm.

Berks Spring Assault II is the weekend after - May 14th. if you need to register and don't have a paypal account, just give the money to me ASAP and I'll send it over to Mike.

thanks guys,

-Brother C

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Archer IV Campaign Pictures

hey guys, just uploading a few images from the recent matches we have had with the Archer IV Campaign. this is a BLAST for everyone involved. and don't forget, you can join at ANY time.

everyone needs to get involved. the campaign rules and story are up on the blog as well as the vet tables. Keep looking for more updates on our blog and our facebook.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Archer IV storyline countinues

The bunker doors opened into the underground complex, Magos Montgomery walked down the hall to the situation room where the remains of the Imperial government of Archer IV were waiting for him.
Montgomery could see a assembly of Imperial persona, Governer Argiries he knew the other Generals, Commisars,and Arbites and representatives of the Astrates were unfamiliar to him but they were all here for the same purpose to defend and rescue Archer IV from oblivion.
Governor Argiries stood from his chair a sign of respect to the highest ranking member of the Mechanicum on Archer IV.

“Please take a seat Montgomery I’m glad you made it out of the capital city safe.”
“Thank you for your concern”, Montgomery replied in a low tone mechanical voice,” but not needed the blessing of Omnishesa on our equipment made our escape possible, I am sad to hear though that the capital is now considered lost”
The look of sadness quiet apparent on Argiries as he gestured Montgomery to take his seat.“Yes unfortunate, but if the invaders want this world they will still have to bleed a lot more then what they have to take it.”
Argires looking to the door where a older thin officer was standing with what must be his small field staff of a few officers. Sometimes these staffs could be hundreds strong, but the current state of the war such luxurious were just not available.
“Colonel Guiss please begin the briefing.”

A large view screen turned on showing the topographical representation of Archer IV as, with Imperial policy the enemy controlled areas showed in red Imperial control in blue, everyone could already see that there was much more red than blue on the screen.

“The war does not go well, for us.” Colonel Guiss was considered one of the last old timers left in the planetary defense force; his graveled voice only gave the slightest hint of sorrow as he read on the report.
“We have lost to much too fast and we cannot win a war of attrition with our current PDF and allies , at the current rate of attrition we have about two months till all Imperial resistance is crushed.”
A murmur came across those at the table they knew the situation was bad, but with the reality staring them in the face only the Astrates could hold there composure at such news.

“Hope is not yet lost though we cannot win a ground war the enemy has an endless supply of reinforcements from orbit, and full occupation of the Southern Continent.”
Appearing entirely in blue the assembled council knew the beginning of this disaster was the discovery of ancient artifact on the southern continent, now entirely in enemy hands no intelligence has come out in some time its current status is unknown.
Governor Argiries stood up and asked the Colonel.
“You have stated the obvious. What has your staff come up with to solve our problem?”
The Colonel looked to the door and signaled for a young officer to enter.

The lieutenant was in his early twenty’s walked over to the view screen and changed the image from a topographical image to a more far out view of Archer and all objects in near orbit.

“Gentleman this is the current source of our problems .” He touched the view screen to expand on a object in near orbit, a large misshapen ship came into full view the information readout on the councils personal computers showed it to be the space hulk Bringer of Oblivion.

“This hulk must be neutralized in order stop enemy reinforcements from making planetfall and eventually overwhelming us in sheer numbers.”
The Astrates member of the council immediately interrupted.
“We have tried several attempts already to sabotage the hulk and we were stopped by the superior forces on board it cannot be done.”

“Simply going in and trying to sabotage one of the warp drives or plant atomics onboard won’t work it’s too big for that.” The young lieutenant had to wait for a moment contradicting an Astrates is never a good thing especially in public. The Astrates remained still apparently waiting to see if this young officer maybe thought of something they didn’t.

“ My plan is simple we drill gentleman we put a strike team on board the hulk they drill to the center of the mass and plant a large caliber atomic, upon leaving they detonate the bomb destroying the hulk from the inside out.”
The Governor looked up at the young officer then turned to the Commissar beside him.
“Commissar do your duty”

The Commissar drew his bolt pistol executing the young officer on the spot.
“That’s the most stupid” idea I ever heard.” The angry Governor looked to Colonel Guiss “you have any more bright ideas.”
“Yes sir my staff came up with several scenarios.”
The next Lieutenant came in and stood over the body of his predecessor, he knew his plan would work and win him glory in the eyes of the Governor if his plan succeeds he could be a general by the time the war is over. The new lieutenant began his presentation.

“A direct attack cannot work we must turn the Hulk on itself, me and my team have developed a computer virus that we can infect the hulk with, it will slowly turn the computers of the hulk against itself in time the hulk will cease to operate as a effective base of operation.”

Magos Montgomery spoke after the lieutenant was done.
“How have you overcome the issue of so many different computer systems some no even interfaced with each other just taking one down would probably do no good does your virus attack all simultaneously?”
“Umm” the young lieutenant suddenly knew he didn’t think of all of the issues with his plan.
Another bolt gun shot rang out and the lieutenant’s body hit the floor, by this time several servitors had come over to begin cleaning up the mess.
“Colonel!” the Governor was clearly becoming inpatient with these ridiculous plans that could never realistically work.

“My lord my staff has one more presentation for you.” The colonel knew he might be the next one to meet his end by the Commissars bolt pistol if this next plan wasn’t approved.

A clearly nervous young officer entered the room obviously knowing what have become his comrades he placed a small box on the table and began his presentation.”
“Gentleman the Hulk cannot be destroyed or disabled by conventional means, its mass is over a dozen Emperor Class warships, my team have come up with a plan to make the hulk uninhabited to all life.

The officer took a cylinder out of his box and placed it on the table pressing a key sequence on the pad the lid opened slightly and a cream covered foam began to pour out of the cylinder overflowing onto the table and spreading out, as more of the substance began to seep out it seemed to reproduce itself faster and faster until the officer pulling out a spray bottle doused the expanding foam , the foam quickly seized up and fell still. Several of the council members reached over and touched the substance which now was as hard as rock.

“Gentleman what you have seen here is smallest example of a foam bomb.” Using liquid Allumilite my team has turned a substance used to repair a star ship breach into a weapon of denial.”

“The substance here is designed to consume oxygen and reproduce itself into more foam, as long as there is oxygen the substance continues to reproduce until all oxygen is consumed and the foam becomes as hard as ceramite.” My plan is to breach the hulk drop a large foam bomb on board detonate it and run like hell. The foam will invade every living area on board the hulk in a matter of hours all open space on the hulk will be consumed trapping the enemy, if they try to block it off with air locks the weight of the expanding foam will break through even the heaviest of structures as it expands, the surface installations on the hulk will also be effected since they are linked to the main hulk for air.”

“Will the enemy on board be able to resist this foam.” The Governor asked in a skeptical tone.

“No sir you need a specific molecular key in order to deactivate the foam prematurely before all air is consumed.” Pointing to the bottle in his hand. “That is what I hit it with to stop it, if I didn’t it would have consumed this whole room by now.”

The Commissar began to reach for his pistol when the Governor raised his hand
“Stop, I like this plan it might be just crazy enough to work, prepare your strike force I want this plan in action as soon as possible.”
“There is one thing sir you should know, we will need to launch a major offensive onto the hulk to make this work, and we will need the full command and control network of this facility for it to succeed. Even if it does work and the hulk disabled the enemy on the ground will know where our headquarters are and can come and attack at any time.

“Don’t worry lieutenant leave that problem to me. Gentleman we have our plan now all we have to do is see it through.” Looking at the adjourned members of the council Governor Argires drew his saber over his head and with a battle cry fit for leader of his rank

“For the Emperor!”

Other cheers rang out through the conference room as the council adjourned everyone filed out to their duties. There was a war to be fought and it wasn’t over yet.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Daemons WIP

(click for larger image)

Hey all! Just a quick update here as I prepare for our upcoming team tourney on the 23rd!

I've been workin' hard to get back into the hobby full force, life gets busy sometimes but I feel like I'm comin' back!

Here is what I finally ended up for on the color scheme for my Khorne Daemons. Obviously the classic red is all that will do, but I worked long and hard to find a recipe for the skin that gave it some depth.

My conundrum now is what to do with the weapons. What you see above is my most recent attempt. It is a shaded gold look. I like it but I kinda feel like it still needs something... maybe a wash? Black or brown? I don't know.

But let me know what you think!


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Archer IV veteran table

Because not everyone has access to the Veterans upgrade chart here it is, remember to keep sending in those results I have a few so far so keep them coming.
For a unit that has survived a game above half strength or a still mobile vehicle you may role on the chart to upgrade your unit. If that vehicle or unit is destroyed then they lose one ability if they have more than one they still keep the rest.
D6 Fieldcraft Veteran Abilities
1. Infiltrate
2 Move through cover or skilled rider
3 Stealth
4 Scouts
5 Fleet
6 Fearless
D6 Melee Veteran Abilities
1. Fell no Pain
2 Furious Charge
3 Counterattack
4 Hit & run
5 Preferred Enemy
6 Fearless
D6 Gunnery Veteran Ability
1 Night Vision/Acute Senses
2, 3 Relentless
4, 5 Tank Hunter
6 Fearless
D6 Vehicle Crew veteran abilities
1 +1 BS
2, 3 can reroll dangerous terrain test
4, 5 Ignore Shaken results
6 +1 AV all facings (max 14)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Daemons vs Grey Knights! Thoughts + Battle Report

Hey all Moros here!

I apologize for the lack of posting, hopefully I can get it back on track here! Even though I haven't been posting much, I have however been playing tons of 40k. I have to admit, as a Daemons player I was a bit put off at the prospect of my beloved codex being "phased out" in a way by a very powerful Grey Knight codex. However, after a few games and lots of brushing up on the details of GWs new fanboy dex I have to say its not nearly as bad as I first thought. Infact, the new book might just give daemons the upper hand in most cases.

HERESY you say? You're right, I must be crazy saying that the "Daemonhunters" are virtually hard-countered by Daemons. But, as you will see, I think I have a point.

Firstly, Lets get on with the battle report and then build from there. I've played about 20 games now vs GKs and this is the most recent. Now it must be said, that for my opponent this was his first game with the new GKs. Experience is definitely in my corner here.

Now for the lists, Even before the new GK codex dropped I've been partial to a Khorne themed list. To my great surprise, it is more valid than ever. I usually run variants of the same core list utilizing all Khorne units. A greater daemon, 2x heralds on chariots, a average of 4, 8 strong Bloodletter units, 3x Daemon Princes with the works, and as many MSU Bloodcrushers as I can fit in a list. (I really like running 3 strong Crusher units with 1 champion and 1 musician for wound allocation shenanigans)

For this particular battle I ran with my new varient list that can both deal with all comers and gives me the leg up vs Grey Knights

HQ -

BloodThirster - 275
+Blessing of the Blood GOd
+Unholy Might

Herald of Khorne - 130
+Blessing of the Blood God
+Unholy Might

SkullTaker - 175

Elites -

7x Bloodcrushers - 280

Troops -

8x Bloodletters - 128

8x Bloodletters - 128

8x Bloodletters - 128

7x Bloodletters - 112

Heavy -

Deamon Prince - 210
+Unholy Might
+Mark of Khorne
+Blessing of the Blood God

Deamon Prince - 210
+Unholy Might
+Mark of Khorne
+Blessing of the Blood God

Deamon Prince - 210
+Unholy Might
+Mark of Khorne
+Blessing of the Blood God

My opponent was running a first pass test list of


5x Terminators

2x 10 man GKSSs with incinerators

2x DreadKnights

2x Stormravens

and a Landraider

Now, when playing the GK my goal was to get as many Blessing of the Blood God (BLOBG) units as possible into combat as quickly as possible. This isn't my dream list to face off against GKs, my dream list would include less bloodletters and lots and lots of fleshhounds for even more speed. However, I don't have the models as of now so this is what I'm rolling with.

The thinking behind this is pretty much bringing a glaring flaw with the Emprah's finest to the forefront, and shoving it down their throats. All GKs have force weapons... therefore, any unit with BLOBG gets a 2++ save vs them in combat. With their new nemesis weapons not even ignoring invulns OR eternal warrior, I am in a very very good position seeing as combat is where Khorne shines. If I can just weather the first turn of shooting, I can tie up his elite units for an entire game and even best them in combat easily. Or he could camp out in his vehicles and severely hamper his main shooting which comes from his infantry at 24".

He descended to the planet and prepared for the onslaught of daemons in our Seize Ground (5 Objectives) Dawn of War battle. I drew first turn, which I selected even though I hardly ever want to go first, but again. In this battle, I wanted to get the first moves off to dictate how the flow of the battle went. The GKs deployed in a gun wall attempting to bring as much ranged firepower to bear as possible. We both knew this match would come down to if he could shoot enough daemons before the skull-taking began. I deployed about 14" away with as much as I could, drawing my primary wave. I chose all the big daemons and crushers for the first wave attempting to get as much meat on the table to absorb shots as possible.

I used the massive Crusher squad with Skulltaker attached to draw as much fire as I could so that the bigger, faster deamons had a decent chance of making it to the field. The ploy worked as a crusher squad that large draws a lot of attention from the enemy. I had some decent cover to work with and utilized it well with no mishaps. (remember, the average deepstrike is 7", that can help you when placing things down) After some run moves to get in a bit closer the GKs unload into the Bloodcrushers with everything, killing off 3 of them and wounding another. Not too shabby.

Moving onto my next I had all but 1 of my remaining squads come in from reserve this turn, which was nice, but not really needed at this point. Bloodthirster and winged Prince put their speed to work and get into a turn 2 combat with his left GKSS unit killing all of them but the justicar at init 5. Their brave champion was then felled by fearless wounds after he tried to flee! As expected, the 2++ save held strong and my units received no damage. I did realize that doing this would put my 2 badass daemons in range of his DreadKnights assault in the next turn and they would receive heavy shooting, however, with the rest of the legion backing them up, if they did fall, I had enough to break that flank.

Moving into the bottom of turn 2 he unloads into the crushers and the Bloodthirster/Prince... killing off 2 more crushers and putting a wound on the Thirster. Then the moment we were all waiting for, how would the DreadKnights hold up in combat vs the Daemons? Oddly enough, not as well as one would think.

DreadKnights engage the monsters and unleash their Dark Excommunication psychic powers to nullify the Daemonic gifts of both my Thirster and Prince. Bye bye 2++ and extra strength! I was sweating at this point, however, with no psyk-out nades I was still going to be hitting first. Thirster strikes and takes off 2 wounds from the Knight and the battle between the prince and his foe ends up with the dreadknight wounding the prince twice. He ended up pulling in a bloodletter unit with my Thirster as well and he elected to attack them and go for fearless saves instead of attacking the Thirster. I still think he should have cast Dark Excommunication on the Bloodletters and attacked them, they would have lost their power weapons which ended up doing another wound to the Knight.

In the end, we weren't too impressed with the DreadKnights. They pretty much did exactly what they were supposed to do and just broke even, that was WITH their power removing much of the effectivness of my units.

In the subsequent turns my herald and Skulltaker moved in and finished off the DreadKnights. Skulltaker is truly the bane of DKs, with one chop he insta-killed one of them with 4 wounds. My herald on chariot moved in to help out and destroy the final DreadKnight.

With the DreadKnights slain, the remaining GKSS and Terminators shot and charged the Bloodcrushers with Skulltaker and killed off the crushers. Problem was, Skulltaker took out the 5 terminators! He's an absolute monster! And my opponents dice were obviously hexed. He did end up killing the Thirster who had 1 wound left with the deluge of fire from the Land Raider but it was to no avail. The rest of my force was encroaching and my herald and prince finished off the other GKSS and Skulltaker claimed the Brother-Captains Skull for the Skull Throne!

It was an epic game and tho my opponent did make a few minor mistakes we chalked it up to learning the new codex. I do think however, this still shows the power of the BLOBG themed Khorne army vs GK. Once I got into combat there was little he could do. 2++ is just too big of a hurdle to get over, especially when a 4 wound monstrous creature is up in your face.

It ended on turn 4 with only his Stormravens remaining, I had 3 objectives under my control and it was only a matter of time before I took the flyers down.

The Grey Knights are sorely, and oddly, lacking on anti-daemon abilities. Warpquake isn't much of a problem if you have a decently fast unit in your force. Nemesis weapons are actually a negative when facing Khorne. Overall, It is my opinion that this new Grey Knight codex actually aren't full of "Daemonhunters" at all they were designed from the ground up to be "Marinehunters". Almost everything in their codex is a hard counter to the tricks and advantages of space marines, not Daemons.

Odd, very odd...

For those Daemon players out there that think your time is up, perhaps it is, unless... you decide to offer your worship to Khorne! He alone offers deliverance from Mat Ward! Your GK opponents better pray to their emperor you don't get into CC.

Blood for the Blood God!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Archer IV campaign rules

Lancashire wargaming club campaign rules.
This campaign will be a narrative driven campaign your victories in the games you play drive the story of the war for Archer IV.
Rules for the campaign.
Players are free to play any type and point level battle they want in order for the game to count as a campaign game.
At the beginning of each game player must decide who will be fighting for the Imperium and who is fighting against the Imperium. At the end of the battle who ever won will record the victor with me by e-mailing results to
At the end of the battle each player will have a chance to role on the veteran abilities chart on page 263 of the rule book. Winners and losers can only upgrade one squad a game, but remember a squad can be given more than one upgrade. If that squad is killed or below half strength at the end of the game it will lose one upgrade ability.
At every club meeting a event game will be played. This game will have unique missions, objectives terrain involved, you will have a chance to improve the veteran abilities of your squads and help rescue or destroy Archer IV.
Any questions please ask me Ross by e-mail or in person remember Have Fun.

Archer IV storyline

Here is the begining storyline for the Lancashire campaign.

For you to fully understand the conflict here is a brief history and culture of Archer IV.

Archer IV lies in the Pale star region of the Maelstorm zone. The planet consist of two large continents a southern currently uninhabited, and an upper northern continent consisting of a conglomerate of hives, windswept plains, and sprawling manufactories producing an assortment of imperial weaponry and equipment.
Unique to Archer IV it is one of a few worlds that have a fully functional STC for building plasma based weaponry this STC is property of the Imperium not the Adeptus Mechanicus a unusual situation. The Adeptus Mechanicus still watch over and administer rights of maintenance to this complex, but that is as far as the relationship goes This STC and its manufactory base has made it a prime exporter of advanced weaponry to the Imperium, it is unknown why the Adeptus Mechanicus has never made a more forceful claim of this STC. Some claims of ancient pacts between the old rulers of Archer IV and the emperor himself when he still walked among men. The ancient tome of the “title of right” a weighty tomb that sits at the governor palace the answer might lie in there but who knows.
Being in the outermost sector of the Pale stars and off the usual warp routes, problems rarely come to Archer IV. Other then the usual tithe fleets that stop by every decade for supply and the occasional Rough Trader stopping for no one comes to Archer IV other then Adeptus Mechanicus explorer teams to investigate the ruins of the southern continent.

The southern continent is uninhabited even though it has a wide range of geography and a biosphere that should support human life all attempts to colonize the continent have failed with one disaster after another falling upon each expedition, because of this it is rumored that the place is haunted the old ruins built by whatever lost civilization just want to be left alone. Over the centuries archeological expeditions have come and gone never finding anything of value until the ending years of the 41st millennium. The last expedition to the ruins went on as usual the only signs of any change when the Adeptus Mechanicus sent a single message to the governor of Archer IV
“The Mechanicus has claimed the continent and all property on it as belonging to the god machine; do not approach, under penalty of destruction.”
Outraged by this theft of land and property governor Argires started to assemble a response to this action but before it could be sent all hell broke loose.
A energy spike tour up into the atmosphere of the planet emanating from the southern continent, destroying the excavation site, a shock wave through the warp, webway, and other dimensions was felt by every pysker individual for a thousand light years. Like a flare in the night Archer IV was on everyone’s radar. Something was waking up on Archer IV and it held the key to great power. When a proper imperial response could be mustered the enemies of the Imperium were on the move soon both sides finally reached the planet and a war for the ruins had begun, what had revealed itself was a fully functional webway gate not of Eldar origin but that of the Old Ones, the builders of the webway the first race to tread the stars by the time the battle was over the enemies of the Imperium had seized the gate and pushing the Imperial survivors to defensive actions on the northern continent
Now with the webway portal in the hands of the enemies of the Imperium, they used the victory to move onto the northern continent, culminating with the capture of the capital city after the incompetent titan legion commander foolishly believed he could win without the sound advice of governor Argires, this disaster in leadership led to the loss of a titan league and fall of the capital city.

Governor Argires is assumed to have survived the fall of the capital and is in hiding with the remains of the planetary defense force. Argires is currently fighting a guerilla war against the occupiers but his forces are depleted and supplies short. If Argires is captured or killed and the “title of right” seized or destroyed there will be no one left to organize a liberation of Archer IV and this world with everything It has will just be forgotten another lost world for the Imperium .