Monday, April 4, 2011

Archer IV campaign rules

Lancashire wargaming club campaign rules.
This campaign will be a narrative driven campaign your victories in the games you play drive the story of the war for Archer IV.
Rules for the campaign.
Players are free to play any type and point level battle they want in order for the game to count as a campaign game.
At the beginning of each game player must decide who will be fighting for the Imperium and who is fighting against the Imperium. At the end of the battle who ever won will record the victor with me by e-mailing results to
At the end of the battle each player will have a chance to role on the veteran abilities chart on page 263 of the rule book. Winners and losers can only upgrade one squad a game, but remember a squad can be given more than one upgrade. If that squad is killed or below half strength at the end of the game it will lose one upgrade ability.
At every club meeting a event game will be played. This game will have unique missions, objectives terrain involved, you will have a chance to improve the veteran abilities of your squads and help rescue or destroy Archer IV.
Any questions please ask me Ross by e-mail or in person remember Have Fun.

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  1. thanks for posting these Ross, this will be good for those members that weren't able to make it out last weekend.

    keep 'em coming. I'll be posting the images I took to our gallery very soon as well.