Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dream Wizards Team Tournament Round 2:


Opponent: Chaos Daemons and Dark Eldar.
Us : Dark Angels and Chaos Daemons (Khorne themed)
Primary – Modified Killpoints
(1 per troop killed)
(2 per fast attack/heavy/elite killed)
(5 per HQ)
Secondary – Victory Points (basically to break the tie if one occurred)
Dawn of War deployment (no Night Fight)
This one was gonna be tough. Moros was rolling with a ton of kill points and I was not (thankfully) but I did have 2 HQs in my list and that I knew could be trouble. Our opponents list consisted of something like this:
3x 20 man letter squads
3x daemon prince – no upgrades
1x herald of nurgle
Dark Eldar:
3x ravagers
2x raiders with witches
2x squads of warriors (could have been 3)
1x haemonculus (or however you spell it)

They kept everything off the table. I put on one squad of termies with Ezekiel in cover. Dark Eldar brought everything in on his turn 1 and their chaos player got a wave of the 3x princes and the herald. They castle up the warrior squads on foot, the haemonculus and the herald of nurgle in the far corner in cover (see photos). Everything else hides or tries to line up for shooting lanes.

Our turn 1 sees my 2x termi squads with cyclones drop down and Moros again gets his preferred wave. Now we knew that the 20 man letter squads would be big big trouble as they would carve my 5 man terminator units to pieces. When they came down we would have to jump them with a multiassault and let the higher iniative units weaken them before they got to attack. So we pretty much castled up in a corner (or at least as much as a scattering/deepstriking force can). I got some bad scatters on my one termie squad but I ended up taking out a ravager and a witch raider on our turn, killing 2 of the witches. Not too bad, but I knew they would come and bring down my terminators the next turn along with one of the princes.

Turn 2 saw no letter come down (yay!) but my termies got wiped by the combined assault of 2x witches and the prince and one of our princes got shot to 1 wound left. Our turn 2 had my last term squad come in and most of Moros’ remaining forces.
Turn 3-5We were ready for the letters to start hitting and hit they did. Each turn saw another 20 man squad come in, and each turn saw another 20 man letter squad get pulled right back off the table. The 2 witches from the top of the board edge came down and multiassaulted a terminator squad with Ezekiel, and our herald.

Ezekiel and the terminators held and forced BOTH squads to retreat without taking a single wound. (witches not having power weapons = fail) skarbrand finished off their prince by himself and then took out a raider which tried to hunt down our herald (which he did but immobilized himself in the process) skarbrand assaulting an immobilized dark elder vehicle was not pretty for them. Haha. Each squad of letters that came down got multiassaulted by at least 1 termie squad and extra units from our Daemons. They really didn’t have much of a chance, but it still took some very tricky maneuvering to make sure units were tied up and were able to assault when needed.

Due to the scoring for this mission, it was a lot closer than actual bodies. Moros lost his HQ so that was 5 points right there. I did not lose any of my HQs and actually only lost 2 terminators (2 kill points – love me some terminator troops) so.. we ended up tying on the modified mission kill points but scored a victory with an overwhelming victory for victory points.

Another really fun team to play against. A lot nice guys down here in Maryland. As you can tell from the pictures, the guy running chaos daemons looks like a fantasy guy as well, but he knew his stuff for 40k. the mistake this team made is something Moros and I spent much practice on and what many daemon players mess up during their deployment. They feel the bloodlust and try to deepstrike as close to their opponent as they can. This seems like a great idea, next turn you are into the assault right? Wrong. Any good player will realize that they don’t want those letters getting the furious charge and extra attack bonuses, especially when they have 20 power weapons coming at you. Deepstriking close enough to us so that WE were able to charge them was a big mistake and we were able to exploit it well. Our opponent wasn’t happy about this, I don’t think he was used to pulling off 20 letters before they even got to attack. We played very tactically well and it showed in the outcome.

Onto round 3 with a 30 points.

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