Monday, April 25, 2011

Dream Wizards Team Tournament Round 1:

Opponent: Blood Angels and Space Wolves.
Us : Dark Angels and Chaos Daemons (Khorne themed)
Primary – Objectives (5 – 2 in each deployment and 1 in the exact center of the board)
Secondary – Kill Points (each model = 1
Pitched battle deployment (Night Fight during Turn 1)

Blood Angels and wolves on foot? Against termies and daemons? Wow, we weren’t too worried about this matchup until the pods starting dropping. Each of our opponent’s side had 5 pods (10 total) Space Wolves had 2 filled with wolf guard termies, 1 with Logan and multi-melta long fangs and the rest with 10 man tact squads. 1 long fang squad was set up in the building on their objective (see photos) the blood angels player was just running 4 – 10 man squads in pods. 2 with libbys and 2 with priests. Lots of FNP and nullzone bubbles. (thank god they didn’t affect the allies) I deployed all my termies close to our 2 objectives with a straight line to the center one. They went first.
Turn 1 (as you can see in the pictures) was about building a pod wall across the center of the table, blocking my termies into the corner.
Moros got the preferred wave and we setup to engage on turn 2 or 3.

Turn 2 – termies getting shot up from the mass of marines, but he is failing to kill enough to stop the advance on the pods. Wolf guard are running around the outside, trying to challenge our objectives.
My cyclones shoot at the pods and are able to charge one of them, but only manage stuns and weapon destroys. (fail) and the daemons setup for the next round.
Turn 3 – much the same, lots of shots into my advancing terminators, and hardly anything into the daemons (big mistake on their part)
Our turn 3, saw 2 pods exploding and another wrecked which meant my terminators were finally pouring through their wall. Daemons flew over and engaged the blood angels near the top of the board. The carnival of blood began.

Turn 4 and 5 were pretty much the same, terminators continued to pour into the lines of tacticals and the deamons princes and skarbrand cleaned up the blood angels. (blessing of the blood god against the only power weapons in the squad? Yes please) Belial (Adso) throws wounds on Logan, and skarbrand finishes him off. It was a tough fight (only because was failing terminator armor saves left and right at the end of this game).
It ended at the end of turn 5 (80 tact marines shooting sure does spend a lot of game time) with 1 terminator in the middle holding that objective and another 2 man squad holding on of ours. And they had a combat squad holding one of theirs, but not the other. Win for the DA and Khorne Daemons. 2-1 objectives and a lot more KPs. Massacre win.

The guys were played (sorry I’m so bad with remembering names) were the top guys from the Inner Circle gaming club. They mostly play fantasy and are just getting into 40k. They knew how the game worked and their list was decent for the tourney. It was hard fought and it came down to one terminator holding an objective for the win. Isn’t that how 40k is supposed to be? The guys were fun to play against and had a great sense of humor. I thought we played that one pretty well, we ended up forcing the wolf guard around the wall to try to take our objectives and they never ended up getting there, they couldn’t decide whether to help their allies in close combat over the center objective or to charge ours. Their indecisiveness hurt them big time. I think it would have been a gutsy call but I think could have worked in their favor which would have been to get the terminators out on the other side of the pod wall (closer to my terminators) and have them just ‘stall’ my advance on the center point. I think that Moros got a little too greedy with the letters. he decided to keep both squads together and hit the blood angels, while I thought he should have split them up and have one of them take out the long fangs in the building and capture that last objective. Honestly it worked out in the end, but I still think a better decision could have been made.

Onto round 2 with a 17 points.


  1. Glad you guys made it down for the tourney! At least you guys didn't get to play on the Kiddie table like the Berks boys did! Lol!

  2. we had a blast at the tourney. kiddie table? we were on table 2 using DA and Daemons. haha. your place was great, and we had alot of fun. your players were very nice guys as well, something we can't say about every event. we will definitely be attending some future events at your place.