Saturday, April 9, 2011

Archer IV veteran table

Because not everyone has access to the Veterans upgrade chart here it is, remember to keep sending in those results I have a few so far so keep them coming.
For a unit that has survived a game above half strength or a still mobile vehicle you may role on the chart to upgrade your unit. If that vehicle or unit is destroyed then they lose one ability if they have more than one they still keep the rest.
D6 Fieldcraft Veteran Abilities
1. Infiltrate
2 Move through cover or skilled rider
3 Stealth
4 Scouts
5 Fleet
6 Fearless
D6 Melee Veteran Abilities
1. Fell no Pain
2 Furious Charge
3 Counterattack
4 Hit & run
5 Preferred Enemy
6 Fearless
D6 Gunnery Veteran Ability
1 Night Vision/Acute Senses
2, 3 Relentless
4, 5 Tank Hunter
6 Fearless
D6 Vehicle Crew veteran abilities
1 +1 BS
2, 3 can reroll dangerous terrain test
4, 5 Ignore Shaken results
6 +1 AV all facings (max 14)

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