Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Shadowbane - First Tier

Our very first ever event has been a huge smashing success so far. We have 9 players participating in a Warhammer Fantasy Escalation League. Over the next 6 months, we will be collecting, building and painting a 2000 point Warhammer Fantasy Army.

The first event was at 250 points. See below for details on this mission!

Hey guys! Thanks so much for participating in last nights first League match! It was an epic start! I hope you all enjoyed the story and the mission, I know I did!

I want to send out a congrats to the Warbringa for the win! Those sneaky goblins are really good at preying on the weak!

For those of you that missed it, here is the story so far...

Shadowbane – A Lancashire Wargaming Event


In the town of Darnath, on a cold and rainy night, fate has seen fit to bring together a most peculiar group of individuals. Amongst a crowd of hated enemies a hooded figure tells a tale of treasure and glory...

When deamons walked the earth and the old races were still young. Legend tells of the Deamon master Lok’Tal – This menacing deamon was the forge master of the Blood God, Khorne. He created all the instruments of destruction that the hordes of darkness wield. As revered as he was for his creations by the other deamons, Lok’Tal himself was a prisoner in the forges of Khorne. He longed for glory in battle and wanted nothing but to be the most feared deamon in the chaotic realms. He cursed his talent in weapon and armor craft, and with all his fury he turned his mind to rebellion.

In secret, Lok’Tal forged a great sword, the Shadowbane… He imbued it with his hatred for all deamonkind and his master Khorne. This mighty blade could cleave through any foe and imbued them with power over all deamons. It is said that it could even break the bronze armor of Khorne. With this blade Lok’Tal sought to bring down Khorne and claim the skull throne for himself.

But there are other forces at work in the realm of chaos, the cunning Tzeentch foresaw the actions of the weapon master. Lok’Tal had begun to gather his deamonic host for his assault on the Skull Throne. Armed with Shadowbane, Lok’Tal bested great deamonic champions and warriors. His legend grew… and on the eve of his assault Lok’Tal was betrayed… the Deamon-cleaver, Shadowbane was stolen…

… I have peaked your interest I trust… said the mysterious man…

Good, then listen closely… There is more to this tale but for now know that fate has conspired to bring you all here… For I know your hearts. You crave honor, destruction, chaos, and order… but most of all… like Lok’Tal… you seek glory. The shadowbane has been recovered again… and I know its location… the world can be yours to rule in honor or with an iron fist.

But you must do something for me, you must follow in the footsteps of Lok’Tal… build an army, for only the most worthy champion shall know my secrets.

Fate has chosen the warriors… now who will be the one who wields the blade?

Mission 1 – Thirst for Glory
You heard the old man… there can only be one! Will you bring order or destruction? Follow in the steps of the daemon… build your army… but to do that you need gold… lots of gold… and there happens to be a town here, ripe for the looting.

Beg, steal, pillage, or requisition as much gold as you can!


What is next for our heroes and villians? Spend your three weeks wisely and prepare your armies... war is coming!

here are some photos from our first ever Warhammer Fantasy Escalation League.

check our the facebook group page for more photos and feel free to comment, steal, use any of them.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

DA FAQ - Dual Wing Still Viable?

image courtesy of DIES IRAE 40K

Well, DA got a few FAQ updates this week. Nothing much of note here. They did finally fix that scoring single attack bike though. I know some more of the competitive lists were using the mistake to their advantage to create dual wing lists with additional scoring units besides terminators, and not having to take sammy.

Well they finally wised up and fixed the error. Now they just simply count as an independent single unit, not necessarily scoring. So yeah, if you are going to lame the single unitness of the attack bike, you have to bring the master of the ravenwing now.

I personally like this update, it makes much more sense, and it eliminates cowardly ravenwing play, which I am a huge fan of. Now, the ravenwing can do what they do best. Tank hunt. GW has given you a reason to not keep that attack bike in the back, hiding behind a building, hoping to jump on objectives late game, now, you might as well use the attack bike to threaten your opponent. (notice that yes, sometime it will be a threat to keep him behind a building and wait for the right moment to strike).

With the FAQ update, it got me thinking if dual wing is actually viable now that it would require sammy to be part of the mix.

So.. lets see.. without sammy, that gives us 3 max. fast attack slots.

We throw a 3-man bike unit with meltas on there and an attack bike with multi-melta, we are looking at 190 a pop for a grand total of

670 points. eek. Ok, that's a lot, but in order to really make sammy worth it... meaning.. enough bikers taken to ensure that a few may still be around at the end of the game, you would at least need 3 squads. So is taking sammy really worth it? i'm going to have to say no.

In order to roll with multi-wing now, you are going to have to simply accept the fact that your bike units are now strictly for tank hunting (or teleport homering your termies). which.. I don't see necessarily as a bad thing, it just might rearrange some of the lists you have devised.

quick a dirty multi wing?

2x bike squads with 2x meltas + attack bike with multi-melta

1x speeder squadron of 2x speeders with heavy bolters / typhoons

belial + apothecary upgrade

4x terminators with 5x hammers and storm shields + cyclones.

comes out to I believe 1830. which still gives you a little room to play in 1850.

want to go to 2k?

option 1. add 2x dakka preds

option 2. drop 1 speeder and take a 5th terminator squad.

thoughts? have you found a better way to make dual wing work?

-Brother C