Thursday, January 19, 2012

DA FAQ - Dual Wing Still Viable?

image courtesy of DIES IRAE 40K

Well, DA got a few FAQ updates this week. Nothing much of note here. They did finally fix that scoring single attack bike though. I know some more of the competitive lists were using the mistake to their advantage to create dual wing lists with additional scoring units besides terminators, and not having to take sammy.

Well they finally wised up and fixed the error. Now they just simply count as an independent single unit, not necessarily scoring. So yeah, if you are going to lame the single unitness of the attack bike, you have to bring the master of the ravenwing now.

I personally like this update, it makes much more sense, and it eliminates cowardly ravenwing play, which I am a huge fan of. Now, the ravenwing can do what they do best. Tank hunt. GW has given you a reason to not keep that attack bike in the back, hiding behind a building, hoping to jump on objectives late game, now, you might as well use the attack bike to threaten your opponent. (notice that yes, sometime it will be a threat to keep him behind a building and wait for the right moment to strike).

With the FAQ update, it got me thinking if dual wing is actually viable now that it would require sammy to be part of the mix.

So.. lets see.. without sammy, that gives us 3 max. fast attack slots.

We throw a 3-man bike unit with meltas on there and an attack bike with multi-melta, we are looking at 190 a pop for a grand total of

670 points. eek. Ok, that's a lot, but in order to really make sammy worth it... meaning.. enough bikers taken to ensure that a few may still be around at the end of the game, you would at least need 3 squads. So is taking sammy really worth it? i'm going to have to say no.

In order to roll with multi-wing now, you are going to have to simply accept the fact that your bike units are now strictly for tank hunting (or teleport homering your termies). which.. I don't see necessarily as a bad thing, it just might rearrange some of the lists you have devised.

quick a dirty multi wing?

2x bike squads with 2x meltas + attack bike with multi-melta

1x speeder squadron of 2x speeders with heavy bolters / typhoons

belial + apothecary upgrade

4x terminators with 5x hammers and storm shields + cyclones.

comes out to I believe 1830. which still gives you a little room to play in 1850.

want to go to 2k?

option 1. add 2x dakka preds

option 2. drop 1 speeder and take a 5th terminator squad.

thoughts? have you found a better way to make dual wing work?

-Brother C


  1. The bike squads are 190 each and only one speeder can have the typhoon ml in each squad. I have tried dual ring but death with raven wing support is better imo

  2. @anon, you are correct about the points, my mitten hands must have gotten the best of me again.

    still at 670 points, I don't see dual wing as really that great. that gives you just enough room to drop another termie squad in at 1850. not too shabby. you are correct about the land speeder load outs as well. i'm on the fence about having 2 of them still.

    so... lets drop one out..

    ok.. so to regroup here..

    2x bike squads with 2x meltas + attack bike with multi-melta = 380
    1x speeder with typhoon + whatever you like best, mm or hb = 75
    6x terminator squads (TH/SS) with cyclones = 1410
    1x belial with (TH/SS)= 130

    total 1995. damn.. ok.. take meltabombs on one RW squad.

    that's 4 squads moving forward on teh offensive with 5x tank hunting units and 2x terminator to sit in the back and pelt stuff with missles.

    not too shabby.