Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Rifle Dread Conversion

Brother C with a winter project that I was working on a few weeks back. Lemun Ross from the LWG club was taking on a grey knight army for a local tournament and he just didn't have the time or the money to splurge for the autocannon arms from Forgeworld. I told him that if he could come up with the bitz, I would make him the dread arms.

so this is the process I took to do a down and dirty quick conversion for rifledread arms.

first, you take the missle pod arm, and the assault cannon arms for the dreads. (use the assault cannon, because no one uses the assault cannon anyway). and the key is to shave off all the extra bitz from the front and the side of the arms to make room for where the autocannon will be set into. you can either use an Xacto or a razorsaw for this procedure. (or a combination of both)

next is to prepare the autocannons. as you can see in the photos, there were essentially two different variants here. one form the IG weapons teams, and some from the flak turrets that come with the GW bastion sets. the process is relatively the same for each.

you are looking to create a nice 'L' shape to the end of the autocannon gun as shown, take particular attention to creating as close to a 90 degree corner as you can, this will sit on the outside edge of your dread arm and the tighter the fit the better.

attach the ammunition drums to the cannons. and you will want to glue both at the same time so you can play with their alignment (as parallel as possible) and alos the location on the arm itself. when you have them aligned, either hit them with zip kicker or make sure not to bump them. (i'm sure we've all seen those people with the misaligned rifledread arms heh)

and that's it. simple. easy. down and dirty. just like Ross likes it. I think he ended up going 1-1-1 for the tourney that weekend but it was mainly due to silly scenarios from what I heard. Glad I could help the guy out.

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