Tuesday, December 21, 2010

January 40k Day!

Yet again I want to thank everybody who supported Lancashire Wargaming's December 40k Day!

It was a over the top success for us as we yet again broke our previous records! For the past 4 months straight we have had more and more wargamers drop in and throw down! This time was the biggest yet and we had a record number of tables going for us at once! 5 tables, with 10 gamers going at one time!

The hobby side of 40k Day was also well represented with yet more enthusiasts painting up some fierce looking models!

We will continue the tradition in January with yet another gathering of gamers! The next 40k Day will be held on January 8th from 1-9pm @ 29 Green Acre Road in Lititz, PA 17543.

I want to thank all those who have supported us up to this point and invite you all out again! If you live in the Lancaster area and have not yet stopped by to see us drop in and introduce yourself! We are always happy to meet and teach new gamers and get beaten up by veterans too!

Also, don't forget to join up with our "Road to Cabin Fever" club event, your dedication is what makes things fun. You only get out of it what you put in, so I hope everybody is busy working on lists, painting, and tactics for the upcoming Cabin Fever tournament! 1 Month Left!

It's going to be a good year!

"Emperor show mercy to the fool who stands against me, for I shall not."

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Dark Angels - 1850pt Battle Report vs. Orks

So... Brother C again,

getting some practice in for Cabin Fever this week instead of my usual painting spree. Finally got my ARE exam out of way for this month and ready for some hamma.

My opponent was Alex from the club, he usually runs orks in any number of list configurations, this list he was trying a truck/boyz spam list against my term bubble wrap.

we are using 1850 point list with modified rules. 5 objectives. night fight at turn 5+, VPS don't matter, just strictly objectives. pitched battle deployment. all objectives are placed in the center swatch of the board.

I apologize for the poor quality of the images, i did not have no normal camera with me and the lighting was romantic indeed, but not suitable for taking blog pictures of battle reps.

DA win roll off, take first turn, deploys all along the nearest table edge. Terms and dread deployed in front, granting cover saves to the razorbacks and predators beyond. LR on the far side laying down heavy fire at range.

Orks deploy in the corner, attempting to stack the cover save from the big mek. His list consists of something like a b.wagon with meganobs + ghaz. 5-6 trucks full of 12 boys + nob with powerclaw. A group of lootas and a big gunz. I think there was a kill can of deff dread in the mix too.

Turn 1.
DA lascannons and rockets and multi-meltas fill the air and manage to explode 2 trucks, immbolize another and immobilize his melee walker. In the explosions, I managed to throw a wound or two on the meganobz, take out another half squad of boys and about a third of another. The lootas eat some firepower but pass their leadership. Terms move up slightly.
Orks attempt to get their act moving, terrain tests everywhere due to the crater field from all the truck explosions; making slogging across the board very difficult. Lootas take out a term in shooting. (where is my apothecary?)

Turn 2.
More shooting from the DA gunline. Taking out 2 more trucks and immobilizing another. Lootas take enough casualties and are running. Another boyz squad does the same. Dread lines up a line of boyz and flames down 10 of them. Assaults, takes down another 3, nob throws an immobilize on the dread. The squad fails leadership and is swept.
Orks again move up, another squad of boys assaults the dread, he kills one, nob throws 2x weapon destroyed on it. Everything else moves up.

Turn 3.
More shooting from DA gunline. Finish off the big guns. Another boyz squad runs off the table, more and more and more shots into the orks, terms and landraider move up. Dreads fails in close combat (yet again) nob finally takes him down.
Orks move in and assault my pred and razor on a multi-assault (gg self letting that happen) boyz manage to wreck my razorback and nob + boyz throw down some hurt on the predator. Knocking off 3 weapons and immobilizing it. Battle wagon filled with 20 boyz and the big mek throw the assault into my terms. (another multi assault – guess what I learned hard in this match?) led by brother Adso (Belial) the terms throw down some major hurt on the orks killing at least 12, orks manage to take down a term (apothecary.. seriously.. where the hell are you?). since waagh declared, orks are fearless. They stay and take more major casualties.

Turn 4.
It must be noted that the large combat between the 20+ ork bodies and my two term squads was so massive that it got lost between rounds. So.. there was probably more ork slaughter here, but, I end up wiping them in his turn 4. Tacts that were forced to get out of the razorback last round attempt to rapid fire his remaining orks on my left flank, to no avail. 2 wounds on like 12 shots… gg. They are going to eat the grass next round , thought I could take them down with a rapid fire without having to assault, but that was a mistake. Everything else the orks have is moving up and I’m still blasting away, there isn’t much on the field for the orks going into turn 5.

Turn 5.
I move my troops into position to capture the objectives. I have 3 captured and I was kicking myself for not deploying my land raider in the center of the board. I could have probably captured another objective with the terms inside. His meganobz were stuck in no man’s land in the middle of the board, he tried to get them in the battlewagon and charge my terms, but the land raider wreck the wagon this turn and they never got in range. Everything else shot into the remaining masses of orks taking down a few but they passed all leadership tests.

Orks failed to do much left. Orks on my left flank finally took down that predator and meganobz tried to get into assault range my failed. Ork boyz and nob with power claw assault my LR but failed to penetrate its armor.

Game ended on turn 5 with 3 objectives held by the DA and 0 for the orks.

The orks had gotten a taste of bloodlust and forgot all about capturing objectives which actually worked out in his favor. (this is opinion since he did not actually capture any objectives in the end, how could it have been in his favor? He could have at least captured 2 but was banking on the game not ending on turn 5. He had assaulted my gun line instead of trying to sit on my objectives. He was able to take down a few vehicles, but if he had tried to camp on the markers, I had enough fire power to destroy anything trying to camp in that manner. So really, what choice did he have? The biggest mistake my opponent made was my deploying everything in a corner on a pitched battle deployment. The meganobz should have been front and center charging my lines as soon as it could. As it turned out, I was able to tar pool his entire army just be prioritizing my targets in the beginning. I forced him to take long ways around and terrain tests just to get out of his deployment zone. This honestly is what won the game for me. I certainly did not win through rolling better than my opponent, quite contrary actually.

DA final thoughts…

LR absolutely needs to be in the center of the field. Big mistake not having him there ready to tank shock or contest objectives as needed. I was really missing my apothecary list in this one. I had recently updated my list to throw some melta guns on my naked tacts in the razorbacks and switched out my term. Apothecary. Man, I missed him this game. Orks basically have nothing that negate being able to use his ability. 30 points for 1 apothecary upgrade that I could have used twice during the game doesn’t quite seem worth it in the long end. If I do decide to go with an apothecary, I’m going to have to find some way to get some plasma into this list to make it worthwhile. Oh that and can’t let myself get multi assault again like that. That was just unacceptable. I need to learn to fall back with my tanks more and wither my opponent down and set up lanes for tank shocking, especially with orks.

Anyways, feel free to leave any and all feedback from this report. Every little bit helps while we are approaching cabin fever. Thanks for reading.

-Brother C

Thursday, December 16, 2010

LINK: How to Make a Cheap Carrying Case

Brother C here,

Just a real quick update with a link to a video where someone constructs a very cheap carrying case for their miniatures uses just a simple sheet of steel (THIN) and magnets. much cheaper than a battlefoam box and you don't have to worry about changing your lists and having to find that perfect insert that matches your models.


A quick shout out to the Bolters, Bashers and Brushes guys to posting this on their blog and youtube channel.

some people even prefer this method than purchasing a large plastic foamed out case.

personally I think the best solution would be to do a combination of both, creating multiple tiers of magnetic stripes for your models.

anyways, for those coming to Moro's place tonight, see you there.

Also, wanted to give a shout out to the event I am hosting at my place next Thursday Dec. 23rd, it will be a work night for the newbies. we will be going over simple painting techniques to help you guys get out of your grey plastic armies and into something you are proud to drop on the table top. Anyone interested is of course welcome to come, but I am specifically holding this for the newbies who need a little help and inspiration to break the seal on their painting.

Continue to check out the Road to Cabin Fever for updates and battle reports as they come in.

-Brother C

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Road To Cabin Fever 2011

Hey all Moros here!

Just wanted to check in with you guys with a quick update on some of the new stuff on our blog. Our club is attempting to inspire and motivate ourselves to be as ready as we can for the upcoming Cabin Fever GT in Harrisburg this January. For many of us this will be our first tournament and what better way to get ready than with your stalwart battle-brothers!

Check out the new section often for updates on our progress and our thoughts as we prepare.

If you are going to Cabin Fever 2011 and want to join in on our mini-event here just shoot me an e-mail and we'll get you added in!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Amazing Terrain Sighted!

Image from www.3t-studios.com
Hey Guys, I was surfin' around the net and I saw some absolutely stunning terrain! I am inspired! With the talk of us workin' on our new city board I can't help but imagine that we could have something like this!


Hehehe, well maybe not, but I can dream can't I?!

Someday we'll be able to do this!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Visual History of a Codex - Tyranids

Hey all,

Agni Prime here. I started down a trygon hole, and ended up with a visual history of the Tyranid Codex. Pretty interesting stuff to know how long this has been around. 18 years in the making, and what a way it's come.

Tyranid Codex 5th Edition (2010) Tyranid Codex 4th Edition (2005) Tyranid Codex 3rd Edition (2001)
Tyranid Codex 2nd Edition (1995) Tyranid Codex 1st Edition (1992) First Appearance - Space Hulk (1989)

If anyone else interested in more info on their specific codex, here's my point of reference:

Edit: Here is a much better point of reference:

Tyranids - Cabin Fever 1850 pts list

Old School Tyranid Codex
2nd Ed. (1995)
The road to Cabin Fever is under way!

Moros and I have come up with a plan to ensure we have the most fun possible at this event.

In order to do so, I need a 1850 point army.

Here is what I have come up with so far.

Comments / suggestions are welcome!

Agni Prime Tyranids - 1850 Points - Tyranid Army Manager v3

Thousand Sons Forge World Dreadnought Complete!

Hey Guys Moros Here!

I apologize for the lack of posts lately, I've been crazy busy working on my daemons army and getting ready for our upcoming tourney. But more on that later! I'm gettin' back in the saddle and bustin' out the rest of my Ahriman's Renegades themed Chaos Space Marines force.

Here are some pics of my latest work, a Forge World Thousand Sons Dreadnought. Let me know what you think!

I'm looking to post more regularly now. I just finished modeling my Khrone Themed Daemons army. It's lookin' pretty brutally awesome if I don't say so myself :) Keep an eye peeled in a few days for some pics of them!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

We're on Facebook!

Hello fellow gamers, Agni Prime here with 3 updates:

1) We are now on Facebook! Check out our Lancashire Wargaming group and be sure to like + join the group and let your friends know.

2) We have a new calendar of events! You'll notice it on the right side of the page.
3) We have a group email address: LancashireWargaming@gmail.com

See you all on Facebook!

- Reid (Agni Prime)