Monday, August 6, 2012

Templar Trouble- The Death Crusade

Greetings, all!

Thanks to Brother C, I can now contribute, and that is exactly what I am doing right now. As we know by now, the assault phase just isn't what it used to be in 5th. Additionally, as a Black Templars player, our army was hit hard with the new FAQ. I loved it how GW beefed up Preferred Enemy and then took it right away from us, giving us Rage instead (and for all you naysayers who said that Black Templars weren't good in cc anyway with Preferred Enemy, maybe our normal marines weren't top tier but our Assault Terminators and HQ's were top notch with the rerolls especially with the claws reroll).

So what is a Templars player to do in 6th? Although we don't have as many unit options for shooty goodness, what we do have is shooty leftovers from 4th edition, and CHEAP shooty options, which ironically makes us really good at shooting now. I have been tinkering with what I want to run for a standard 2k list and after a few test games I think I have a list I'll be using until our army gets nerfed harder with a WD codex. So, without further ado, 'ere we go:

Black Templars Death Crusade- 2K list

110 Emperor's Champion with Abhor the Witch vow (free D6" move at game start plus additional 5+ save against psychic attacks)

180 Marshall, Terminator armor, power fist, storm shield, Adamantine Mantle (no Instant Death from double toughness). Keep in mind that our HQ's still get an extra attack from Term armor or honors, just like the good 'ole days that some of you kids don't remember.

101 5 bolter marines, plasma gun, lascannon
101 same as above
106 5 bolter marines, plasma cannon, plasma gun
157 6 man bolters, heavy bolter, plasma gun, 2 Neophytes with bp/ccw, all in Drop Pod (Emp Champ is along for the ride)
140 5 bolter marines, meltagun, multimelta, Drop Pod

265  5 Terminators, 2 cyclone missile launchers, Tank Hunters
280 7 Assault Terminators- I haven't decided firmly on numbers for my deathstar unit but I have been running 5 TH/SS termies and 2 Lightning Claw termies and that seems to work fine. Also considering a 6/1 unit.

Fast Attack
75 Land Speeder with Heavy Flamer and Multimelta, Deep Strike
75 Land Speeder with Heavy Flamer and Multimelta, Deep Strike

Heavy Support
265 Land Raider Crusader (Marshall and Assault Terminators ride here)
145 Predator, TL lascannon, 2 lascannon sponsons

Alright, there we are. The thing that really stands out in my mind is that beefy unit in that beefy Land Raider. Not only has all of that done something in every game I have played, but that marshal soaking up wounds and not going down on S8 has been a HUGE factor and has really been worth the steep points cost. Besides that unit, I now have to get used to playing as a "standard" marine player with shooty goodness rather than trying to bash in the skull of everything on the board in close combat.

I won't go into basic tactics unless prompted, but there's my list. Thoughts? Opinions? Criticism? Your criticism is wrong by the way :-)