Monday, November 29, 2010

Dark Angels - 1850pt Cabin Fever List

Brother C here again with an updated Razorwing list for the upcoming cabin fever tournament in January. I'm made some minor tweaks, yeah, like adding the land raider. I'm liking the overall synergy of this list. lots of potential here to weather a storm and strike back with a fury.

here's the list.. all comments and critiques are of course welcome.

Dark Angels – 1850 points – Razorwing 1.6

Belial (Brother Adso) [160]

TROOPS: Tact Squad (5 man) [180]
Razorback + TL lascannon + SB

TROOPS: Tact Squad (5 man) [180]
Razorback + TL lascannon + SB

TROOPS: Tact Squad (5 man) [180]
Razorback + TL lascannon + SB

ELITE: Dreadnought [150]
Venerable, CCW,MM + HF

ELITE/TROOPS: Deathwing Terminators [240]
3x PF + Stormbolters
1x CF + Cyclone
1x Sarge + PW + SB

ELITE/TROOPS: Deathwing Terminators [240]
3x PF + Stormbolters
1x CF + Cyclone
1x Sarge + PW + SB

HEAVY: Predator [135]
TL Lascannon + HB sponsons + SB

HEAVY: Predator [135]
TL Lascannon + HB sponsons + SB

2x TL Lascannon, TL HB

updates will be coming as I finish collecting, assembling, and painting this list to get ready for the tourney.

Also, don't forget about the 40k day this Saturday from 1-9pm.

I know we usually run 2k point matches however, because of the tourney in Jan. many of the players will be running 1850 to test their lists. It would be advantageous to bring both your normal 2k list and also an 1850.

see you all saturday.

-Brother C

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Hive Fleet Agni - Paint Scheme

Agni Prime here of Hive Fleet Agni,

I am beginning to think about painting my units, as I prepare for Cabin Fever in January. The above is a screenshot of myself in Dawn of War 2. I used the Army Painter to come up with ideas, and I ended up with "Chaos Black" for the body and "Golden Yellow" as the highlights.

What do you guys think?

Here is option 2:

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Games Workshop (DE) Trip!

Hey all, Angi Prime here with an update from Delaware.

Two of the founders joined me in Delaware this weekend, and we had a chance to visit the Games Workshop in Bear, DE (20 minutes from my house).

We picked up a few items, and of course, I took a billion pictures.

Have a look!

Jared, Jon, and Matt (Owner)

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Hey guys,

Quick update here from Brother C.

GW has just released a revised rulebook FAQ.

I'm sure we will be posting commentary in the next week or so, so feel free to check back and even leave us what you think about some of the rules 'clarifications'

Individual army FAQs can be found here:

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I love it when a plan comes together

Over the last few weeks I've been trying to hone my game and get a grasp of some of the finer points of 40k. I've been doing lots of reading and testing to try to come up with some standard formations that I can deploy on the fly based on what I'm up against. I haven't come up with a plan of attack for every situation, but here is what I've come up with so far.

These formations are designed to work with my 2000 point list for Ahriman's Renegades. Now my list has some decent firepower at range with 5 twin-linked lascannons, 3 battle cannons, and 3 havoc launchers. I also can use 3 bolts of change from 24" so as enemies approach I've got some nice killing power also. My general plan is to milk my range attacks and soften up the opponent. I know versus some of the new armies like IG and wolves I will still be at a disadvantage, but its the best I can do with my Thousand Sons theme :)

Formation #1 - Phalanx

Usage - Spearhead deployment missions.

There are two different ways to use this formation with my army. First, before you decide how you will line up you must look at what you're up against. The main thing to look out for when you are a castle up and fire kind of army imo is outflankers toting melta. They can really rain on your parade.

If the enemy DOES have and outflanking element or you suspect that they will be reserving a good amount of their forces I deploy like this.

Here you can see the object is to stay away from the table edges to create the maximum amount of distance between you and enemy outflankers. You will also want to deploy your objectives accordingly if this is your plan by trying to make sure that at least half of them are located somewhere near the middle of the board.

You move your forces into the center of the board and prepare to receive the enemy all the while firing off the long range shots to take out any enemies down range. When the outflankers to arrive you have the troops engage them supported by the defilers.

The Dreadnoughts press into the enemy mid-field and deployment zone if you can, they are basically a distraction for the enemy and hopefully they can even manage to knock out some pesky reserve units.

The second way to use this formation is if the enemy is not going to be fielding outflanking troops. You would deploy your forces like this and attempt to move up your flank keeping your main force together and away from the enemy.

The goal here is to change the flow of the game. Normally you will be fighting along the short table edge (48"). At this range pretty much all of the enemies weapons will easily be in range. When you move your fire base up the flank of the board what you're doing is changing the flow of the game to the long table edge. This army has lots of long range weapons that can reach out and touch the enemy from 72". So use it to your advantage. You should be getting off a good 2 to 3 turns of shooting before they get near you, then you can unload your troops and terminators to meet the assaulting forces. Backed up by defilers, even Thousand Sons are nasty in combat.

The other nice thing about this is now your foe has to basically redeploy his entire force because in just one simple turn of moving you've just shut down his entire right flank as they are very far away from you. You will create a traffic jam if he has lots of vehicles and could even land some side armor shots if you're really lucky.

The one weakness of this is if your opponent reserves a lot of his forces. They will be coming out right ontop of you. Now, this may not be a bad thing because you will have your forces all in one block. You should still be able to bring a great deal of hurt on them. But it is a risk.

I will be looking at some other formation types in the future. These are meant to help me with my game. I'm finding that when I am going into matches sometimes I do poorly because of bad deployment. This is meant to give me a plan of action as the battle begins so that I can more clearly direct my forces. I really need this with my overpriced and under performing units. I've found the only real way to get them to be effective is to have them work together as best they can.

Do you guys have a plan of action coming into the game? Or you a fly by the seat of your pants kinda player? Let me know your tactics and strategies!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Warhammer 40k Props

So... I was browsing the internet, and stumbled across this site:,000

Anyone ever make their own props for fun?

I also found this guy's site, he's insane, and built this rhino:

Thursday, November 11, 2010

New Tyranid Army List

HQ - 340
Carnifex is a Latin word meaning "executioner".
Hive Tyrant - 220
+ Hive Commander - 25
+ Heavy Venom Cannon - 25
+ 2x Tyrant Guard - 120

Elites - 140

Deathleaper - 140

Troops - 676

9x Genestealers - 153
+ Adrenal Glands - 27

9x Genestealers - 153
+ Adrenal Glands - 27

20x Hormagaunts - 120

5x Warriors - 250
+ 5x Lash-whip and bonesword - 75
+ 5x Adrenal Glands - 25
+ 5x Rending Claws - Free

Fast Attack - 240

6x Raveners - 240
+ 6x Rending Claws - 30
+ 6x Spinefists - 30

Heavy Support - 600

Trygon - 250
+ Prime - 40
+ Adrenal Glands - 10

Canifex - 175
+ Frag Spines - 5
+ Adrenal Glands - 10

Canifex - 175
+ Frag Spines - 5
+ Adrenal Glands - 10

Total - 1996

This list is modeled off of Fritz's null zone deployment. What do you guys think? It's really quite awesome when the death leaper makes it in first, and if not, when he ninja's a point on the last turn.

Space Marine Head

 Just drew up a space marine helmet for fun lol. I just put the colors on to differentiate the pieces of the thing any suggestions on what chapter I should use for colors?

I I think I'm going to do shadowing and battle damage in photoshop after I get the final nice looking one done. As is I think it looks very cartoony, maybe I should do some comics
Dark Angels helmet, Brother Cornelius do you approve?

Made up a Chainsword too

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What's On The Workbench? - Khorne Daemons!

Hey guys! Moros here!

I just wanted to drop a line and keep you informed on my progress! As of now Brother C. and I have entered into a blood pact. He is going to finish painting his DA list and I am going to finish painting Ahriman's Renegades by the end of the month. We are both pretty close to our goal! I only have 2 Rhinos, the Land Raider, and 3 Defilers left to go! So wish us luck on that.

Also, the meat and potatoes of this post, the new project I've been working on. My Khorne themed Chaos Daemons army. I am still coming up with some background fluff and whatnot and they are very early stages. I have done a bunch of testing with this list and it works really well versus most conventional gun line type lists. Its a difficult list to play and requires a lot of setting up when playing. Basically have to set the stage for an overwhelming mid-late game assault and pretty much cripple or table the opponent. Here are some WIP shots!!!

Here is what I'm runnin'

HQ - 520

Skarbrand - 300

Herald of Khorne - 110
+Fury of Khorne
+Unholy Might

Herald of Khorne - 110
+Fury of Khorne
+Unholy Might

Elites - 405

3x Bloodcrushers - 135
+Fury of Khorne
+Instrument of Chaos

3x Bloodcrushers - 135
+Fury of Khorne
+Instrument of Chaos

3x Bloodcrushers - 135
+Fury of Khorne
+Instrument of Chaos

Troops - 512

8x Bloodletters - 128

8x Bloodletters - 128

8x Bloodletters - 128

8x Bloodletters - 128

Heavy - 560

Daemon Prince - 150
+Iron Hide
+Unholy Might
+Mark of Khorne
+Instrument of Chaos

Daemon Prince - 205
+Iron Hide
+Unholy Might
+Mark of Khorne

Daemon Prince - 205
+Iron Hide
+Unholy Might
+Mark of Khorne

Total - 1997

There are some inherent weaknesses. Fast armies and armies with high init are going to be a big problem for me. Anybody that has some high mobility firepower is going to do a number on me. The saving grace is the winged princes are great for taking down most vehicles and jetbike type units. Also, I know that if I do get into cc its pretty much going to die!

It's a fun, fluffy list that I am having a total blast building and play-testing. I hope to have the entire army done in a month or two. I only need two more models, the heralds on chariots. I just need to pick up 1 more plastic bloodcrusher pack and the tomb kings chariots from the fantasy line and I'll be all done.

Keep an eye peeled for more on these guys and some back story coming! I haven't forgotten about Ahriman's Renegades! But I just had to do this army!

Let me know what you think, comments appreciated!

Monday, November 8, 2010

New Blood Angels List (Revised)

I have heeded the advice of my fellow nerds and fixed up my list (again). So here it is!

HQ: 2x Librarians-200
+2x Epistolaries-100
+2x Terminator Armor-50
+2x Storm Bolters-4
+Spells(Fear of the Darkness+Shackle Soul)&(Might of Heroes+The Sanguine Sword)

Elites: Furioso Dreadnaught-125
+Drop Pod-35
+Magna Grapple-15
+Heavy Flamer-10
+Blood Talons-free
+Frag Cannon-free

3x Sanguinary Priests-150
+3x Combi-Meltas-30
+3x Lightning Claws-45

Brother Corbulo-105

Troops: Death Company(10 Models)-200
+10x Power Weapons-150

Tactical Squadron(10 Models)-170
+Plasma Gun-10
+Power Fist-25

Dedicated Transport: Land Raide Redeemer-240
+Hunter-Killer Missle-10
+Death Company, Librarian, Sanguinary Priest

+Lascannon & Twin-Linked Plasma Gun-35
+Brother Corbulo, Sanguinary Priest
(Other Priest and Librarian will be with the Tactical Squadron)

Heavy Support: Vindicator-145


TOTAL=1999(I'm pretty sure, I calculated it three times. Let me know if it's wrong. I'll fix it.)(again...)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Unboxing - Hive Tyrant and Tyranid Battleforce

Agni Prime here... let's open up some new stuff!

Blood Angels 40k List (And A New Name)

Hey all, Wrath here. This will be my new account name from now on because its awesome (It's Mephiston's origional name). So i just thought i'd post my new list that has so far been working out nicely for me.

HQ: 2x Librarians
+2x Epistolaries
+2x Terminator Armor

ELITES: Furioso Drednaught
+Drop Pod
+Magna Grapple, Blood Talons, Frag Cannon, Searchlight

3x Sanguinary Priests
+3x Combi-Meltas, 3x Lightning Claws

Brother Corbulo

Troops: 10x Death Company
+10x Power Sword

Heavy Support: Vindicator
+Hunter-Killer Missle

+Hunter-Killer Missle

+Heavy Bolter Sponsons, Twin-Linked Lascannon, Storm Bolter, Hunter- Killer Missle

Dedicated Tranport: Land Raider Redeemer
+Hunter-Killer Missle

+Lascannon, Twin-Linked Plasma Gun

Fast Attack: Land Speeder
+Multi-Melta, Missle Launcher

Thursday, November 4, 2010

November 40k Day!

A Warprift has formed in Lititz, PA and the tides of chaos are pouring forth! YES it is that time again! The November 40k Day at Lancashire Wargaming is upon us!

The club has been growing and we have many enthusiastic 40k gamers coming out to meet on the fields of glory and find out who has the might, wits, and tactical genius to attain glorious victory!

Anybody in the Lancaster county area that is interested in or plays Warhammer 40k is invited to come on out this Saturday November 6th for some great community and gaming! If you are new to the hobby or don't know a thing about it but might be interested in learning we have Lancashire Wargaming Staff available to teach and explain all aspects of the hobby.

The doors open at 1pm and lights out is at 9pm. We are currently located at 29 Green Acre Road in Lititz PA 17543. All ages and skills welcome!

If you have any questions feel free to email me!

"Steel yourselves battle-brothers.
The enemy approaches, I can feel them.
They are all around us.
And inside our very hearts.

Only the Emperor can protect us now."

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Battlefoam Brigade

Brother C here,

Just a quick update..

I have signed up our 40k events for the new battlefoam brigade website. It's essentially just a quick search engine for games in your local area that will be happening. Everyone should feel free to sign up for an account and opt-in to the event. Hopefully this will help us to get our name out and get some additional competition for club members.

check out Battlefoam Brigade here

check out our event here

Monday, November 1, 2010

Pegasus Hobbies Terrain Kit Unboxing

Well I guess I don't need to say much. Unboxing of Chemical plant and Large Platformer sets from Pegasus Hobbies. Also a quick Showcase of homemade terrain I've been working  on. If you like the shirt I'm wearing in the video they are only $11 and the profits go to Lancashire Gaming leave a comment below if you would like one.

foam core terrain

Spent most of yesterday making some more terrain for the upcoming 40k day. 

I made the sand bags out a material called paper clay and used the back of a piece of hardboard to give it some texture. The floor is a tiled plastic sheet that I bought at a local hobby shop, you might be able to find it at a craft store too. I want to add rubble in between the pieces of the floor, and do something for the outer base. 

The railing and ladders are made from 1/2" wire mesh that I bought at a Hardware store for 10 bucks, and I still have more than I think I will ever need.

 more pics of the Power generator with my models for scale.