Monday, November 1, 2010

Pegasus Hobbies Terrain Kit Unboxing

Well I guess I don't need to say much. Unboxing of Chemical plant and Large Platformer sets from Pegasus Hobbies. Also a quick Showcase of homemade terrain I've been working  on. If you like the shirt I'm wearing in the video they are only $11 and the profits go to Lancashire Gaming leave a comment below if you would like one.


  1. FN ... the $11 should go towards a freaking tripod. I just yacked on my keyboard from the motion sickness.

    Fun to watch you almost cut yourself 3 times with a box cutter though.

    Sign me up for a shirt, I'll buy one.

  2. HAHA well that's what happens when you let the ork hold the camera! :P

    Great vid! I am really impressed with those kits that you got, they have a ton of parts in them!

  3. Yah The Prophet Was behind the camera being orky as usual but meh. I technically can't redo the video once I cut the bits off the sprue so unless Cornelius wants to lend me his camera skills tomorrow the video will have to stay as is. I guess I didn't really think to much of the horrible shakiness of the thing bc I knew when the bad parts were coming.

  4. Oh no no its really good we love it! Don't change it at all!

  5. very fun. looks like a ton of detailed pieces on those sprues. maybe keep a couple to add some detail to your other homemade terrain pieces? oh and you can borrow my camera whenever you want to. I don't think the issue is the tripod necessarily, its the quality. I don't think you need to redo this one, but for next time you can feel free to borrow my camera, I'm just right up the road.