Sunday, November 7, 2010

Blood Angels 40k List (And A New Name)

Hey all, Wrath here. This will be my new account name from now on because its awesome (It's Mephiston's origional name). So i just thought i'd post my new list that has so far been working out nicely for me.

HQ: 2x Librarians
+2x Epistolaries
+2x Terminator Armor

ELITES: Furioso Drednaught
+Drop Pod
+Magna Grapple, Blood Talons, Frag Cannon, Searchlight

3x Sanguinary Priests
+3x Combi-Meltas, 3x Lightning Claws

Brother Corbulo

Troops: 10x Death Company
+10x Power Sword

Heavy Support: Vindicator
+Hunter-Killer Missle

+Hunter-Killer Missle

+Heavy Bolter Sponsons, Twin-Linked Lascannon, Storm Bolter, Hunter- Killer Missle

Dedicated Tranport: Land Raider Redeemer
+Hunter-Killer Missle

+Lascannon, Twin-Linked Plasma Gun

Fast Attack: Land Speeder
+Multi-Melta, Missle Launcher


  1. Those are some expensive upgrades you have on there.

  2. thanks for posting calistarius. i will make a review of your list but can you please do some minor organization to the format so it's easier to critique?

    1. can you please list all your models that will be taken as troops. as I am not completely 100% familiar with the BA codex, it'll make things a little smoother to understand.

    2. can you please show/tell us what unit is riding in which vehicle, if any.

    3. what spells are you taking on your libbys?

    4. i know it may be a pain, but its really helpful if you put point totals by each squad/vehicle as well. its good practice for you as a player as well, so you can really know how your pointage is being distributed.

  3. Yeah I think you need to take two troop choices. The Death Company can only be one squad per army, so you would need another troop choice to make this a valid list.

    I definitely think you're heading in a better direction with this so keep up the good work! I love the name too!

    Just some tweaking and we can get a nasty list going for you.

  4. Ideas Noted. I'll fix it up and re-post it. Thanks guys!