Monday, November 8, 2010

New Blood Angels List (Revised)

I have heeded the advice of my fellow nerds and fixed up my list (again). So here it is!

HQ: 2x Librarians-200
+2x Epistolaries-100
+2x Terminator Armor-50
+2x Storm Bolters-4
+Spells(Fear of the Darkness+Shackle Soul)&(Might of Heroes+The Sanguine Sword)

Elites: Furioso Dreadnaught-125
+Drop Pod-35
+Magna Grapple-15
+Heavy Flamer-10
+Blood Talons-free
+Frag Cannon-free

3x Sanguinary Priests-150
+3x Combi-Meltas-30
+3x Lightning Claws-45

Brother Corbulo-105

Troops: Death Company(10 Models)-200
+10x Power Weapons-150

Tactical Squadron(10 Models)-170
+Plasma Gun-10
+Power Fist-25

Dedicated Transport: Land Raide Redeemer-240
+Hunter-Killer Missle-10
+Death Company, Librarian, Sanguinary Priest

+Lascannon & Twin-Linked Plasma Gun-35
+Brother Corbulo, Sanguinary Priest
(Other Priest and Librarian will be with the Tactical Squadron)

Heavy Support: Vindicator-145


TOTAL=1999(I'm pretty sure, I calculated it three times. Let me know if it's wrong. I'll fix it.)(again...)


  1. so your tact squad is on foot? are you combat squadding it?

    I think 2 predators in lieu of the vindicator and whirlwind have a little more survivability. armor 13 front versus 11.

    that's first commentary. let me keep thinking it over.. also some play testing would I think be really good for you. c'mon over, I'll test ya :)

  2. Here is what I'm thinking with Blood Angels.

    First of all, Sang Priests are independent characters. So you can choose 1 squad of up to 3 of them. THEN you can break them off and join them to other units. For example, 3 10 man assault squads and put a Sang Priest in each squad and it only takes up 1 elite slot. They don't have to stay together.

    Also, Corbulo is awesome but he is an upgraded Sang Priest, so you could at max take 2 Sang Priests and 1 of him.

    I think you should take a ton of assault squads, maybe an 8 man death company or something too. ALL with jump packs and some Baal Preds.

    Consider deep striking the jump infantry or even taking a Storm Raven to drop them and a dreadnought off in the backfield.

    Blood Angels are great in the assault, so that's where I would start with making a list up.


  3. I do like the thought of cramming a land raider down someone's throat while deepstriking a bunch of units with 'descent of angels'... does your opponent worry about the troops, or the LR, or the outflanking preds?

    if you are going to take a slew of assault squads with SPriests, do you really need death company? wouldn't a squad of beefed up termies in the LR, serve this list better?

    also, take the libby's with blood lance, or whatever it is called, and a jump pack, use the pack to line up the armor and deliver the goods. most people also take shields on them for survivability too.

    I bet you could even squeeze 2 dreads into this list. i would still have them drop pod in.

  4. Calistarius...

    At 31 models, thats light @ 1850. @ 2k, almost suicidal.

    Moros and Brother Cornelius are correct- Sang Priest with Assault Squad is a good deal.

    I like 2 librarians... and the BA Libby is damn cool with his powers.

    Baal Preds are worth their cost in the amount of fire power they can put out.

    Dreads are always good but can be popped easy; I've found one to be a waste, two to be effective and three to be awesome. My experiences. :)

    As much as I love Death Company, you might want to back off on them and get some more regular troops on there. Scoring Units will help alot.

    Try a few games and see what you get as results. :)

  5. Sounds good guys. I've taken into account all of the expierienced views and advice that has been given and I will take one last look at the list. And Moros, I Know that Brother Corbulo can be part of the Sanguinary Priest squad, but in this list, i have him set up as a third elite choice and an entirely different squad. I only did this because when I last re-did my list, I had points to waste at the end.

  6. And I have my Tac Squad set up to do a sort of "drive by" tactic. Basically to drive up in the LR, lay down some cover fire, and drive away.

  7. But that's what I'm trying to say Calistarius. You only need to use up one elite choice for the sang priests and corbulo. Since they are independent characters you can take 2 of them and Corbulo and that only counts as one elite choice. You can break all three of them up and make them attached to other squads too. That's whats cool about them.