Thursday, November 18, 2010


Hey guys,

Quick update here from Brother C.

GW has just released a revised rulebook FAQ.

I'm sure we will be posting commentary in the next week or so, so feel free to check back and even leave us what you think about some of the rules 'clarifications'

Individual army FAQs can be found here:

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  1. honestly, there is really only two 'changes' of noteworthiness.

    1. if vehicles that have moved 'flat out' suffer a destroyed or exploded result, then any models being transported in such a vehicle are counted as casualties.

    *ouch to fast armies there, guess we won't be seeing those scout/termies SM lists as much, sucks for DE as well *

    2. if one unit in the squad has the stealth special rule, the entire unit is granted it. so.. as I read this.. just buy 1 camo cloak for your scouts and the entire unit gets the +1 to cover saves. not too shabby. save a few points.

    Nothing else really seems to change the general 40k rules. We have been strictly enforcing the actual written rules on our members so many of the explanation are already things you, as players, are practicing. I commend you all for playing fair and by the rules in the club. Please continue this reputation.

    It will be worth checking out the individual army codex FAQs as these have been updated.

    *gg DA not getting ANY love again.... *