Thursday, November 4, 2010

November 40k Day!

A Warprift has formed in Lititz, PA and the tides of chaos are pouring forth! YES it is that time again! The November 40k Day at Lancashire Wargaming is upon us!

The club has been growing and we have many enthusiastic 40k gamers coming out to meet on the fields of glory and find out who has the might, wits, and tactical genius to attain glorious victory!

Anybody in the Lancaster county area that is interested in or plays Warhammer 40k is invited to come on out this Saturday November 6th for some great community and gaming! If you are new to the hobby or don't know a thing about it but might be interested in learning we have Lancashire Wargaming Staff available to teach and explain all aspects of the hobby.

The doors open at 1pm and lights out is at 9pm. We are currently located at 29 Green Acre Road in Lititz PA 17543. All ages and skills welcome!

If you have any questions feel free to email me!

"Steel yourselves battle-brothers.
The enemy approaches, I can feel them.
They are all around us.
And inside our very hearts.

Only the Emperor can protect us now."


    - My Army
    - My opponent
    - My other opponent

  2. LOL well, that pink lith makes sense for the necrons, they are treehuggin' recycling freaks!

  3. We're the Planeteers! you can be one one too..... - Wait a second Necrons destroy all life including rainbows and butterflies ahh well. - Gonna take pollution down to zero!

  4. Hope you guys had a good time. Sorry I couldn't stay very long, but you should be able to make good use of the foam.