Monday, November 29, 2010

Dark Angels - 1850pt Cabin Fever List

Brother C here again with an updated Razorwing list for the upcoming cabin fever tournament in January. I'm made some minor tweaks, yeah, like adding the land raider. I'm liking the overall synergy of this list. lots of potential here to weather a storm and strike back with a fury.

here's the list.. all comments and critiques are of course welcome.

Dark Angels – 1850 points – Razorwing 1.6

Belial (Brother Adso) [160]

TROOPS: Tact Squad (5 man) [180]
Razorback + TL lascannon + SB

TROOPS: Tact Squad (5 man) [180]
Razorback + TL lascannon + SB

TROOPS: Tact Squad (5 man) [180]
Razorback + TL lascannon + SB

ELITE: Dreadnought [150]
Venerable, CCW,MM + HF

ELITE/TROOPS: Deathwing Terminators [240]
3x PF + Stormbolters
1x CF + Cyclone
1x Sarge + PW + SB

ELITE/TROOPS: Deathwing Terminators [240]
3x PF + Stormbolters
1x CF + Cyclone
1x Sarge + PW + SB

HEAVY: Predator [135]
TL Lascannon + HB sponsons + SB

HEAVY: Predator [135]
TL Lascannon + HB sponsons + SB

2x TL Lascannon, TL HB

updates will be coming as I finish collecting, assembling, and painting this list to get ready for the tourney.

Also, don't forget about the 40k day this Saturday from 1-9pm.

I know we usually run 2k point matches however, because of the tourney in Jan. many of the players will be running 1850 to test their lists. It would be advantageous to bring both your normal 2k list and also an 1850.

see you all saturday.

-Brother C


  1. Interesting list man...

    @ 1850, you are a bit light in infantry- I blame the Dark Angel Pointsink-penalty for that as the codex has a few issues with overpricing gear... Granted, with Termies counting as troops, they will be a help for you against any Armor-heavy lists.

    Against anything with strength in numbers (IG, Bugz) you are going to have a few problems.

    I don't see alot of AV14 on the Tourney scene (unless I'm facing IG Russ Armies) where 7 lascannon (all twinlinked) and 2 Cyclones are needed.

    I think a Crusader would serve you better than a standard Land Raider... it will be far more deadlier to enemy infantry than the standard and be a help drawing fire away from your Preds.

    As for the Preds, perhaps standard Autocannon would be a better value. Just a thought.

    I'm to be at the Gameday and would be willing to tangle with this and see how it fares against a tested GT list. I have an opinion on the overall fate of your force at Cabin Fever but there are enough doubts to warrant seeing it in action.

    I can also offer better advice/commentary on how to make it function better :)

  2. Better advice on what to use After I see it in action at least. Theory only goes so far.

  3. I like it! I really depends on how you play the list tho. Perhaps give us a heads up on your tactics involved? Or do you want to save that for the tourney?

    I really like all of the vehicles and long range AV options but it also seems pretty well balanced with a decent amount of low damage firepower for dealing with infantry and hordes also.

    The only thing I think is that you should take assault cannons instead of the cyclones. It just seems you're giving your terms a dual role in shooting and they won't be as effective as if you made them 100% anti-infantry.

    You have plenty of ranged AV so I don't see why you would need some more str 8 or a useless mini-blast.

  4. Looking over it again.... I do have a few questions/comments/suggestions...

    The 30 points for the Apothecary is only applicable when you take a DW Squad as a Command Squad. Might want to check that... but I don't think I'm wrong.

    As Moros commented, with all the ranged AV, you would be better served going more Anti-Infantry with the DW boys.

    I'd also go with a Crusader instead of the Normal LR; more anti-infantry firepower.

    A few things/changes that could add some beef to your list- lose the Twin-Las on the Preds, the Ven on the Dread and the Cyclones; add another Troop in a Razorback.

    You pick up numbers (another 6 models) Another Lascannon on a Troop Unit (the twin on the RBack) and another pair of shots for busting light/medium transports (s7 shots generally do well against rhinos and Chimeras)

    These are all ideas/opinions.... but valid in practice.

    The only thing wrong on your list was the 30pt Apoth upgrade on Belial. Everything else is legit- just a small list. :(

    I know how I'd run it if I were to use it. more than willing to discuss at your club day.

  5. I really have to to say go with the standard Land Raider in this list.

    DA aren't going to be an assaulty kind of force. If he uses the Land Raider as a mobile bunker I think he will get much better usage out of it.

  6. The 30 point upgrade on Belial is actually part of a deathwing terminator squad. Pg 79 of the codex states "If Belial is in the army, one Deathwing Terminator squad may be upgraded as follows:

    - One terminator may be upgraded to an Apothecary equipped with a narthecium/reductor for +30 points"

    I'm not seeing any requirement for a terminator command squad (or if its even possible to field one of those). for the sake of the list, I am upgrading one of my terms to be an apothecary. I simply have it listed with Belial because that's where it is located as the upgrade in the codex.Belial will not be the one upgraded to be an apothecary.

    hope that clears that mess up...

    I do agree with tark in that I think trying to squeeze an extra rhino chassy and scoring unit will help out this list. I believe I can do that if I strip my units down a bit, lose the lascannons off the preds and the ven and cylones.

    lets see.. that's...
    6 TL lascannons..
    2x autocannons
    dread w/ MM for charging LRs
    8x terms with PFs
    and 6 scoring units.

    and alot of shooty for hordes.

    plan is to castle for 2-3 turns, try to blow away as many transports and light armor as possible. load up the LR and razors and move out to capture points.

    if in reserve, terms deepstrike via non-deathwing assault into cover and force opponent to come after them. everything else comes on normal reserve and tries to pop/distract from the terms, hoping to split fire and again demech my opponent. (pretty much will only be using this strat if my opponent is heavy armor guard... against most else, the castle should ok for the alpha strike, allowing the LR and terms to grant cover saves to all the preds and razors.

  7. On the Apoth: Yup- clears that up. I'm gonna go reread it tonight and make sure on the ANY T-squad. I could have that wrong; been a long time since I played Deathwing so alot of that is memory.

    As for the rest- very viable... I see where you are going and its not far off of what I'd do- though you are going to have to pray for some good saves/bad dice for the opponent. Strongly suggest some sort of sacrifice to the 1's God to apease her prior to play. ;)

    All kidding aside, I've always been a numbers man in a Marine List. @1850, if I have less than 45-50 models, I'm courting a slap from Lady Luck. The biggest problem in a DA list, imo, is that its hard to get past 45 models and keep all of the neato-units intact. (you have 33/39 before/after changes).

    Something I fussed with last night vis'a'vis this list was putting HF's in the Termie units for close in anti-infantry work (remember, it can damage light transports too!). If you don't have the bits, I can bring a few with me saturday.

  8. I'd say forget about the heavy flamers. You have enough flamers on the Tac squads and flamers are honestly, meh.

    Even vs hordes I think the range and saturation that storm bolters can do it superior to 1 shot of a flamer before combat.

    Overall looking really good. I can say that Now I'm afraid to fight you from range! Although My list would still have better armor values yours is now packing more firepower!

  9. yeah, I'm hoping to eliminate some of the bad 1 rolling with the apoth. if I string out both squads as mobile cover for the tanks, I can basically get both squads within his range to stop at least one failed save. again, if he even saves one, he has already paid for himself.

    I do have plenty of heavy flamers at my disposal. and this is something I have been considering as well. I basically have 10 points to play with if I strip everything down to bare bones and get the 4th razorback with tacts.

    now this includes removing all special weapons from my tacts, so.. they are basically going to avoid combat at all costs, and take a support roll for their rapid fires.

    taking a HF on each term squad would get me to my 1850 but I'm just not sold on it. I've never been a real big fan of the flame template as its fairly easy to outmaneuver the unit carrying it.

    I will certainly pay attention to its potential uses as I playtest this list over the next month before the tourney.

    I agree about the model count. I am trying to get it up as much as possible, while still keeping a little fluff that makes dark angels, dark angels. I had an entire green wing list, which was very similar to this one, but i just couldn't bring myself to do it, because I should have just been playing nilla space marines at that point.

    i'll be running this list on Saturday, feel free to give pointers as you see fit.

  10. If you don't go with an Apothicary, then you have the points....

    No baby with bathwater yet.... Get a few games in with and without if possible and make up mind then. I'll be there with two lists for you to face... and I can loan one to someone else so you aren't facing the same PERSON twice.

    HF's are very useful against everyone- that AP4 deals with Orks beautifuly as does the s5. THe Standard Flamer is always a gamble but smart manuever and placement will give you shots at several wounds.

    And a T-Squad out of a land raider... you can position perfect as long as you pay attention.

    We'll chat!!

  11. Hmmmm

    In looking it over, unless you went with a HB Razor for that 4th tactical, it does mean stripping out a ton of stuff. I think it's worth having a standard Razor in there but thats a style call. :)

    If you do go with an HB Razor, you can take the HF's in the termie units and all the flamers are still in the squads.

    OR upgrade a flamer to plasma (very DA)