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 Warhammer Fantasy Ladder 2013

Warbringa is pleased to announce the beginning of a ranked ladder system for Warhammer Fantasy in the Lancaster County and surrounding areas here in PA. This ladder will begin as a start to expand upon the nurturing of a growing Fantasy community. The Ladder allows for players to, not only compete, but see how their games are going against other players and armies through a statistical recorded history.

* Rules and mechanics are subject to change as needed to allow for further polishing this system. *

Getting Ranked:

In order to get ranked on the Fantasy Ladder, player participants must register with the League Administrator. Simply email the Administrator at with the following information:

Name / Email Address (for notifcations, updates and announcements) / Army / Club being represented if any ( Representation Optional)

Players who wish to enter with more than one army may do so, but multiple armies will be ranked separately from each other. Example:

1. John Doe - Empire
2. Jane Dee - Skaven
3. John Doe - Ogre Kingdom
4. John Doe - Warriors of Chaos

One player could potentially take on multiple ranks. The reason for this is to allow players do enjoy playing multiple armies competitively in the ladder, but to also see how any particular players and their armies, whether it's one or more, rank up against the rest. One player with multiple armies could very well hold the Top 5 Ranks. It's still the goal of the other players to challenge higher ranked players, defeat them, and move past them on the ladder.

*Note* Players who wish to register with multiple armies will be listed on the ladder with the same name for each army.

When registered, players will be listed on a Roster. These are the players who have yet to play a game to become ranked. You become ranked by playing someone else from the Roster or someone who is already ranked. Win or lose, you will then be ranked.

Rank profile:

Rank / Name     / Army     / Win-Loss-Draw / VP    / Club / Last Game Played / Win Streak - Record Streak / Joined
1   / John Doe / Beastmen / 5-2-1         / 5600  / n/a  / 4-17-2013        / 2 - 3                      / 4-17-2013

The Ladder will reset every New Year. The Player Ranked 1st before the reset will be Titled that Year's ' Grand General'.

Valid Armies / Missions / Victory Points / Army Points Lists:

The armies already considered valid by Games Workshop as per the Big Red Book for Fantasy Rules will be armies allowed for registry and competition.

Missions played will be from the Big Red Book. Victory Points will be determined also from the Big Red Book as normal.

The Default Battle Army Points to be played will be set at 2,500pts. Though players can play any other number of points games if they agree to do so.

Moving up and down the Ranks:

You will be ranked based on a win or loss, and the measure of that win or loss.

In a 2,500pt game, if player A Wins a game, and his total Victory Points ( VP) are 1600pts, and his opponent who lost, only earned 800VP, both players will advance or recede the difference of those points which would be 800.


Rank / Name / VP
1 / Gork / 5000
2 / Mork / 3500
3 / Sigmar / 1600
4 / Archaon / 800
5 / Papa / 250

Papa plays Archaon. Papa wins a 2,500pt game. Papa earned 1,200VP. Archaon earned 200VP. Papa moves up the ladder 1,000VP, while Archaon moves down the ladder 1,000VP. The Standings would then be reflected as so:

Rank / Name / VP
1 / Gork / 5,000
2 / Mork / 3,500
3 / Sigmar / 1,600
4 / Papa / 1,250
5 / Archaon / 0

Archaon has now moved to Rank 5 with 0 VP. No player can ever go below 0 VP into the negative.

In another Example:

Gork plays Mork. Gork loses a 2,500pt game. Gork earned 1000VP. Mork earned 1,500VP. Gork stays where he is on the ladder, while Mork moves up, not in Rank, but VP, 500VP. The Standings would then be reflected from the first example as so:

Rank / Name / VP
1 / Gork / 4500
2 / Mork / 4000
3 / Sigmar / 1600
4 / Archaon / 800
5 / Papa / 250

Because Gork is right above Mork on the ladder, the only thing that would help Mork get to rank 1 would be a Win and VP. While he achieved both of those, the VP were not enough. This reflects the amount of VP earned by Gork throughout his ladder career that Mork still has to contend with to earn a higher place on the ladder.

This system is designed to not only reward players with just a victory, but also who manage to earn a significant amount of VP to make that Victory more rewarding. 

Formal Challenges:

Players in the top 10 ranks may make a Formal Challenge to other players within those 10 ranks. Lower ranked players who are formally challenged by higher ranked players do NOT have to accept that challenge. However, Higher ranked players who are formally challenged by lower ranked players MUST accept that challenge if they are not currently in a challenge of any kind in the league, or if they are not in their challenge grace period of 7 days from the last person who formally challenged them.

When both players have finished their formal challenge game, neither may formally challenge the other for 7 days from the end of their initial formally challenged game. However, both players may still play each other again during that 7 day period, but it would not be considered a formal challenge and both players are still subject to formal challenges from other players. This prevents locking the same person in a challenge indefinitely. ( Hey! Other players may want a shot!)

In addition, a formal challenge must be completed within 14 days of the challenge.

All Formal challenges must be notified to the League Administrator as soon as possible after it's been made.

If a formal challenge game does not take place within the time given, both players will be penalized 500VP. If there is a problem between the two players for the game not having placed, the League Administrator should be contacted to investigate the issue and rule on the matter.

Bonus Points:

The following detail how you can earn bonus points towards your VP for your games.

- Players from Ranks 11 Down who beat a player in the Top 5 ranks will earn 100 Bonus VP to their game.
- Players from Ranks 6-10 who beat a player in the Top 5 Ranks will earn 50 Bonus VP to their game.
- Beating a player 10 Ranks or more above you will earn you 50 Bonus VP to your game. If the player 10 ranks or more above you is in the 2nd Half of the Top 10, ranking 6-10, then you earn an additional 50 Bonus VP for your game. If the player 10 ranks or more above you is in the Top 5, then you earn an additional 100 Bonus VP for your game.


1. All Rule disputes during game play should be diced off if no clear rule or interpretation can be found in the book. All rules being from the 8th Edition Fantasy Book. Up to date Army Rule books should be used as well. Players are given a 2 Month Grace period to use army lists and army rules from the updated book ( whether you have it or not).

2. This League originates in Lancaster County PA. While it is open to the public, unless a player from this county agrees to meet with a registered player from another county, then games played will be expected to happen within these borders for the sake of Activity matters.

3. A player who has been inactive for 60 days will be removed from the ladder and their stats erased.  

4. If players can not agree on a points list for their game, the default will be 2,500pts.

5. All ladder participants are expected to behave civil and well mannered in their games. Numerous complaints about any particular player will be subject to investigation and potential removal from the League.

6. Special / Named characters are allowed, including named unit champions.

7. No item restrictions.

8. Models are expected to be WYSIWYG, though this will still remain lenient. Just no paper cut outs or empty bases. Models used must portray what they are intended to represent. Your opponent must be able to see and understand what he is fighting against. If your models are questionable, you must discuss the matter with your opponent before the game.

9. This is a closed list environment, but you must provide your opponent with your list at the end of the game if it's requested to be looked over. Your list should detail all points, stats, items, and upgrades at the minimum.

10. Unless agreed upon, building rules are in effect as per the main rule book.

11. All Forests count as mysterious forests and follow all rules outlined in the main rule book.
( Wood Elves are allowed their free forests, however they must be of the appropriate size ( No bigger then 6" in diameter). This will be a normal forest and will not need to be rolled for on the Mysterious forest table chart. The forest should resemble woods of some sort, not pieces of paper or the like.

12. At the end of a ladder game, the Winner / Loser have 1 Week to submit their game result to the League Administrator. The Result should include:

Opponents Names as Seen on the Ladder Roster / Who won / Lost / Scenario Played / Number of points Played / VP earned by both players / Date Played

Whoever reports the game, the other player will be immediately notified via email / other to verify the game result. Once verified, the standings will be updated.

The ladder will be updated sporadically to show new standings as the information is coming in. Ladder Standings will be posted as often as they are updated.

*NOTE* All games played will be updated in the dated order they have been played. Players are asked to report their games in the order they've been played. If you play 3 games in the same day, please list the results of those games respectively. Same for multiple games played during the week.

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