Monday, January 30, 2017

LWG: Age of Sigmar 1500 Point Pitched Battle Tournament

February 11th 2017

War has come to the mortal realms yet again! Pit your wits and mettle against honorable foes in this 3 round, 1500 point, Age of Sigmar tournament!

This tournament will follow all the rules and restrictions presented in the General's Handbook for a 1,000 point Pitched Battle (Yes, the 1000 point restrictions but with 1500 points available). Command Traits, Allegience Bonusus, Artifacts, Named Characters, it's all in! (Please note that all official, up to date, GW FAQs will be used)

Doors open at 9:00AM and round one Begins at 10:00AM. We will break for a 1 hour lunch after the second battle round. Rounds will last 1.5 hours each, keep that in mind when planning your army.

We will playing 3 rounds, using the Pitched Battle Missions from the Handbook. Scoring will be 3 Points for a Major Victory, 2 for a Minor Victory, and 1 for a loss or draw.

You will need to bring a roster sheet of your 1500 point army with you to the event (copies for your 3 opponents is a plus). Your roster must follow the rules presented in the General's Handbook, so you must name your General, your Allegience (you can only select one Allegience from all those you qualify for), any Command Traits, and any Heroes that have an Artifact on your roster. These will be set for every game in the tournament.

We will not be rolling for Command Traits or Artifacts, you may choose the ones that you qualify for. See the General's Handbook for more detailed information.

The only house rules will be:

1: We will measure from base to base, do not use the model (or parts extending over the bases) for reference during the game. Along with this, all models should be based on the size base included in with the model from GW.

2: All models MUST be What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG). If a model is holding a sword, he is holding a sword. If a model is a Skaven Clanrat, it is a Skaven Clanrat. If you are wanting to use custom models or proxies, they must be cleared with a TO prior to the event. However, all proxies must be clear what they represent. Due to the nature of upgrades in Age of Sigmar, it will be too confusing to use proxies that are not representitive of the model.

3. During the Combat Phase, if your model can make base contact with an enemy model, it must do so.

Prizes will be awarded for:

First Place: Battle Master

Best Painted: Artificer


Entry fee will be $25 per person. If you are an LWG club member entry will be $20. (See the pinned post on our facebook page for more info on becoming an LWG club member ---


Muster your forces and prepare for war!