Thursday, December 16, 2010

LINK: How to Make a Cheap Carrying Case

Brother C here,

Just a real quick update with a link to a video where someone constructs a very cheap carrying case for their miniatures uses just a simple sheet of steel (THIN) and magnets. much cheaper than a battlefoam box and you don't have to worry about changing your lists and having to find that perfect insert that matches your models.


A quick shout out to the Bolters, Bashers and Brushes guys to posting this on their blog and youtube channel.

some people even prefer this method than purchasing a large plastic foamed out case.

personally I think the best solution would be to do a combination of both, creating multiple tiers of magnetic stripes for your models.

anyways, for those coming to Moro's place tonight, see you there.

Also, wanted to give a shout out to the event I am hosting at my place next Thursday Dec. 23rd, it will be a work night for the newbies. we will be going over simple painting techniques to help you guys get out of your grey plastic armies and into something you are proud to drop on the table top. Anyone interested is of course welcome to come, but I am specifically holding this for the newbies who need a little help and inspiration to break the seal on their painting.

Continue to check out the Road to Cabin Fever for updates and battle reports as they come in.

-Brother C

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