Thursday, April 21, 2011

Team Tourney this Saturday

hey guys,

Moros and I have been real busy (well I have anyway) getting ready for this weekend's Team Tournament in Maryland. I know we had talked about this awhile ago, but its been on the calendar and now its finally here.

its a 2v2 tourney with each side totally 2500 points. (1250 points per player) standard force org charts apply, meaning I can't run all heavies and elites while my partner runs all troops. so.. that's a nice bonus I think for the way our list is designed. we shouldn't be facing too much heavy fire power (hopefully)

anyways, its more of a fun tourney, we really aren't hoping to win anything, just trying to branch out to some other 40k clubs, and have fun doing it.

I will try to post results and pictures on our Facebook page during the event, so if you want to check there on Saturday you can see how we are doing and what we are up against. Hopefully we can get a nice youtube video posted as well since Moros hasn't yet uploaded the hundreds of battle reps he has collecting dust on his HD.

anyways, that's it for now.

our next 40k day will be May 7th from 1pm - 9pm.

Berks Spring Assault II is the weekend after - May 14th. if you need to register and don't have a paypal account, just give the money to me ASAP and I'll send it over to Mike.

thanks guys,

-Brother C

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