Monday, May 2, 2011

Dream Wizards Team Tournament Round 3:

Dream Wizards Team Tournament Round 3:

Opponent: IG and Space Marines.
Us : Dark Angels and Chaos Daemons (Khorne themed)
Primary – Objectives (1 – objective placed in center of each opposite corner from spearhead deployment)
Secondary – killpoints
Spearhead Deployment
We knew we would be fighting a gunline in the last round. There were too many of them at the tourney and we had done too well to not have to face them. This was I think the worst list we could draw against, it wasn’t a full parking lot like what was going on at the championship table, but it was worse. Our opponents had a lot of anti-infantry firepower.
Space Marines:
3x rifle dreads
3x thunderfire cannons (these really hurt during the course of the game)
libby with nullzone
3x scouts with shotguns in land speeder storms (there may have only been 2x scouts here and the speeder storm was empty that was running around fuxing up all our deepstrikes)
1x scouts with sniper rifles
1x manticore
2x hydras
1x command platoon in chimera
1x vet squad with 3x meltas in chimera
1x vet squad with 3x plasma in chimera
1x vendetta with 3x plasma vet squad
2x 10 man troop squad with heavy weapons, plasmas, commissar, you name it.

Spearhead… great.. they castled up in the corner as we knew they would. We knew this was either going to be a massacre of them, or of us. Could we weather the storm and break their lines, or get gunned down trying?

They won roll off and we got to go first, not good. They would have as much as they could to shoot at on their turn as well as be able to make a final push on the objectives with those speeders on the bottom of turn 6. Moros rolled secondary wave. Really not good. Terminators came down near the center of the field and marched into their territory, I managed to immobilized on of the speeders. Scatters went very bad for us. Everything scattered away from their castle and into open shooting lanes.
Their turn 1 saw daemons dropping left and right, they knew where the threats would be and they took them down hard. One crusher squad scattered into range of a storm and misshaped – misplaced and ended up being in the far corner, which put them out of the entire game. Terminators got shot to hell but kept on the advance.
Turn 2 rinse and repeat
Turn 3 rinse and repeat
Turn 4 we finally break their lines and get into the assault on the large 10 man IG squad with a winged prince and Belial (Adso) and one lone terminator. We drop 7 of them but with the silly stubborn rule, hold. I manage to blow up their command platoon chimera and kill 2 guys inside, who just shoot back at my 2 remaining terminators going for my objective and finish off both with combined fire from the dakka dreads, scouts, speeders, hydras, and the kitchen sink.

Turn 5 has me scrambling my remaining terminator squad to our objective, bearing the ENTIRE opponent force’s weapons onto it. This squad bore 2 entire rounds of shooting from a 2500 points gunline (cheese? Maybe ) and still managed to get over there.
Speeders came zooming in to contest and last termy finally goes down to an assault from the scouts, Ezekiel takes a perils trying to cast hellfire on the clumped speeders (hey, he hurt himself more than the 2083402830483204328 IG heavy weapons did) and he remained on the board on turn 6. Massacre win for our opponents.

Again, we knew we didn’t really have a chance against this list as soon as we saw who we were facing. But everything just went to hell in a handbasket right from the start. Having to go first, getting secondary wave, scattering every single deepstrike on turn 1 8+ inches AWAY from their lines. Moros couldn’t make any saves to save his life, it was just overall poor poor dice rolling. EXCEPT the dark angels. Dear lord, the Deathwing took some punishment in this match. It really was the only reason the round was as fun as it was. My wrist hurt from making so many armor saves. I was making my invulns as well, even with nullzone (by both mine and my opponent’s hoods were completely useless during the game, we both could only roll 1’s to stop our opponent’s powers) and I made ALL my FNP rolls. It was unbelievable. We did everything I think we could have in this match, we didn’t want to just camp on the objectives and force them to come at us, and honestly, it wouldn’t have mattered much anyways. They just had too much of a min/max gunline for us using older codexes could fight against. Our opponents were great and the space marine models were GORGEOUS. Here is a link to his blog where you can see these beauts. They really are just as beautiful in real life too. We were just happy we were able to get to table 2 with inferior armies, without vehicle spam, and without cheese. I think we showed Lancashire Proud this day, we definitely turned some heads and showed how good of competitors we (and our club) is.

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