Monday, May 9, 2011

New New Blood Angels List

Alright, I've gained access to a computer and redid my list, making some changes. I expect to tweak it maybe two more times according to your comments and future games. So here it is, my shooty list that is based off of Brother C's army.

HQ: Epistolary-150
+Terminator Armor & Combi-Melta-35
Psyc Powers: Unleash Rage & The Sanguine Sword

Elites: Terminator Assault Squad-200 w/ Epistolary
+Land Raider Redeemer-240
+Hunter-Killer Missile-10

2x Sanguinary Priest-100 1 w/ each Tac Squad
+2x Combi-Melta-20

Brother Corbulo-105 w/ Thunder Hammer Term Squad

Terminator Assault Squad-200
+5x Thunder Hammers & Storm Shields-25

Troops: 2x Ten Man Tactical Squad-260
+2x Missile Launcher-free
+2x Meltaguns-10
+2x Razorbacks-110
+2x Lascannon & TL Plasma-70
+2x Hunter-Killer Missiles-20

Heavy Support: 3x Predators-210
+3x Lascannon Sponsons-195

That's pretty much it. I'm alwaysopen to constructive critisism. Also, i stil have 40 spare points that I don't know where to put. Suggestions would be helpful. Thanks guys.


  1. hey man, thanks for reformatting the list, its much easier to read now. i think it's looking better... i think we can drop the second terminator squad though, the ones with the storm shield. you need more troops in this list. i'm thinking.. with the 225 for the terminator squad.. the 40 extra, lose the term armor for the libby and lose all the hunter killers.. you should be around enough point to take 2x 10 man assault squads, hopefully with 2x melta guns in each squad.

    i think its coming around.. now we just need to get you some practice. thankfully, the 1k tourney is this weekend.. and.. back to 2k after that!

  2. I like it, we will have to see how it works out. You're definately getting a good saturation of tanks now. More so than you previously had which will help in both dealing damage and survivablity.

    The only thing I am not such a huge fan of is the tactical squads in razorbacks. I know you kinda have to if you're going to take a priest with them, but taking assault squads in razors saves so many points since you get the 35 points off the transport cost.

    I will have to disagree with Brother C aswell. If you're going to have the Librarian going into CC with the terminators I highly suggest you bring that storm shield, he will need it. He is just a giant target otherwise.

    Also, you could consider dropping Epistolary and making his powers unleash rage and the shield of sanguinius. That way you can get the rerolls for the terminators and can give cover the land raider and units around it as its going in.

    Just my thoughts and something to consider. Keep up the good work man!