Sunday, May 8, 2011

Hey everyone, Calistarius here with my new list(finally!). It's nothing too fancy but I think it will do me good.

HQ: Epistolary-150
+Term Armor &Storm Shield-45
Elites: 3x Term Assault Squads-600
Troops: 10 Man Tac Squad-180
+Missile Launcher-free
+Land Raider Redeemer-240
Ten Man Tac Squad-180
+Plasma Gun-10
+Missile Launcher-free
10 Man Assault Squad-190
Heavy Support:3x Predators-210
+3x Lascannon Sponsons-195

Sorry for the bad format I had to do this on my Blackberry. Let me know what you think. Thanks guys!


  1. Looks good. While by no means a master of space marines I have a few points. You should drop the assault squad as it doesn't really appear to have a place in your list. The points would be better used on another troops choice. Speaking of which it could be a good idea to get some rhino's for your tactical squad, the armour 11 providing a bunker for missile shots. I personally find crusaders to be the best land raiders though it's your preference. The librarian coming in at the 190 points (40 for termie+storm shield), is the same as Vulkan who could serve all those thunder hammers better. Sorry if I appear to have torn apart your list, there's a lot of good stuff in there.

  2. The term assault squads have lightning claws I think. And what do you think about another tac squad?

  3. By the way I play Blood Angels. Sorry I forgot to include that.

  4. ok evil Brother C, here is my take on this list. its not a very 'blood angely' type of list, but you didn't have a full range of experience with the armies before you chose them. I think we can work with the list you are trying to create here. both tactical squads need rhino transports and melta guns and missle launchers. most games you will be combat squadding these guys and having the missles sit on the objectives. in annihilation type matches, you keep these 10 man.

    don't give the libby term armor or a storm shield.

    i think you should drop a termie squad and pick up 3 sang. priests to sprinkle throughout your army.

    in land raider you have a 5 man terminator squad with the libby and a sang priest. (all with Lclaws) (libby takes the str 10 and preferred enemy powers)

    other term squad is all thunder hammer storm shields and they deep strike to cause a distraction while your land raider moves up the field.

    assault squad needs 2x melta guns and one of the sang. priests roll with him.

    third priest babysits the tactical squads. also, here you may have some room to take 2x dev squads instead of the preds, but that's up to you

    if any points left we can turn those rhinos into las/plas razorbacks.

  5. Its got some good units in the list, no doubt... But I feel like when you look at the list as a whole it lacks some direction.

    One thing when you're starting to build a more competitive list to think about is your list a foot list (all infantry on foot) a mech list (all infantry in vehicles and vehicles for support) or is it a hybrid list (some of foot and some in vehicles).

    Hybrid lists are the hardest to pull off and make effective. Foot lists can be fun to play and effective, but they are sometimes weak against Mech lists. Mech lists are currently the most powerful type of list. But always remember, lists aren't how you win... you win through skill as a general.

    But to make your list work better as a whole consider making it either all foot, or all mech to start. Hybrid can be worked with later as it is more difficult to get to work well. But I think you're going in the right direction here, now just try to pick which direction you're going.

    You could cut down on the terminators aswell. Terminators on foot are good, but most of the time they are going to be shooty terminators with cyclones instead of assault termies.