Thursday, May 12, 2011

A year ago...

guys and gals,

It was just around this time last year when we decided to start having our monthly 40k events. June of last year was our first, pretty exciting how far the few of us have come in just a very short time. I just wanted to post some images of where we have come to give you a little perspective today.

from our humble beginnings, playing with paper circles to develop our armies and learn the rules. Using whatever we had laying around for terrain and blank plywood for our boards. At our last event, we had 2x 2k point tables and 8x 1k tables ready to play on. full with terrain. we have come a long way folks, and we are not looking back.

6 of us are heading up to the berks tourney this weekend. wish us luck. we hope this will inspire more of you to venture out and enter the realm of competitive play.

thanks to everyone who has participated in our club events this past year, we really do appreciate your support. we could not have done this without you. if you have any suggestions as we progress into our second year of existence please don't hesitate to post them. this is your club and we will try to accommodate what you want to see at the club.

thanks again to everyone.

-Brother C

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