Monday, May 17, 2010

Advice please

Today a strange yet wondrous thing happened to me, and essentially  I'm in need of advice. Someone who quit playing Warhammer 40k a long time ago gave me ALL their models. The models aren't for my army, they are chaos Space marines,  but free models are awesome right? SO I have what I calculate to be around $200 worth of models and i'm not exactly sure what to do with them.... I really like the idea of space pirates so red corsairs might be cool but I haven't finished my Necrons yet so I don't want to start a second army with one half finished. here's a list of what the kind gentleman gave me.

  • 1 Chaos Dreadnought
  • Fabius Bile and another model that I think is an HQ but can't identify
  • 1 Champion of Khorne
  • 1 noise marine
  • 1 box of chaos Terminators
  • 2 boxes of chaos space marines
  • One eldar jetbiker ( don't ask it's very random considering all the other stuff)
Also all these models are painted and assembled but neither is an amazing job, some of the bitz are falling off from being in a shoe box for the past few years. I would post a picture but my camera is awful. I'm positive about everything but the 2 boxes of chaos space marines.  I know one squad definitely is chaos space marines but the others might be something else, they look like what is described as an alpha legion chaos space marines. I have no idea about current points cost because the codex given to me was also out of date, but I know it's not a whole lot.

I have a few options, one would be to give Moros any models he would like because he plays chaos. Another would be to keep the army and share it with the prophet who is my younger brother (damn him for coming along, sharing sucks).OR I have another option. One of our newest members wants to play blood angels and I know this might sound risky or even blasphemous to some of you but I could either convert the models to look like blood angels or even plain space marines then paint them the blood angels colors, or just allow him to use them as blood angels as is or with a paint job. Normally I wouldn't do this and I only will if it's ok with the other members. Also, no I can't get the entire club armies to play with. I know that this particular member is going to have a tough time getting models because he is  too young to get a job, has no allowance, and not to mention parents don't usually shell out cash for toys for no reason (aka this would require 40k to cut into Christmas and birthdays which is fine. However, if 40k isn't that important to him he may never get any models which may cause him to loose interest.)

 The best choice in my mind now is to lend the models out at game days to anyone who wants to use them but my mind isn't really made up yet. Also I'm not going to sell them, even though I could probably almost finish my 2000 point Necron list with the cash. Any advice reader can give is greatly appreciated, I would especially like to hear from the club on this matter.


  1. I think this is a very honorable thing you are doing here Forsaken, here are my initial thoughts and as such, are open to discussion.

    first, ask Moros to see if he would be interested in any of the models, I don't' believe he will be, but its best to check first since he is the only person we know who is playing CSM.

    Second, I think allowing the newer members to use the models as they learn the game, etc. is a great idea. I think it may be best to keep those models as 'club property' and lend them out for use at 40k days. I'm thinking... converting the 2 squads of CSMs and the eldar jetbikes. Then, if these players become active members and stick with warhammer, they can just inherit the models. Is there anyway you can show them how to convert the models over to blood angels, or paint them? I think getting them involved will be key.

    lastly, I think you should sell the rest and buy me some rhinos. JK. I do think you should sell them and try to finish off your cron list. You may even feel led to kick some back to the original owner, as a little thank you.

  2. Blood angels probably would look the closest to Chaos because they are crazy and drink blood. Essentially I don't think a conversion would take more than a few swings with an exacto knife and a lot of sanding to chop off the spiky bits. Also I have a Rhino that could be used too. I'd really rather not sell the models since they were a gift to me and the prophet.

    All said though I think it will be very difficult for our newer members to convert them even if it should be easy, because they have no modeling experience.

  3. They are your models, do what you want! If you want to start a chaos army go for it!

    I do think its a great idea to let some people at the club use them / practice converting them. I do agree that it will help them keep interest.

    Don't worry about me either, I got my stuff its all yours. Although, I might be convinced to buy the terminators off ya if I can check them out first.