Tuesday, June 1, 2010

CNC terrain modeling affordable?

Image courtesy of MakerBot (see link below)

Brother C here with another quick update,

while flipping through one of my design magazines, I came across this little device which really fascinated me. Its a CNC milling machine you can use at home using tools and accessories you probably have laying around the house. at 750$ its very affordable for the serious terrain modeler. I especially wanted to point this out to Forsaken, our resident terrain expert. I'll keep trying to get him to post some of his work, but he's very shy about it, so no promises.

anyways, here's the link


  1. wait wait, so you can use your computer to 3d model things and then this will make a sculpt of it?

    Holy freakin' awesome

    I want one, bad

  2. $950 for the one that comes with everything.

  3. Forsaken's work has been viewed and enjoyed by the Sanguinor and he should be proud. It's awesome stuff.