Sunday, June 13, 2010

40k Day - June! Tyranid Invasion!

Hey all Moros here, doing a recap of the events of our most recent 40k day gathering here at Lancashire gaming.

It was a day of battle and glory! We had 3 tables going at the same time with a record number of players for our burgeoning club. We had two gamers play their first game at the club and they had a great time! I didn't get to see a whole lot of their game but from the looks of it they both learned a lot, I look forward to facing both the Eldar and the Blood Angels next month!

Over on my end of things I got to attempt to stop Hive Fleet Agni from sticking its ugly bug head where it didn't belong! I faced off against Agni for one of his first official games and I've got to say, we had a great match!

We had the honor of using the fresh new board made by Forsakenname for the first time. It was an annhiliation spreahead game for 2000 points. The Nids brought a TON of bugs to the fight going with the spam method. He did have a few larger creatures such as the hive tyrant, zoanthropes, and a trygon prime backing them up tho.

I fielded Ahriman and his Sehkmet Terminators in my newly modeled landraider with defiler and Tsons making up the rest of my army. Being that it was annhiliation and i was facing an ocean of insects, I decided to let my guns do the talking for the first few turns. I opted to go first so that I could lay down as many templates as I could before they advanced on my position. I holed up in the rear corner of my side of the board and let the shells fly. Only reason I did this was because he only had 1 genestealer brood and the trygon that were in reserves. SO, it wasn't a HUGE threat to force me to deploy in the middle of the field.

It was working out great for me as I racked up 2 kill points in the first 2 turns and killed all but 3 of the genestealers. Bug the bugs just kept coming! I have to admit, I was a bit too wary with Ahriman and my landraider, I should have just charged his zoanthropes with them. The sheer volume of gaunts and gants definitely had a psychological effect on my gameplay.

About this time is when his trygon prime entered play, it burrowed out about 10 inches in front of my fire lines and proceeded to engage my tsons. The real problem here was that I got my troops all blobbed up and payed the price with some great rolling from Agni's Zoanthropes. They really put down the hurt and I failed my invuln saves. With the Tsons softened up the Trygon engaged them in melee and after a turn or two I had lost 2 squads. I really think shadow in the warp is something that should have to be payed for. Getting it for free on pretty much all units that do synapse is a little too good in my opinion, but hey, I guess that's the power of 5th edition vs 4th edition.

So, it was a close one, with the Trygon picking up 2 kill points on the bottom of the 5th turn making the score 4 to 4. Of course, since this is me we are talking about, the game ended on turn 5. I have only ever played one game that went past turn 5. One more turn woulda put me in a great position to win it cause the Trygon was going down to my terminators next turn. I should just learn to count on the game ended on turn 5, since it ALWAYS does for me.

Overall, I learned a lot of the capabilities of the nids from this game. I think the main factor that made it end in a tie was my tactical error. I find myself not being able to 'get into the game' when we are at 40k days. I get so distracted with helping people my gameplay suffers for it. I am not complaining in any way however, I absolutely love helping people and I do have a blast at 40k day. I just think I need to crack down a little bit more so I can be more competitive.

A great game tho! Fun and close! Good work Agni! Next time we meet things will be different!

Also, I wanted to give a shout out and welcome to our new prospect that joined us for the day! Thanks for showing up and I hope you liked Warhammer 40k and the club. Hopefully you decide to get into the hobby!


  1. can't wait to see the video batrep of this one. looked like a fun match with all those nids on the field. I was a bit too occupied with stomping some ork hide to follow your match. It was great to have everyone out, great to see the new players taking up their first game.

  2. You know you're Thousand Sons look absolutely amazing lined up ready to take out some Tyranids, Agni I can't wait to see a hoard of bugs rushing the table perhaps you should look into buying used models, since you are dealing with a lot of models.